After failing to pay a $337,500 judgment, a tax accountant that was shot by Rich Boy's brother, is pursuing the Alabama rapper all the way to Atlanta to pay up.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that Chaz Mosley won a lawsuit against RB (born Marece Richards) and his brother Irving O. Richards in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama four months ago, for a shooting incident that occurred in ’05. The rapper has not made good on his payment, so Mosley’s legal team have packed up their bags and followed him to the ATL - where the rapper is known to stay - and filed a lawsuit in the county in hopes to collect.

Mosley sued the rapper and Richards for shooting at his car on July 17,2005. According to the suit while Mosley was driving home one night, his vehicle was unexpectedly hit by a barrage of bullets coming from the the Cadillac in front of him. The shots came from an assault rifle being fired by Richards in Rich Boy's car and the fragments from one of the shots managed to hit Mosley in the head.

Richards is currently behind bars, serving a 10-year sentence after pleading guilty to assault and Rich Boy escaped with probation.

As of press time, Rich Boy’s publicist Greg Miller is uncertain if Rich Boy plans to pay up. – Elan Mancini