Saigon Responds to Joe Budden’s “Letter:” “Whenever I See JB, I’m Beating Him Up”

Saigon has already responded to a diss track aimed at him by New Jersey rapper Joe Budden in a video clip that hit the net today.

During an interview with, the Yardfather spoke on Budden’s track, “A Letter to Saigon,” and seemed ready to go to war. “He want me to bite his head off,” Sai said. “I told niggas on ‘Stocking Cap,’ ‘I’m not a battle rapper but I’ll take this razor and run this shit across you’re fucking Adam’s apple.’ But I’m gonna battle this nigga just to show him that lyrically he’s not in my league. Never been, never will be I’m gonna bite his fucking head off.“[Watch Below]

Sai, who is known for his history of violence, said that the next time he see’s JB he’s going to beat him up.

The beef between the two emcees started in 2007 when Budden said a line in a BET freestyle poking fun at Saigon’s fight with Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy.

On “A Letter to Saigon” Budden addressed the situation: “Seems like in every interview niggas wanna mention dude/ Took my good punchline, got it misconstrued/ “Ain’t diss you then but nigga now I will/ I’m just saying how I feel/ Got your camera showing off your tiny town house and your girl car/ Cause you ain’t a real star /Not even on WorldStar/ the Greatest Story Never Told won’t be ever told/ Mixtapes never sold/ leak the shit let it go.” [Listen Here]

In related news, after being silent for most of last year, Saigon recently announced his comeback through his MySpace blog. “Happy New Years Ya’ll.. It’s ya boy Saigon the Yardfather,” he wrote. “I’m back, better and stronger than ever. I greatly apologize for the lack of information I’ve been giving all the people who’s been keeping up with me… I promise to ya’ll this will be my hardest working year ever. I will be more active as far as the music I put out, interviews, acting, television shows, etc. Can you believe I only put out 3 songs in the whole year of ‘08? I pretty much took ‘08 off to get my personal life in order… Now I’m back and better than ever.”

Sai has an upcoming mixtape coming out soon called Warning Shots 2, while the release of Budden’s sophomore CD Padded Room drops on February 24th via independent label Amalgam Digital. – Elan Mancini

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  • DevilintheFlesh

    Yall got his lyrics wrong: showing off your tiny town house and your girl car (referring to his wack ass WSHH video)

    I’m not saying step yo game up I’m just sayin.

    • Gullee Boy

      We started this movement Jan. 3rd



      • Clever

        Lil Boy……U SUCK!, You make da SOuth sound real bad. Retire, erase your page, call it a day. What Heatwave? Nuttin about your music is a Heatwave?, This is coming from a Southern M.C. not Rapper, M.C. Do U understand da words that r coming out my mouth? LOL! Ur a Lame, give it up. Ur trying to be a Gimmick that nobody is buying.

        • Gullee Boy

          Nigga I ain’t never heard of yo bitch ass, I’m wus up, I guarantee you can’t fuck with me lyrically or in the street bitch. YOU BETTA LISTEN A LIL CLOSER AND RELIZE WHO THE FUCK YOU TALKING TO NIGGA.

        • CLever

          OOOOOooooh, I’m SOooooo Scared of the Lil Boi with da Perm, YOur a Internet Tough Guy I’m soooooooooo Scared, whatever, You ain’t God, So please elebarate why I suppose to be so Scared of Your Pussy Perm ass??? Look you Suck, Your a Rapper, Fuck da streets nica, streets is not on your page, your wack as music is on your page. If you can’t stand criticism don’t put your spam on XXL or anywhere for that matter. Lyrically I would bring Heat, that ah sweat that pussy ass Perm outcha Hair. Ok Lil Perm, stay On your level of making bootie’s clap Ok? LOL! Bitch Ass Nica…Streets? Yeah right! I’m Clever Bitch, da Nica that told you that you SUCK! BIG TIME! Now you know who I am. Nice ta Meet cha, LOL!!!

        • Gullee Boy

          You dumb bitch, I’m certified nigga,
          real niggas know real niggas, and u definitely aint that, shut yo suburban ass up, you faggot ass bitch… where yo pussy ass lyrics at… you so mufuckin hard on the other end uh dat got damn computer bitch… post me a link to yo bonk ass rhymes nigga… u one uh dem pretend intelligent niggas too… the word is spelled… ELABORATE… pussy… no mo words fa yo lame suburban ass…

        • Clever

          Tha lil Permed out Monkey getting mad, Wow Certified real nigga, Wow, Didn’t know you had to be certified to be real or a nigga? Lets ELABORATE…. is that spelled correctly, ok lets proceed. I didn’t know you could be so proud of being something so IGNORANT is that spelled right? Pussy ass IGNORANT permed out NIGGA, Your the one that can’t take CRITICISM is that spelled Correctly. Your the one with all the Tough Talk. Your just another Million wanna be Tough Guys, Your Tough Talk Means Nothing to me, Your Music Still SUCKS! Save your Tough Talk for when your Lying to your Other ” Nigga’s “, I’m pretty sure your ” Nigga’s ” saying you Suck too, WOW! Now whose doing the pretending? HEATWAVE????, everybody on this site, went to your site and, realized you are indeed BOOTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL! You tried to Bamboozle Us, is that Spelled correctly? ok…You don’t know the difference between Hip-Hop , Rap , or a Freestyle for that matter and, ah… LIL PERM, Mr. TOugh Talk,….You don’t fit into any of those Categories. Ok Mr.Perm a.k.a Mr. Tough Talk , Thug Talk but…..Only on a computer. Understand ” Nigga’s ” come in all colors so, therefore any color race or breed can be IGNORANT. DUMB PERMED OUT BOOTIE ASS PUSSY ASS, WANNA BE TOUGH TALK, THUG, WANT PEOPLE TO FEAR HIM, CAUSE HE A PUSSY HIMSELF ASS, BAMBOOZLE SHUFFLING ASS , BOOTIE CLAP RAP ASS, IGNORANT ILLITERATE ASS BITCH MUAHPHUKKA!!!!!!!!!!! Is all that spelled correctly????? :)

        • tony grand$


          Who needs Sai vs Budden?

  • http://xxlmag j da b stuy reppa

    Nigga please. I’m tired of this guy acting like a fucking bully. Make ya mixtapes for your 5 fans and shut the fuck up. lol.

  • mo-gunna


  • ed

    who cares about this dude?

  • me

    Nobody like this dude. Thanks for taking a year off how bout a couple more that would be nice!

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    Joe Budden is better than this dude has ever been, and always be.

    Sai let the shit go.


    i used to like sai, but he’s starting to sound like a bitch. real niggas don’t talk about what they’re gonna do, they just do it. it’s obvious that he expected joe budden to be scared of him, but budden isn’t, so now it’s time for more empty threats. from the same guy that rode another nigga to safety when mobb was on his ass!

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      Saigon did get piggy back ride to safety but lets be clear, Mobb Deep didn’t do shit!! That was their weed carriers and fluppers that was on that Saigon heels. We all know Mobb Deep is hip hop punching bags ( well actually Yung Berg has taken that title from Mobb Deep, lol) but Saigon gets no stripes for that bullshit!

      Joe Buddens is a wack ass rapper and a sherm-head, so fuck him too

  • El Tico Loco

    Joe Budden tryna comeback, Saigon tryna comeback all of a sudden beef and a mixtape flood in the streets, and Youtube jabs. I’m I the only one that sees right thru this?

  • Jpdakid

    What’s crazy is, Saigon used to be my favorite rapper period for like 3 years, now he’s my top 5 favs..probly top 3
    And what makes this bad is that over the past year I’ve been checking out Buddens..and I declared like a 3 months ago that he’s my fav. rapper…I don’t wanna sound like I’m just hopping on bandwagons…but dude made joints that brought tears to my eyes..
    IMO I don’t think that “Roll Call” line was ANYWHERE NEAR a diss..and Saigon blew it out of proportion..
    Even Budden said he would’ve probably ran too…
    But that’s stupid how this just came out the blue again…I wish they would just do the same thing they did with Royce…But if this STAYS on wax then this’ll be good
    Anyways, I think Joell Ortiz could squash it if he tried..cause he’s cool with both of em

  • El Tico Loco

    Sai tryna comeback (was never there but) and Joe B tryna comeback. Now there’s beef mixtapes and Youtube jabs. Am I the only the only one that sees right thru this? Pub stunt or what?


    i’m ridin wit ya nigga. fuck buddens. u n jus blaze need 2 bring back dat heat.

  • Trickdd

    Sai sound like one of them niggas you couldn’t battle on the mic cause you would get the best of him and he would swing on ya… he should just become a boxer are go in the UFC your either a boxer are a rapper witch one you gonna be plus he couldn’t even knock out Prodigy Lol

  • Clever

    Both of these muahphukka’z sound like big ass Baby’s, He said this , he said that, I’mma beat him up when I see Him?! Now Joe, Sai, we Know you both have had a,… I guess you could say hard life But, Grow up, Make music, Fake Beefing is not going to bring your pitiful Industry Careers, Opps! U 2 never had a Career, well start your pitiful Careers, ( Thats better) Just make good music, if you can’t do that Stfu! Ok? can you do that? just make some good music, Now joe has been on his game He’s consistent with bringing new music ( not saying its good ), Sai where do u Come in that picture? hmmmmm… Making promises you can’t seem to keep. WOW! Violent life, so what, makes some Good damn Hip-Hop nica! If you can’t do that, why keep throwing these wolf tickets to Hip-Hop?

  • Ambition-1

    Normally I would say that I actually like Saigon but I agree with just about everyone else on here. Dude needs to get his black ass off the camera and get in the booth. And until he does that he should just shut the fuck up!

  • Moi

    god, rap fucking sucks.

  • A

    Cut it out lil nigga! You aint bitting shit off. Why you wanna act like a tough guy now? You know Buddens is a little dude. You wasn’t bitting nobody’s head when Mobb Deep was bringing it to you. I saw you haulin ass…

  • Real Talk

    I want to see Saigon diss Budden and the rest of Slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouse bein a new group, Royce 5’9, Budden, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I. Than I wanna see Slaughterhouse get at dude.

    • 619

      Any one of the 4 of them would tear this fool up.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Grown ass nigga talkin bout beatin someone up. What a fuckin idiot. He’s just mad cause Joey ripped him. If does try to do shit, Joey’s soldiers are gonna fuck him up. Fuck Saigon….this nigga think he tough. Stinkmeaner ass nigga!!!


    How a nigga gon say he want his spot back and he never even had a spot you dissin new niggas when you a new nigga ya self. You got no record out so if you drop one it would be ya new LP therefore you a new nigga to ev erybody period. This nigga is got a lot of nerve to be the hight of Kat Williams. Bite a head of yeah right more like bite some knee caps lil nigga.

  • jack bronson

    this guy is the definition of a fake person and an asshole. All this “for the kids man” , “im not into all that violence any more” , ” i love god now” , gotta follow the right path”. Now hes talking about slittin someones throat over some rap beef?

    Those same kids your trying to preech to are hearing you say this shit. Wtf dude, really? If your an asshole , just come out and say your a fucking asshole , dont front.

    Joe said before, he didnt mean to diss you , you could have been like “ok, i took it the wrong way, whatev, lets dead the shit”. But you kept pushing and kept pushing. Im throwing away your last mixtape, shit wasnt that hot anyway. You have offically lost my support of your rapping. You only beefing with dude cuz his name is bigger than yours……

  • Vicious Seiger


    Two Rappers both once signed to major labels with major deals who both happen to have projects on the horizon post getting let go from these labels just happen to have a beef with each other. Neither has made a decent radio “diddy” or generated so much as a ripple in the streets as of late to garnish a big enough buzz. People love to fall in this trap over and over and over. These two probably know each other and cooked up this beef to get people talking about their albums. Negro Please, cut the BS and make good music and trust me that will last longer than these gimmicks cats stoop to sell albums.

  • yung gee

    fuck all ya hatin ass bitch niggas. saigon way realer than joe. joe don’t want it on no street shit . n he definately not fuckin wit his lyrical ability. saigon don’t got no wack songs. joe got like 100. n he gonna chew dat mothafuckas head off. abandoned nation all day . wutttttttt! cornball ass newcomers.

    • Clever

      You are not on subject, Please don’t blog anymore Cornball. Has nothing to do with who’s street. They both need to make some damn good music period. Neither one of them are impressive musically. SOund like they really want attention, and the only way to do that is make Damn good Hip-Hop Music.

  • tony grand$

    These dudes are too WWE for my taste. Melodramitic, to say the least.

    Buddens should know that niggas take offense if u sneeze to hard in the same room with them, much less mention their name. Punchlines, nowadays, only end up gettin u punched for that line.

    & Sai is hella reminescent of Beanie Segal back in the day, block bullyin, talkin bout beatin niggas up. C’mon man. U aint locked up no more, folks. Ur not about to toss out a somewhat successful career in the entertainment field, to punch somebody in the face. Save that shit for ur daughters first boyfriend.

    They should grab a slice of pizza, sip on some Martini’s, & write a movie together. It’ll prolly be real emotional, like “On Golden Pond” or “Titanic”.

  • mdb

    i used to like saigon but dude is lame now…stay retired motherfucker, you cant fuck with someone like budden who isn’t a damn hypocrite with every word he says

  • yung gee

    @ clever. dog i am on topic . if u was watchin the video u would’ve heard him talking bout new niggas. another thing im a heavy hiphop fan from the underground 2 watever is real music. so clever mind ur fuckin business 4 u start talkin 2 me.

  • yung gee

    @ clever again . another thing, u sayin dat these niggas ain’t impressive . wut da fuck is wrong wit u! u must be a lil wayne fan. stick 2 ur mainstream bullshit n when u see sum real shit don’t even click or comment da shit. u ain’t clever u bitch ass nigga. Paterson, Jerz in dis bitch.

    • Clever

      Look, like I said neither one of these Clowns are impressive. Not a fan of Lil bitch ass wayne either. He sucks just like these Clowns. If they where so Impressive. Where the fuck is their million fan supporters???? can you tell me? What is so Impressive about dropping mixtapes???? Budden had one album( which bricked!), gazillion mixtapes, Sai No album , a few mixtapes????? Now if they where so Impressive don’t you think they wouldn’t have to warm-up on mixtapes to grab listeners attention????? Clever I am, a bitch riding Sai and Budden’s Dick you ARE! LOL!



  • problems

    Joe and Sai are two of the most talented dudes in the game but their youtube beefin contradicts both of their claims they just trying bring good music back to the game and let let talent speak for itself instead of gimmicks.Stop being a bunch of emo rappers and just make good dongs. Joe all emotional wanna bait rappers then fall back when things get a lil too real and Sai wanna be martin and luther one minute then shooter for hire the next..both of them took an L for this bullsh*t…by the way as far as joe having soldiers by the earlier post in the thread……rflmfao….internet emo geeks with a keyboard and mouse don’t make you a soldier…they need to get they shit together and drop an album

    • Clever


  • NorTh MeMpHis VeT

    Im jus sayin all dis bout 1 bar > Mane cut dis sensative ass shit all > He on camera talkin bout being a real man > Go N da booth make ya songs and dats da end > Dis beef shit is a wrap anyway > LETS MAKE GOOD MUSIC N 09 PEOPLE!!!! > Besides nobody N da south listens 2 him anyway > #FREESHYNE#

    • Clever


  • Mz Fe

    Both of these artist need to focus on becoming a lil more relevantin hip hop.


    Then Sai has the nerve to talk about bringing manhood back to rap. Real men know that unneccessary beef is a bitch move. You don’t want to start anything with anyone and avoid the bullshit you can because most of the time all it does is consume the folks involved and nobody wins. Rappers need to compete on a level of making the best records. I would rather hear you say I am going to sun Joe Buddens album my ish is going to be hot and make it a friendly competition. But these damn sensitive battle rappers place their fragile manhood on a dudes words. I will be the first to say if you talk greasy about me and don’t know me that means nothing to me because you don’t know me and are probably trying to play me out of position for something, probably to take my spot. hint hint dumbass

  • lostgyrl

    Screw all this back and forth crap. Everybody wanna be the Greatest Storyteller,and if they believe they are who am I to say they are not! Who are you to say I’m not!!

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