Show & Prove: Ron Browz, Novel, Jon Hope, Shonie & Sterlen Roberts

[Editor's Note: The following artists appear in the Show & Prove section of XXL's March issue.]

Name: Ron Browz
Hometown: Harlem, NY

Ron Browz “Pop Champagne”

Ron Browz “Jumping Out The Window”

Name: Novel
Hometown:Los Angeles

Novel ft. Talib Kweli “I Am”

Novel “Wild West”

Name: Jon Hope
Hometown: Providence

Jon Hope feat. Taktix “Better”

Jon Hope “Real Talk Pt.2″

Name: Shontie
Hometown: Miami

Shonie ft. Fabolous “Can’t Let Go”

Shonie “You’re Gonna Love Me”

Name: Sterlen Roberts
Hometown: Oakland

Sterlen Roberts “My Girl”

Sterlen Roberts “Only Money”

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  • Burnout

    You know, Ron Browz would actually not be all that bad too listen to if it weren’t for him raping that fucking auto-tune and going “Ether Boy” at the beginning of every fucking song he’s featured on or made himself…:\


    I actually met that chick Shonie up close. She wrote for Trina. I gotta say though, the picture dosent do here justice! Chick is BAD, homie.

    Too bad she’s a rosscoe…