Violence Mars Notorious Opening, 1 Man Shot & 4 Stabbed In Separate Incidents

Five men were rushed to the hospital this weekend in two separate events connected to the opening of the film Notorious – the highly-anticipated biopic of beloved Brooklyn rapper Biggie Smalls.

North Carolina paper the News & Record reports that a man was shot in the stomach during the premiere of the movie on Friday night (Jan. 16). Seven hundred people were evacuated from Greensboro’s Grand 18 Theater, resulting in chaos as movie goers rushed to the exit.

The victim, identified as Clive O’Connor, 32, is currently recuperating in the hospital after undergoing surgery. No one was been arrested in connection to the incident as of press time.

Authorities said Jamal Woolard, the rapper-tuned-actor who portrays Big in the movie, was reportedly in the theater when the shooting took place. He was unharmed.

While Greensboro police Lt. James Hinson said they can’t say for sure if the gunfire had anything to do with the film, a representative for The Grand 18 has confirmed that all additional showings of Notorious have been suspended indefinitely.

“We can’t say whether or not this shooting is in direct relationship to the movie,” he said. “We just can’t say.”

Meanwhile in Biggie’s hometown of Brooklyn four men were stabbed in an after-party for the flick. According to the Associated Press the fracas erupted in The Djumbala club in Canarsie.

Police say all four men were taken to Brookdale Hospital. One 21-year old is in critical condition after suffering multiple stab wounds.

Dubbed as the film’s official after party, Fox Searchlight – the movie’s distributors – denies any relation to the event.

Notorious tells the story of the late rap legend Biggie Smalls. Executive-produced by former right hand man Sean “Diddy” Combs, the film stars Derek Luke, Angela Basset and Anthony Mackie. – Elan Mancini

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  • droopey

    Americans, when will you learn.

    • Gullee Boy

      We started this movement Jan. 3rd



      • twoholla

        *please forgive theee loooong comment*

        after seeing your posting on every freakin’ blog & news story…i finally decided to check out your ’30 day heatwave’…here are my comments:
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        2.juicy lucy=redo the chorus…the attempted singing is offkey & just plain off.
        3.i think it might do you some GOOD if you at least TRIED to diversify the subject matter…every song is seemingly about ‘women’…PLEASE add some gunshots *bang* *bang* & some over-exaggerated ganster tales where you shoot the guy, laugh in his face, & then to add insult to injury…you piss on’em…some narratives would be a nice addition about how poor you grew up & how you had to start pimping your high school sweetheart just to have enough money for a mickey d’s breakfast meal deal…then you started selling drugs…and oh oh…you have to have a song detailing the many joys of smoking mary jane…and don’t forget the dead homies & the incarcerated ones as well

        4.i have to say the pictures of you with your hair relaxed (hot comb or chemical?) isn’t the right look for you…it makes you look SWEET but not in a good way…you kinda look like the guy who was Prince’s guitarist back in his “1999″ & “Little Red Corvette” days…maybe try dreads with gold tips (since Lil Jon…LOCKS has become very popular)

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        • Gullee Boy


          first off you can’t read man, the myspace player for the hoes you idiot, the “30 DAY HEATWAVE” IS ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF MY PAGE ON A DIFFERENT PLAYER DUMMY

        • Champ

          You’ll never get anybody to buy your shit with that type of attiude rookie. not that they were even listening before. Stick to robbing candystores, or smokin’ weed withyour friends in your mom’s basement on ‘Rap Karaoke Night’…

    • the truth

      yea make the white Fox news ppl happy… we already had that Curtis Cast dissin BIG and now this… fuck all u retards that dont kno where to act the way u act

    • gRaFiK 702

      shady as fuk..

  • latino heat

    this is fuckin pathetic people. everybody said this was gonna happen, people didn’t have to prove them right though. now people aren’t gonna be able to see a really good movie because of dumb shit like this.

  • jay

    thats what happens when u gather to many niggers in one spot.. its was a highlight for hiphop a hood movie not strait to dvd n to many niggers hadda fuck it up thats why hood movies go 2 dvd buisness’s dont wanna deal with shit like that

    • drox

      @ jay
      fuckin faggot… u’re a disgrace to any race and act like u know shit… fuck u

  • MG

    Jay Shut ur racist ass up and stop sayin niggers ur fuckin faggot

  • queens

    @ jay
    fuckin faggot u’re prob one of these white kids that can say nigger whenever they get online cause they get bitch slapped @ school by niggers… fuck u retard

  • niggafrommemphis

    These sorry muthafuckas make me sick,niggas can’t have shit cuz of a few fools.The crack babies of the 80′s are grown,just imagine what their children gonna be like,we got to do somethin bout this bullshit.

    • tony grand$

      That’s what’s up niggafrommemphis. This shit is so much bigger than the movie. What ur addressin is the product of crackhead moms & absentee dads. Just look @ us. Wtf are there kids gonna grew up to be?

      We lookin @ the beginnin stages of genocide, homie. Niggas aint ready, bcuz they can’t even recognize it. Pathetic, & pitiful. God bless us all.

      • NAWLEDGE

        Cosign niggafrommemphis and Tony.


  • tommy gunz

    “what are you spooks up to?”–walt kowalski…gran torino…HA

  • gotdamn

    If this kind of shit happens during innaugurtion ceremony parties,black people will definately get epic fail of the year.

  • amar

    i thought maybe ppl wouldn’t do this, as the point of the movie was how stupid all this shooting for no reason shit is…but i guess some idiots never learn

    • tony grand$

      State of emergency right now, & regardless of what the optimistic ppl think, Obama aint our savior. He just happened to be the right guy for the job, in the right place @ the right time. He can only do so much. Last thing a president is worried bout is the urban leakage into mainstream society.

      Just patch up the holes, & worry about the problem later.

      Niggas are left to our own devices, & look how we fuckin act. How can we team up as a people when we can’t even watch a movie in peace?

      Tuesday aint gonna change shit. Until cats take responsibility for us, it aint no “we”.

      • FlapJack

        Who are “we” anyway? Black people shouldn’t feel the need to seperate themselves. This is the reason why some of these ign’t momofukas above say you can’t gather a lot of “niggas” in one spot in one spot when it should be “gangstas”

        • tonby grand$

          If u have to inquire bout the word “we”, then “you” aren’t of part of the group. & its seperation as a result of segregation, therefore the need to refer to ourselves as “us” was born out of neccesity. Its called self preservation. Nature demands that you care about urself even when no one else does.

          Everything isn’t always so black & wht (pardon the pun).

          Niggas & gangstas, that’s an odd statement. If ur not directly linked to a situation, it won’t ever make sense. I don’t kno how many blk ppl u kno personally, but one doesn’t have to be a “Gangsta” to act unneccesarily “ignant”.

          I kno gangstas with college degrees & familys. I kno college grads who sell dope & carry pistols.

          Anyhoo, I hope I answered ur question. Prolly not, but hey, I’m just a ignant mufucka.

        • tony grand$

          “We” is the term of seperation born from segregation, self preservation, to an extent.

          Niggas & “gangstas”, two diff galaxies, but u don’t have to be one to still engage in the activities. Thusly, “niggas” can’t have shit”, “niggas can’t go out in public”, & so on.

          I kno “gangstas” that r the nicest dudes in the world. So in this case, I think generalization is somewhat appropriate.

        • FlapJack

          See where you’re coming from. not sure I agree. I shouldn’t have used the word gangsta.. what word am I looking for? maybe thug?

          Point being, as long as there is a “we”, there will be a “them”, and nothing good comes from that.

          People are too hyped about this movie, thats why fights break out

          Maybe I’m just a little too aggy, I don’t know:)

        • FlapJack

          BTW, did you shorten it down for me because you know I think reading & writing is for dumb people?

        • tony grand$

          Yes. That’s exactly y.

          & I realized I miscontrued some of ur comment. Esp the “ign’t mf” part.

          Plus, the damn comment didn’t go thru. Sux.

          Looks like I can’t spell my own name, not to mention the shameless plug. Oh well.

          But he is what it is. & “thug” wouldn’t have made a difference. Smae shit, diff bathroom.

        • tony grand$

          Flap, ill subscribe to the “we” vs “them” theory, but @ the risk of sounded victimized, “we” didn’t start it. “They” did.

          It starts there. & as a supposed “we”, I’m well aware that nothing good can come from a constant reminder of the negativity.

          But nobody listens to that shit. All they want is Soulja boy-esque flim flam. So I might as well tell it to the mountain.

          U think reading & writing is for dummies, hahahahahahaha.

  • ceaser paciotti

    normally I don’t comment on this internet shit, because I have a relatively low opinion of all you cyberspace people, but let me say this. this is why I despise the media, if xxl didn’t report this shit then it wouldn’t be an issue because no one would know aboout it outside of where it occurred. motheruckers get shot at-in movie theatres on a semi-regular basis- it goes down where it goes down- don’t try to turn this into a “biggie-hiphop” thing type of issue. not too long a ago a dude clapped someone in benjamin buttons so the whole “black folk- ignorant nigga” angle shit is dead. they aint stop showings of benjamin button after that incident did they? because they recognized it for what it person was upset at another and did what they felt they had to do which probably what happened in this case. on the other hand you already know that “biggie official afterparty” shit was just some promoter cats trying to eat off a niggas in brooklyn. you already know the area where the party was at is where it goes down and niggas is liable to get poked on any given party night “official notorious afterparty” or not. that being said isn’t it this same kind of media over-sensationalizing that got biggie killed in the first place? perhaps pac too? Stop it. wake up people

  • jam

    I don’t like him

  • yoprince

    was the movie that bad?? lmao

  • thisiswhyimhot

    this movie was AWESOME!!! Ive seen it twice already. yall gotta check it out

  • thisiswhyimhot

    this movie was AWESOME!!!! i seen it twice already. see it NOW

  • brand-new

    good shit tony grand$, u always got real talk and positive messages 2 send out, peace my nigga. this stupid violence has to stop!!

    • tony grand$

      @ NAWLEDGE & brand-new

      Good lookin. Niggas need to stay grounded these days. Figga the least I could do I speak my peace.

      Yall dudes should click my link, prolly can appreciate it.

  • tony grand$

    @ brand-new & NAWLEDGE

    Good lookin folks. Niggas needed to be grounded these days. I figga the most a dude can do is speak my peace.

    Fux witcha boy……

    *prepare for shameless plug*

  • TheRefriedMexican

    B.I.G. R.I.P.

    • tony grand$

      That’s a good point, Refried. Obscure, but I get it.

      But, don’t you see how sociopathic were are as a culture, that you were more or less expecting life to imitate art?

      We all knew it was gonna prolly happen, but to have those ideas realized has to shock the system a lil bit.

      I’m just sayin, shits gettin outta hand.

      • problems

        lmao…when we crossover like john edwards we seem to forget their living legacy for better or worse…the truth is as an MC Biggie was shampoo above the rest….head and shoulders status..but in life he was flawed like any other P.O.M.E

      • Yrain1

        This just goes to show u niggas dont know to fuckin act. And this is coming from a very proud pro black man himself. Leave it up to a few niggas to fuck it up for black people as a whole. In a yr were we see our 1st black president and at a movie were the main characotors life was ended for no fuckin reason niggas still find a way to act niggerish and make the rest of us look bad. Got damn can we sit and gather in a place amoungst each other without it breaking out into a violent retreat or massive brawl. Can we have an event end peacefully without white people bein like “Fuckin niggers. look I told u them niggers dont know how to act.” See, Im from louisville and niggas like this, niggas like these select few fuckin dummies are the reason why we can’t have derby crusin no more. They reason why it aint no more freaknic, they the reason why bike week and like it used to be, they the reason why the kappa aint been as crunk ya digg. But at the same fuckin them crackers couldnt wait to report this shit though could they LOL. But leave it up to u niggas to make more news and entertainment for the white folks. In closing I would like to end it wit these famous words from a favorite author of mine Christopher Rock “I love my black people but I hate me a nigga boi.”

  • gRaFiK 702

    man this is terrible, were supposed to be honoring one of the, if not the greatest MC to ever grab a mic, and people gonna do this type of shit… its fucked up man,

    oh yea who ever wrote this shit is a dumbass,
    ” No one was been arrested…” wow get ur grammar right yo…. lmao

  • The Infanous Mr. P

    U dudes are all fags!!!! Tryin to justify shit!! Or give the I told you so speech!! I say u whiney bitches should have been the ones to have gotten shanked!!! That’s jus how shit be, do something about it or deal with it!!!!

    • tony grand$

      ^wow, becuz ppl r discussin somethin & usin their opinions to feul the debate, u think we deserve to get stabbed?

      Seriously, how pathetic does that sound?

  • realism

    This is some NIGGER shit right here!! y the fuck is ppl fighting for? i just pray to god obama being in office can enlighten sum of these knuckleheads!

  • Trey

    First thing we definitely need to do is quit referring to ourself as “niggaz” all the damn time…… It’s never gonna change until the dads of the world step up to the plate and be men… until, we will continue to have scenes like this, and it will be b/c of “niggaz” that dont have fathers in their life and dont know any better.


      Trey has a good point. I remember watching the movie Crooklyn, and one of the insults the kids gave each other was calling the other a “nigga”. The mother would then constantly say “Stop calling each other niggas”. I dont know if anyone else sees the hidden message that Spike put in there, but its a good one. We should probably slow down on using the term “nigga”, and go back to using “brotha”. Like in the 70s.

      Also, cosign on the fathers part. One of the prime reasons that our community is on life support is because of absentee fathers. And the reason we have so many absentee fathers is because so many black women choose to sleep with “thug azz street niggaz wit swagg”. If there are any BW on this blog, please, TELL YOUR FELLOW BW TO STEP UP THIER LOW ASS STANDARDS. We as black men must then strive to reverse the trend of young black males choosing money over an education. They know of MLK, they know of Malcom X. But they know NOTHING of their philosophy, NOTHING of economic intellegence, and NOTHING of our own history, pre-America. I think we as men need to become leaders, instead of wayward onlookers with an opinion here and there.

      Once this happens, our communty will be back on the right path, and we’ll realize the dream that MLK set for us and the pride Malcom X wanted us to have.

      Anyone agree?…

      • tony grand$

        Word to Stokely Carmichael.
        Altho I think a word is even an issue @ such a low point for our culture.

        I consider myself somewhat responsible, educated, a “stand up guy” if u will, but ill never stop sayin “nigga”. I shouldn’t have to.

        But I feel you.

        • D-Block

          werd u shouldnt have 2 stop sayin nigga all together, but now white people are callin each other niggaz now lmao im jus sayin

  • escobar9300

    This is some ignorant ish if Ive ever seen it. It doesnt matter what color the people were, if you cant sit down with people from your community and watch a damn movie for 2 hours without trying to kill somebody, youre a god damn fool to me and nothing will change that. Drop this color game, its about people making foolish choices, not the skin on that person. Like Immortal Technique said “Open your eyes before you die.” RIP Big, Its a shame that some people cant show enough respect to keep the peace for 2 hours to revisit a Legends life story.

  • Neibo

    …Ye im going through some of that same ignorant shit now with my brother(same mother different father)….he don’t know how to act and be dissin my mother…his father was there off and on…but you can tell tha lil nigga needs an ass whoopin…these lil dudes comming up now have no fear installed in them…thats why the act the way they do….

  • Vicious Seiger

    Ignorance on this level doesn’t even deserve a commentary on. It’s just flat out sad that people can’t simply go out and enjoy a movie without incident.

  • Vicious Seiger

    Neibo, I feel you, I’m going through the same thing with my brother. The Boy is a Straight Knucklehead.

    • tony grand$

      Aight, to keep with the subject, I gotta son with my wife, & a son with a stupid bitch. Needless to say I don’t get to see the other one, & its obvious that he’s in another world. Cold shit is, its his mom that keeps him away. Fuckin up his shit outta hate for my happiness. Bullshit. When he starts fuckin up, I’m the blame. How u blame me & I want to be there for him, but can’t (btw, court date nxt month, stepn my game up). Its two sides to the story, some cats just can’t be there bcuz these females got shit fucked up. Its their faults too yall.


    i was hoping that there would be no problems the opening week for this movie smh. what the fuck is wrong with people

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