Max B’s Lawyer Pleads Client’s Innocence On YouTube

After Max B’s ex-girlfriend pled guilty last week to a deadly robbery – implicating him in the crime – the Harlem rapper’s lawyer Gerald M. Saluti has taken to the net to argue his client’s innocence.

“I know there is a lot of buzz around the hip-hop community ever since the plea was taken last week of Gina Conway, that’s the co-defendant of Charly Windgate [Max B] in a murder case that’s being held in Bergen County, NJ,” Saluti said in the YouTube clip, standing next to the wavy MC. “So the public understands Gina Conway pled guilty on the day of her trial. She was facing life in prison for a grizzly murder that occurred in Fort Lee, NJ in 2006. She’s been in jail since that day and she basically cut a deal with the prosecutor’s office to testify against Charly Windgate and Kelvin Leerdam.” [Watch Below]

Saluti believes she named Max B in order to cut her sentence down. “So instead of going to jail for the rest of her life based on the 160 page confession that’s she gave to the police department, she’s chosen to testify in what I say is going to be in a somewhat untruthful fashion about my client’s role in her dirt basically,” he continued, adding that she now only faces an 18-year sentence.

Saluti alleges that Conway’s motivation for implicating Max as the mastermind behind the $30,000 heist was their failed relationship. He says she was deeply hurt when he had a baby with another woman.

Shockingly at the end of the video both Max and his attorney thank the former Byrd Gang rapper’s rival Jim Jones for posting the reported $1.5 million bail to get him out of jail.

Gina Conway copped a plea deal on January 13, admitting to taking part in a burglary that turned deadly in a Fort Lee Holiday Inn over 2 years ago along with Leerdam, whom she alleges her former boyfriend recruited for the crime, according to

Max is scheduled to go to trial for murder in Superior Court in Hackensack in April. – Elan Mancini

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  • Trouble

    Damn I hope Max dont get cought up behind this bullshit. I think about that “Testify” song by Common LOL, same shit different bitch.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Since this cornball has the name of Max B (he’s more like Maxi Pad B and B stands for bitch), I hope this nigga gets the MAXimum sentence.

    This is just another shitty rapper. What’s bad is this nigga ghostwrited for an even shitter rapper named Jenny Jones.

    The best part about this nigga being found guilty (yes he will be found guilty), is Jim Jones will lose that 1.5 million he put up for this nigga’s bail.

    • Marieka

      I hope max b dont go in jail cuz he is probly the best rapper aliive riite now so if he go to jail i will be sad P.S i will pray for you fuq wah dose otta niqqsz say bout yuh should go to jail fuq dat yuh do not need to go to jail

  • Bubba Train

    Max B can talk all the shit he wants on Jim Jones even though he couldn’t bail himself out. Dont bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Stuckfresh

    Max hold ya head homie! If you had nothing to do with this shit you don’t got shit to worry about! But if you did then I hope you go to jail! If you did it you did it! What goes around comes around! If Jones got you out of jail why you been talk’n shit about the nigga? I dont get! ?? It shows what type a nigga you are!! Im not a snitch but if you take some ones life 4 some petty shit you need to be behind bars! Fuck YOU! KILL YOURSELF!!! PLEASE!

  • latino heat

    max b, the b stands for BLOWS. he had to do crime’s like this because he knew his rapping would never go anywhere cause he SUCKS and his voice was irritating as fuck. good bye to another wack ass rapper. nobody will miss you.

  • Queen

    Max bitch is a snitch. he plan dat shit and he got like wet pussy and sliped out of that shit. My cousin Gina ain’t like dat ya bitch you snitched on her,fuckin fag.

  • Queen

    The only reason ya bitch ass got out is cause of money.dont ever bring ya bitch ass to

  • simply hood ent. 1*0 fam tyez inc. BOSTON

    bigga velz iz dat dude son real nigga shit anit no one in da city rockin like him other than d block and jay z if he’s really going down for murder that jus mean his past caught up to him let keep it 100 if u a real street nigga you always gonna have in da back of your head got to face a consequence other than dat hold ya head my *G* niggaz in BOSTON MA. got ya back SIMPLY HOOD ENT.> 1*0 FAM*TYEZ INC. “WE GOT NEXT” FREE DA BOSDON BIGGA VELZ IT ya BOI MAKAVELI E* ENVY>>>

  • B shiest

    u fags is haterz
    even if jenny bailed em out he still a fag
    silver surfer all day
    max da realest
    i never wanna go back in there!!!
    Boston stand up!!!
    stank bitch snitchin cuz of da kids!!!
    all u niggaz and half ass niggaz iz bitches!!!
    MAG haha!!!