The-Dream Reveals Plans For Collabo Album With Kanye West

R&B singer/songwriter The-Dream is trying to get Kanye West to do a Jay-Z/R. Kelly Best of Both Worlds-esque collaborative album.

In a recent interview with West Coast radio personality DJ Skee, the hitmaker responsible for such songs as Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and J. Holiday’s “Bed” spoke on his plans on collaboration with ‘Ye. “Me and Kanye, we trying to lock this business down,” he said. “I wanna do a record with Kanye. I already let him know about it – I told him I was gonna lift my profile up and I was gonna get out here and roll around a little bit. So I’m lifting my profile and I’m doing my thing.” [Watch Below]

Dream is shooting to release the project after he puts out two more solo discs. “I think after my third LP,” he said. “I’ma try to release two albums this year. The next installment after Love Vs Money is an album called Love King, which I already started working on… So the fourth album you’ll hear from me will probably be a record that’s done with Kanye.”

The-Dream’s sophomore disc, Love Vs. Money, is set to drop on March 3rd. Along with ‘Ye, the album will also feature cameos from Mariah, Ludacris and Fabolous. – Elan Mancini

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  • murK

    not feelin’ it. a collabo is nice but a whole fuckin’ album with jazzy pha’s son??? i’ll pass.

    • tony grand$

      Great. A nigga who can’t sing @ all, much less with the robot-vioce maker, & a dude who really leaves me unmotivated.

      Goddamned recession!

  • Rob the Music Ed

    ya’ll buggin The-Dream had one of the best R&B albums-if not teh best- of ’08

    • tony grand$

      I’m not sayin he’s weak Rob, but I like the music on the album more than the lyrics, per se. But dig this, is that really Jazze Pha’s son?

      Plus, u can’t be excited about that collab man. It screams “bleech” to me. Not interesting @ all.

      Altho West is prolly gonna be on the next level of random action by then, so who knows.

      I just blogged about Kanye for whtever reason. U should check it out.

    • cold

      you must be gay or a little girl if you can even stand to listen to this no talent idiot. he has the most annoying voice in r&b . kanye , don’t do it , bring that college drop out type music back

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Dream album had cuts. But that nigga had R-Kellys nuts in his mouth on every other song. Stealing his licks, vocal cadences, lyrical subject matter everything! Only time he hopped off Kelly nuts was to hop on Princes.

    Dreams a great writer, but his voice SUCKS. Should have given that whole shit to J-Holiday or one of them other R&B niggaz that can sing without the assistance of auto-tune.

    Dream is the worst kind of an auto tune offender..Worse than Kanye. At least Kanye is going for the “vocoder” effect. The Dream TRY’S TO PASS his auto tuned vocals off as “un tuned” He uses it on every harmony, lead and back round vocal part. He sounds like a fucking computer when he sings, and sounds totally different live.

  • DV8

    i’ll check it out. just out of curiousity. Could wind up being pretty good.

  • $ykotic

    U already know Dream’s style. What style is Martin Louie gonna do?

    it “might” work.

  • mc

    The dream album was the best rnb album last year. This website has more haters than any other for some reason

  • EmCDL

    Man I’m sorry but I’m not feeling Dream at all…he cannot sing for nothing! He is a great songwriter I’ll give him that but I wasn’t feeling his album…his voice is freaking annoying…not hating I’m just speaking on my opinion thats all. Don’t really know about this collab either but I’ll wait till it actually comes out before opinionating

  • Fireforreal

    I think I’ll download it for free but I can’t buy that shit. I doubt it will ever come out. Just like The album with Dr.dre and Ice cube,Timbaland and Dr.dre,Dr.dre and snoop dogg,Usher and Nelly(yes they said they would do an album together about 4 years ago)Beanie siegal and Memphis Bleek etc…………

  • Fireforreal

    Oh yeah what the Fuck ever happened to Baby and R.kelly releasing an album that was suppose to be a double album ? And for the record who in this world wants to see Ludacris do an album with Shawnna ? She can spit but not enough for people to cop either one of her albums LOL !

  • FlapJack

    He’s new name is The Pipe Dream






  • clos1881

    everytime im on this site it just seems like a bunch of niggas hating

    • EmCDL

      Dream is wack! no hatin just truth

  • fireforreal

    clos1881. Shut the fuck up,and log the fuck off LOL !

  • moneychamp

    LOL… This album is comming out in his “dream”, what a joke.


    the album will be called “I DREAM OF KANYE”

  • fireforreal

    Does the Dream use his real voice ever or does he ues an auto tune on every track like teddy riley and devante swing did in the 90′s ? I guess that’s called talent as far as singing goes right ?

  • John Cochran

    I used to think Dream was ass like I see most of yall do. But see, with him you either get it or you don’t. He’s not you’re traditional R&B singer, but the songs on Love vs. Money are interestingly well produced and after I listened to it fully, I think I get it. All the other singers out now are either too predictable or they want to be rappers. Dream is in his own lane. I don’t want to hear an album with him and Ye though. And oh yeah, all yall who keep sceming for Ye to go back to his Dropout sound, either buy that album again or stop living in the past.

  • ass

    he speak the truth.
    yall just hatin.