After the last round of the ongoing beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross took place on wax, 50 Cent has reverted back to his YouTube offense for his latest attack, this time dragging DJ Khaled’s mom into the thick of things.

In a video released yesterday (Feb. 11), the Queens rapper recites a threatening poem, “I Just Wanna Tell You What A Psychic Told Me,” proceeding to tell Khaled he knows where the mother of the Miami DJ both lives and works. As 50 has done throughout, he shows his thorough investigating skills, as images of woman who is allegedly Khaled’s mom at work eventually come across the screen. [Watch Below]

The video ends without a resolution, as employees surround the woman, but the lingering sense of trouble suggests that this beef has escalated beyond lighthearted web-clip comedy.- Devin Chanda