50 Cent & Rick Ross Take Down Offensive Images Online

In an interview with hip-hop personality Miss Info, 50 Cent defended his now-infamous “A Psychic Told Me” video as a response to the Rick Ross affiliated site, ThisIsCurly.com’s decision to post a disparaging photo of his son, Marquise.

Of dragging DJ Khaled’s mom into the conflict, 50 vouched, “You push, I punch, you stab, I shoot.” The Queens rapper had taken exception to an image of his son’s face photo-shopped onto the body of a monkey that was featured on Rick Ross’ 50 Cent attack site.

However, Ross’ camp denied any involvement with the website and after 50 spoke out, the photo was subsequently removed. As a result, the “A Psychic Told Me” video was then removed as well.

The battle is far from over though. As XXLmag.com previously posted, 50 released his latest diss record against Ross titled, “Tia Told Me,’ yesterday and just this morning Lloyd Banks released his own diss record “Officer Down.” – Devin Chanda

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  • Curtis75Black

    That’s cool. Keep it lyrical (If that’s possible dealing with these two). Banks actually went in on Rick with his Solo diss. Better than anything 50 Dropped so far. Let’s see if Ross can counter since he said he wanted to hear something Hot.

  • John Cauner

    Yeah, dragging moms, kids, girlfriends into this is going beyond a rap battle. This is beef.


    This crap should stay on music, not be taken to the streets. I’m a fan of both artists’, however I think it’s Bullshit that everytime 50 cent has an album coming out does he have to start some shit to generate a buzz. At 1st it made sense with the Murder Inc. situation cause that was real beef & they tried to blackball him, but in ’07 it was Kanye & Wayne, Wayne never responded until recently. Now it’s Rick Ross. The bottom line is who drops the hottest music period. That’s how we know of both artists’ not becuase of Internet clips, stunts or acting. All these blood thirsty fan’s & website’s wanting this bull to keep escalating & loving this shit until somebody physically gets hurt!!! If 50 Cent is the man why does LLoyd Bank$ & Tony Yayo have to jump in everytime?!! Didn’t they all 3 do a mixtape last year against Fat Joe 1 person. The stans never see the hypocrisy in that do they. I’m copping Deeper than Rap & Before I self destruct & I hope both cd’s are fire!!!

    Peace, Get Money!!!
    Mogul $$$ Game ’09!!!!

    • $ykotic


      Heads out here forget that although Fif is notorious for the “beef” label:

      Ross started this one(e.g. the interview he had when he announced he was leaving SlipNSlide he said he had a song coming out that was gonna cause some waves)

      Then with that Triple C’s song where he’s pouring out the Vitamin water the second dude said a slick line about the Unit. You know that was a “My crew is better than your crew” song.

      Then Ross with that last wack freestyle went @ Banks.

      Even Murs was like you gonna say my name and spit on my track, Ima go in on your track.

      Now on “Cigar” you dropping NaS’ name?

      I can see Ross trying to use 50′s greatest asset against him(beef), but it’s backfiring.

      I even liked Ross’ last album. I don’t think he needed to go this route. Whoever is handling his marketing/promotion should be fired.

      This is helping 50′s site, video game, album, brand.

      Ross only has his album and a lot of negative publicity that is kinda like overshadowing his music. ‘Cause I only hear everybody shouting “Officer Rickyyyyyyyeeeee”.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Once something is on the net. Its on the net.

  • tommy gunz

    yea..that psychic told me shit is all over youtube…hardest diss video ive ever seen…great entertainment ha

  • norcal

    So the Hassa got scared. Now he don’t even want to admit he f’d up with bringing 50′s son into this. His baby mom is a grown women.

  • big skiz

    fuk pig ross he a fake. bun b said he a fake. i cant stand this studio gangter wanna be g stealing another mans life story. youre done pig. fuk the police

    • solo

      u type like u got down syndrome! “gangter?”

  • fireforreal

    I guarantee 50 is far from done.Wait until his album is about 1-2 weeks away. He’s gonna pull some kind of craaaaaaaaaaazy stunt.

  • drox

    last time somebody dropped a child’s name it lead 2 the end of ja’s (and some part of cannibus’s) career when em went berserk. keep it on wax and drop something lyrical & show who’s good @ what….

  • brand-new

    lloyd banks killed ross on that officer down joint!! god damn!!

  • keith