Soulja Boy’s Crib Robbed

Just one day before New Year’s Eve, teen rap sensation Soulja Boy was robbed at his Atlanta home.

Despite suspicions from fans after several videos hit the net from the alleged thugs describing the crime, TMZ has confirmed that the 18-year-old was indeed robbed. A rep for SB said the house was broken into but luckily no one was injured.

As of press time it is unclear what the assailants stole.

SB made headlines last week when he shockingly called out Queenbridge vet Nas, blaming him for killing hip-hop. These statements were made less then a week after the disappointing record sales of the young rapper’s sophomore disc, iSouljaboytellem, was released. – Elan Mancini

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  • opm509

    HAHAHA! dumb lil nigga thats wut u get keep talkin shit and look wut happens get back on ur grind and yeah


      I robbed Soulja Coy!!! I’ll tell the whole story later

      • no

        nigga plz

    • Juice

      Thats what vanilla ice gets. he’s old anyways, he never should have made ice ice baby. that albums wack. ok so i bought it but so what. Vanilla ice should just keep making shows with falling tv stars. fuck vanilla ice and his wack ass lyrics. so what that i bought his album. it was on sale. sucka!!!

  • Spinner_H_Town

    Hahaaha……That’s wut g get for killin’ hip hop…U should get robbed every fuckin day. Right back at ya. Muthafucka….. H TOWN 4 LIFE.

  • NYG

    some dudes broke into this kid’s house with guns and you guys are laughin’ about it…smh

  • Riles

    This story is like 6 days old! Damn XXL, smh.


    i didnt see anything about guns nyg but uhh…
    LMFAOO dude had this comin

  • $ ANOC $

    YES!!!! lol d@ts w@t da b!tch ass n!cca g3t 4 runn!n off @ da mouf! lik3 Ice T told h!m…E@T A D!CK!!! LMAO

  • What the ?

    Props to the assailants.

  • Trickdd

    LOL XXL is fucking slacking in the Internet world big time whens the last time they put new music up the newest song I seen on here was 2008 wrap up before that there wasn’t shit on here I suggest y’all go to are where they seem to be more on there grind. Lol at how they are trying to make it seem like NAS sent some niggas to rob him like he would fuck up his career over Soulja Boy

  • sealsaa

    HA! Disposable pop music is serving its purpose. Guys like Nelly and Soulja Boy fall flat on their faces while vets like Nas maintain their legendary status.

  • NYG

    to EAZTCOAST, the stories been out for a while now and the dudes had guns, XXL is just mad late but to the dudes laughing you guys are fuckin retarded.

    • 619

      You expect people to feel bad, because his spot got robbed. Shit like this happens everyday. He’s lucky he’s still alive, there’s some kickdoor type mafuckers that woulda tied his ass up, locked him in the closet and fucked his girl.

  • Tre83

    I don’t think the little nigga should have got robbed, I just think he should shut the fuck up making dumb ass statements and quit rapping.

  • $ykotic

    I even put up the twitter thread on Ron “Ether” Mexico’s last post.

    Only reason I can see XXL waiting is 2 see if it’s true so they don’t catch that slander lawsuit.
    I in no way condone this act on anyone. But being from the streets:

    Smart/Dumb rappers stop stunting! Tuck your chain! Cats are hungry!

    The OG’s told me: “Big money puts a smile on your face, and a target on your back”.

    • $ykotic


      The twitter thread has been deleted. Even off Mex’ last blog.

      My bad if anyone checked.

      But you could tell the “Du-rag Duo” did it for the WAY they told it.

      Hope that was a stolen whipper.

  • willshady

    lol looks good on soulja bitch. mabey he will think twice be4 his stupid comments that he makes

  • http://XXL ryan

    dats exactly y blacks r goin 2 stay at the bottom. yall always brining each other down 4 no reason. he said his music is 4 kids so y do yall keep complainin bout his music. yall should go after fakes lik rick ross but yall sum bitches so yall go after a kid.N he was right about the nas statement. cuz no1 took it serious until nas said it.

  • 619

    Funny. Once again…
    CCHHHAAARRGGEERRRSSS!!! I would like to thank all the Broncos and Colts fans for all the hatin’, keep up the bad work. Broncos, Colts, all the same, they’re both ponies anyway.

  • felipesiny

    That’s what happen when you don’t know anything about HIP-HOP and then go and dis pioneers’ and freedom fight for the oppressed people. I think someone said he don’t deserve that wealth he got for HIP-HOP cause he not respecting, where it came from and HIP-HOP came to his to take it back. Now think twice before you open your mouth next time cause shit like that can get hurt real bad in NYC. We birth HIP-HOP and motherfucker better start respecting the culture. Word-Up!!!!!!


    I think it’s obviouse G-UNOT KILLA robbed soulja boys crib.

  • amar

    LOL i was about to say it was G UNOT killa as well hahahaa…the thug of the internetz strikes again


    Man, fuck Souljah Boy…All the lil nigga had to do was keep his fuckin mouth shut, make his lil’ bit of paper, stay humble and show respect to HIP HOP and niggas that been in the game for a minute…..The nigga sold like 30,000 copies and shit……nobody want’s to buy that trash man!!!

    Do your research and respect the HIP HOP Culture you lil’ mutha fukka…. you and that bullshiting ass YOUNG BERG!! fuck him too!!!!

  • mdb

    who gives a shit?

  • Sozzay

    Respect Hip HOP???

    Most of you youngins have no idea what Hip Hop is. Before you can respect it, you need to learn about it. If Nas is your link to original Hip Hop, you need to get off XXL and get to Googling! Because you obviously don’t know shit!

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    I think this will be one of the few times where I agree with the majority of the comments already posted.

    LMAO @ Soulja Boy

    Gunot Killa had nothing to do with it. If the article said something about LA Gears footprints or Soulja Boy being anally raped, then Gunot Killa would be the number one suspect.

  • e20

    Its real out here. Solja Boy shouldn’t be bragging about what he has unless he is prepaired to keep it. If he was making positive music for the kids this would have never happened.

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      If soulja girl was making positive music he wouldn’t be caked up . . . excuse me, Ms. ColliPark wouldn’t be caked up. Nobody buys that shit. Niggas want to hear songs about guns, money, hoes, and fairy tale drug stories.

      And even if he did make positive music, his rhymes would still be horrible.

  • mizeryluvkompany

    souljaboytellem………..shit i still wanna no who the fuck bought his first cd!!…lol…his sht is trash! and goin at nas?? im not even a big nas fan, but ur commiting career suicide, he damn near ended jays sht, which i wood of luved.

  • willshady

    g-unot killa did this….lol. wasnt he sayin that bitch was a crip and he downs with him like a week ago. and soulja bitch killed 3 of ice-t associates without the go-a-head from th OGs. lol fuckin faget

  • niggafrommemphis

    allright,i’m glad they didn’t go far enough to actually hurt the dudes,but for all yall who think soulja didn’t ask for it:If a man (nigga) was blowin his nose on 100 dollar bills and posting it for children to see (in the middle of a recession),thanking white folks for slavery,sayin he ain’t never heard an ice t song,etc etc,cuz i don’t want to talk about that bitch ass boy all day,you wouldn’t expect some niggas to put him in his place?come on now,him and a rab skinnin and grinning like some bitch ass niggas,they gon’ get it again.and i know when i hear some real niggas talkin shit,those dudes got him,not cuz they hate his success,but becuz they hate his funky ho ass ways.a rab and soulja look like they sleeping in the same bed,they deserved a rude awakening,forgive me.

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  • michael

    i feel sorry for him tho because manz should get robbed.It is not about the things they toook it is about someone indavin your house and going thought your personal things.

  • preciousmaples

    don’t be mad get even with them rob them back.
    find you some where else to move to.
    well did you rob them back.

  • preciousmaples

    do you want me to hart them for you

  • preciousmaples

    well i fell sorry because plies should have got robbed not soulja boy because that my husbend.and im going to take up for him no matter what.

  • preciousmaples

    what ant been said

  • Michael Akhiwu

    shitz happens. you cent do anything about it pow.