Snoop Dogg To Release Headphone Line

Snoop Dogg will be following In Dr. Dre’s shoes as he is set to release his own line of headphones, via audio company Skullcandy.

Scheduled to hit shelves later this year, the “extreme bass amplified headphone” will be part of Skullcandy’s artist collaboration line. Headphones by Beastie Boys DJ, Mix Master Mike, are also currently in development.

In addition to the audio equipment, Snoop and Mix Master Mike will also be linking with Skullcandy to headline this year’s Snowsports Industries America (SIA) show in Las Vegas. – Elan Mancini

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  • Curtis75Black

    I hope these Headphones are at least affordable, unlike Dr. Dre’s series. Them shits way to expensive for the average fan of his.

  • Rosco

    wow…..dis is the most obvious swagger jack in a long time. But i do agree wit dude above me. I really want them dre headphones but they cost more than the ipod itself…

  • g-unit killa

    i remember seein this crip cockroach lookin mufucka and I was like a snoop….where the fucks my scratch nigga….he said oh shit its…its g-unit killa….then katt williams hopped out the bushes and was like chill killa chill and I was like fam snoop dissin my hood where they blue ass shirt….then I pooled a ladania tomlinson spin on katt and hit snoop with a two by four like hacksaw jim duggan then I called hulk hogan over to watch the shit on tape…we also gotta plan fa macho man’s diss rap on where 50 cent cosigns macho man….I got this nigga

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    I won’t be buying these unless they automatically roll my blunts for me while listening to music.

  • jbird

    who the fvck needs a #300 pair of headphones. shit mine like 10 bucks and work just as good as those. plus, like everybody else above me, who the hell can afford anything like that, especially in todays times.

  • Spinner_H_Town

    I agree wit jbird on dis one…..I used to stack paper a long time 4 Dre’s headphones. And they’re same as one i had before ( much cheaper pair )…

  • DV8

    I wonder if you can catch a contact through the headphones. Audio stimulation indeed.