UGK Delivers Farewell Album

It was announced yesterday (Jan. 28) that the final studio album from legendary Southern rap duo UGK will be hitting shelves later this year.

Roughly a year and a half after the death of group member Pimp C, the “Underground Kingz” sixth disc, UGK 4 Life, will be released in spring of ’09 on Jive.

Partner-in-rhyme Bun B commented on the reasoning behind dropping the CD in Pimp’s absence. “UGK 4 Life is the final studio album from my late great brother Chad Butler AKA Pimp C and myself,” he said in a press release. “It is my sincere hope that it’s a fitting bookend to the legacy of UGK and the life and times of Pimp C.”

“It is an album for the people, for the supporters and the detractors” he added.

UGK 4 Life follows up their award wining 2007 double album Underground Kingz. The album won two BET awards for Best Group and Best Video for “International Players Anthem” featuring OutKast, while also earning a Grammy nod for Best Rap Performance By A Duo or Group. – Jonny Alvarez

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  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Oh God please let this be the final album from these wack ass old rappers. Oh Lord you were so kind in answering my prayers and letting that fake ass Pimp nigga overdose on Vicks 44 cough syrup and Flintstone Vitamins, but it still hasn’t stopped their bitch ass record label from releasing his wack music. So I ask you please let this be the last time that I’m subjected to hearing those awful simple ass ABC nursery rhymes that my 2 year old could put together.

    PS Lord, could you also cause the same fate to other corny rappers like Jim Jones, Baby, Gucci Maine, Young Joc, Mims . . .Oh Lord there’s just so many wack rappers to name but you get the idea.

    In Jesus’ name


    • dusty boy

      Maan Hol’ Up!! Where you been cock sucka? LOL Say get ya mine right pussy!! Talkin’ down on a dead man!! Weak ass cock sucka!! You also should get ya 2 yr. old boys cock out ya mouth, jockin’ a lil’ boy ol’ pedifile ass nigga. You and ya gay lil’ boy should kill ya selves!! Loser!!!

      UGK 4 LIFE!!!

      Pinpin’ Aint Dead!!!

      R.I.P. Pimp C!!!

      • Hate Hate and more Hate

        Negro your name is Dusty Girl . . .I don’t know if you should kill yourself for that name or for the fact that your getting homotional because your favorite rapper can’t rap for shit. Now I see who inspired you to make your corny ass music

        • dusty boy

          say what you want pussy but you still a lame. You hate on everyone cause…

          1st You a closet queer

          2nd your son’s a retard and queer too

          3rd you mad cause you aint me

          get a life pussy!! Teach ur son to be a man, not to want to fuck them. FAGOT like father like son huh?


          Cock sucka, Cock sucka, and more Cock sucking

    • Die A Slow Death Bitch Ass Niccuh

      Dumb ass young niggas like you better off not hearing the truth. Stick to the dicks and balls that you’re used to.

      • Hate Hate and more Hate

        Okay homo’s all hate aside, can someone answer me this . . .what truth has UGK ever spitted, seriously???

        @ Dusty Gril
        It’s obvious that your still butt hurt over me clowning you a month ago. You need to get over that shit . . .you also need a new career because your shit is weak. Your never going to move out you mother’s basement with those lyrics. We get it your obsessed with cocks . . .I guess we can thank your uncle for that. And who said I had a son dumbass?

        • dusty boy

          Maan Hol’ Up!! Aint no one trippin’ off ur hate. Take ya hatin ass to VIBE with that shit. Pimp C is a sick ass MC. You talk bout this foo like he wasn’t your fave rapper. Oh and my bad, you referred to a 2yr old i though it was a he. i guess i feel sorry for your 2 yr old bitch of a daughter.

          By the way you stay knockin’ trill playaz for makin’ this music but your sorry ass hates on everyone, so do you really think anyone gives a fuck bout your hatin’ ass comments. your a lame homie. Get off line and get a life.

          Stop being’ so angry, be a queer proudly. no one likes u anyway.

          Stay up home and check out the new tracks ima post this weekend. You know i wreck hater. Just admit it. Im ur fave. rapper.


      Triple H.

      I dont mind you playing the “bad guy” role on some of these blogs. Hell, some of it is actually funny. But talking down a deseaced man? In JESUS’ name?!

      Even if you dont really believe in Jesus, still though. Belitting those who passed away aint cool dawg. Thats real fucked up on your part homie. Even if you think dude was wack, let dawg rest in peace.

      And why the hell would pray for other folks to die? Only one thing could explain this. I’ve reached the conclusion that you’re an underage narcissit, who suffers from acute emotional distachment disorder and probably the beggining stages of Down’s Syndrome.

      Sorry dude.

      • Hate Hate and more Hate

        Dead, alive or in a fucking coma, the fact remains that Pimp C was a wack ass rapper. I’ve was saying the same shit when he was alive, so what am I supposed to start dick riding this nigga because he’s dead??? Get the fuck outta here!!!

        Fuck being a hater, I don’t support ignorant ass niggas and when Pimp C was alive he was the epitome of ignorant ass niggas!!!

        • Jason Murk

          You ask “what truth has UGK ever spitted, seriously???”

          The answer is two words: “Ridin Dirty.”

          Pimp C spit nothing but the truth on that album. Listen to Pimp C’s verses on “Diamonds and Wood” and “High Life.”

          Later on in Pimp C’s career, he focused more on his flow than his lyrics… but he was still hot. And if you want to hear some of the hottest shit Bun B has ever spit, look no further than “The Story” on “Trill.”

          I agree, Pimp C did do some ignorant nigga shit while he was alive, but that still doesn’t change the fact that UGK is one of the greatest rap icons of all time.

    • Offical!

      This cat hate and more hate is just another GUNOT KILLA. So dont take a damn word serious. Long live the Pimp, and respect to Bun for holding it down correctly. Lonestar stand up!

    • 2hard2fair

      to the self hatred ass nigga talkin that bullshit,let me just say on behalf of all the niggas that loved the pimp,eat a dogs’ dick and burn in hell!you the wackest muthafucka on this shit.

  • Enlightened

    You should seriously look at your life and figure out where you went wrong. I sincerely hope you are under the age of 15. I guess you can’t get any attention in the real world huh?

  • Bigg Texx

    Long Live The Pimp……and fuck the rest of you doo doo chasers who agree with that first bitches comment. U.G.K. For Life Bitch…Pop a dick up in ya mouth!

    • dusty boy

      Co-sign Bigg Tex!!!

      • EmCDL

        Double Co-Sign!!!

        Honestly I don’t think the Pimp C is the greatest rapper in the world, but dude can sing a good ass hook and his production is top notch and shit you cna ride to and get high to. Bun B was the lyrical head straight up. As far as production, Pimp C is one of my main influences. R.I.P. Pimp C!


    true dat… get a life hate. but n e way… i cant wait 2 hear da shit dey got cooking. the south could use sum O.G. shit 4 a change.

    my fav. UGK songz – diamonds & wood, murder, let me see it, it supposed 2 bubble, & one day u here baaby & then u gooone… R.I.P. 2 da P.I.M.P. C

  • enzo


  • Prince Caesar

    R.I.P Pimp C…I gotta be honest though, I never really fucked with UGK. HATE is a fucking clown direspecting the dead. I’m Out.

  • TheRefriedMexican


    R.I.P. PIMP C


    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      Shouldn’t you be out trying to pack your 30 cousins into Honda CRX?

      • Szasure

        What up G-unot I know its you


    R.I.P. Pimp C ,UGK 4 LYFE, and Bun B keep it TRILL my nigga.

  • TxTitan

    I miss dat nigga Pimp. Shit just aint the same but we still gone hold it down.

    UGK 4 Life.

    Bun B King of the Trill.

  • $ykotic

    Triple H you went there!

    I don’t know alot of UGK music. But I’ll pickup the album.


    Assure me of that and hell, I will buy 3.

  • EvilD172

    It’s UGK 4 life and R.I.P 2 tha Pimp

  • lonestar state

    Say mayne,a new UGK album is what the game needs,R.I.P. THE PIMP,and to that nigga hate,niggas will find you for talkin down on the Pimp,niggas got love for UGK everywhere,so don’t be surprised if niggas roll up on ya,lift ya skirt,and expose ya clitoris!

  • trupredator

    this lame ass clown hatin on one of the late great top mcs in the game,you cant hate ugk they are and where trend setters your favorite rappers looked up to them.dude quit ridin the short bus and please tell us what you consider a great wait let me guess insane clown sure thats how you roll.