Lupe Fiasco Says “Hip-Hop Is Coming To An End,” Yet Denies Singing For Indie Rock Band

After two tracks leaked onto the net by an indie band called Japanese Cartoon many fans speculated that the singer of the group was Lupe Fiasco. The Chi-Town rapper took to the forums to dismiss the rumors, among a list of other topics including his new album,the current state of hip-hop and new Interscope signee Charles Hamilton.

Over the weekend music by the British band hit the net and many sites said that it featured Lupe singing under the moniker Percival Fats. Yet according to the group’s MySpace page, Fats is a real person and while Lupe is not in the band, he is involved with the group financially.

“Percival Fats (Born Percival Hindenburg-Fats) Is NOT Lupe Fiasco (Born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco). Although he is a dear friend,” it read. “Lupe does finance the band but is NOT I REPEAT NOT THE SINGER IN JAPANESE CARTOON. He is however the producer and we value his participation very much.”

Lu, under the moniker FNF Up And Away ok, also cleared the air himself on the forums– where he has been known to post in the past. “I like those kids a lot,” he wrote. “Met the bass player overseas last year and their publicist/manager is a good friend from like childhood. May sign them. Not me singing though.”

During the forum chat, the Atlantic rapper also gave his two cents on the current state of hip-hop. “I feel like hip-hop is coming to sort of a..i dare say…an end???…(no pun intended),” he explained.
”It’s not the same energy…hasn’t been for a long time…just a bunch of nothing out there…take it how u may…I hope the new vanguard proves me wrong and brings back the day of substance minus the webcam video to announce its return.”

“Not ‘end’ in the since of cease to exist,” he clarified. “But more so transform into something else so expression is more meaningful…I put question marks on it because I still question my own thoughts about the feeling. But so many “what the fuck?!?!” moments have piled up so incredibly over the last few years that it begs a rethink of the trajectory of the art form.

As far as who the next generation he is speaking of, Lupe listed the Cool Kids and Charles Hamilton in that category. “I’m a ‘new nigga’ but old in the senses of the fast food generation…. the ‘new new niggas’ i.e. The Cool Kids, the incredibly interesting and though provoking Charles Hamilton and the like are the vanguard I speak of…honestly I want it to change…never really been a fan of preserving…attention span is way too low and distorted for that hahaha.”

Fiasco also promised that his highly anticipated upcoming album, now titled Everywhere instead of LupEND, will be coming a lot sooner than expected.

As of press time there is no release date set for the album and still no word if this will be the rapper’s final album. –Elan Macini

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  • ksa1001

    Number 1 anticipated CD for me…ain’t heard a cd as good as The Cool since it’s dropped.


    • YouRconsciencE

      Food and Liquor >> The Cool

      • ksa1001

        have to disagree with you on that one, food and liquour was rushed and changed due to the leaking [like NaS with I Am...]
        The cool is a better album, concept-wise and the whole flow of it is better.

        • amar

          food and liquor>I Am…>The Cool

        • FlapJack

          I’d like to reverse that chain of fuckery

  • Enlightened

    Charles Hamilton incredibly interesting and thought provoking? Word?
    You know I tried to give the little nigga a chance but I don’t see it.
    It’s like if you dress weird and come off as a lame nigga, you are worshipped in underground hip-hop.


      LOL Exactly

    • FlapJack

      You’re right.. I keep trying to see it though.
      He aint bad, but he shure doesn’t live up to his hype to me..

      I’ll bet anyone that is lupe singing..
      Maybe he made the songs and someone else is supposed to re-sing it

  • ruffhuff

    there is still plenty of good rap music but it wont get played on MTV or BET and xxl never has anything about it people see the lame shit on tv and think hip hop is dead like… when has the rap on tv ever been good?

  • moresickaMC

    I think good rap will make a comeback in 09. aftermath is going hard and east coast might wake up this year

  • Gullee Boy

    We started Jan. 3rd



    • amar

      isn’t that the name of a domino’s pizza?

      • FlapJack

        hahaha! way to ether his spamming/dumbass marketing ass.

        There’s something wrong with your player on the left side homie.. all I hear is shit

  • Foothill Will

    Well Hip-Hop’s been in The End stage 4 about a couple years now, and Lupe is Talent but the dude is gay as fuck, why back a group called Japanese Cartoon? WTF is the world comin to? so he just needs to help Hip-Hop and not watch it die, AFTERMATH!!!!


    I hate to agree with Lupe because he has proven to be a bit of a Douche bag at times but he is a great writer with a super creative mind. Come to think of it most of these guys are pricks. Anyway as I was saying I agree hiphop is changing and I can’t wait to see what developes. The whole percival fats thing is lame but the music sounds good. It is a Gnarls Barkley/meets the brit punk like excursion.

  • Anti-Mainstream

    Sorry kids but I agree with Lupe! From 99 to now Hip Hop has slowly turned into commercial Pop garbage. Yes there’s still some good Hip Hop out there and a VERY small amount at that, but Hip from 2005 to especially today has been at it’s ALL TIME WORST. Autotune bullshit. Corny songs with corny little dances to go with it dominating radio and television. Wackass T pain on every song, and rappers being left for dead and looked at as “old” once they reach 35 and over! Cmon people! All these quote “old” rappers are still lightyears ahead of anybody today in lyricism. (Weezy included), and unlike other genres of music we turn our backs on our pioneers instead of keeping them relevent. We need more old school/new school collabos, we need more substance and lyrical talent back in our culture, and most of all radio DJ’s need to stop being robots, and say FUCK YOU to these corporations who have bought and sold out our culture in the first place! We need more Nas, Ghostface, West Coast music, local emcees trying to make it etc, on our radio….And one last thing, buy a REAL Hip Hop album when it comes out instead of downloading. A majority of us cry when good albums don’t sell as well as they should, yet we keep sittin on our ass. Wake up people, take your culture back! There’s billions of us and only hundreds of them!!!!!!!



      COSIGN!! Took the words right out of my mouth. The only way the culture is going to repair itself, is if we wake up and repair it ourselves.

      I say, let New Age Hiphop die out, so it’ll rebuild on its Golden Age foundation.

    • amar

      1. autotune garbage – is the new r&b singer on a rap song, but cheaper. Wu Tang were complaining about poppy choruses on song way before autotune. 50 harassed Ja rule for it way before autotune.

      2. corny little dances – fresh prince, vanilla ice, hammer, etc. all had corny dances. Hell, in “ADIDAS”, run dmc did a little dance revolving around a shoe. Tupac started out doing corny dances.

      3. dominating radio and television – countless greats wouldn’t have begun making hip hop if hip hop wasn’t on radio and television. “Yo! MTV Raps!” inspired countless great mc’s.

      4. whackass t-pain on every song – before him was akon, before akon was nate dogg, before nate dogg was some other motherfucker

      5. rappers seen as old once they’re 35 or older – name 10 rappers who made good music while they were 35 or older. Name 20 rappers who made good music when they were younger than 25. The latter is much easier, isn’t it?

      6. usually old school-new school collabos come off as shitty, cause the old school artists tend to suck with age. That’s why the smart ones gracefully retire, instead of jay-zing shit up. Refer to #5.

      • Avenger XL

        I agree with you on every point besides #5. If we don’t finally get some more relevant 35+ rappers hip-hop remains a young mans game and if it stays this way it loses it standings in some cases as a legit artform and turns into a fad heavy youth culture that is destined for a disco like decline. The problem with older artists is they need to get more introspective and socially aware and leave all the dance craze fad shit to folks that are concerned about such things i.e. the younger heads. JAy Z even mentioning having more swagger than some punk on the corner is lame. Show growth and maturity and make a new lane.


    Sheesh–such unprecendented lameness!! For real, this is some extra crispy bullshit. Isn’t he two years old with this line? And why is he trying to drop a 3-disc album if the shit’s dead?

    “No Lupe.”

  • sam

    Co-Sign with Anti-Mainstream

    Everything I wrote, I deleted because that’s basically what I wanted to say. But I’m going to add stuff…

    Someone said, I’m not sure who, maybe it was Talib Kweli, but anything that’s played on the radio, “Hip Hop” wise, it’s not good. They don’t play good music on the radio. Which is completely true. They only played ‘Superstar’ on the radio because it was more radio-savy? They played ‘Stan’ on the radio, and two parts were cut out, not even bad parts. I’ve never heard good rap music played. Although I personally like everything, they play Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Akon, who all three are on EVERY song.

    The Cool is one of the best CDs. You would never hear a song played on the radio, clearly about HIV or anything else serious, because no one wants to talk about that. The Cool has a great concept, and story telling is something no one does throughout the CD, leading into one another.

    So the CD is called Everywhere now? I like LupEND better. Can’t wait regardless

  • fo life

    Co-sign anti-mainstream:

    Man you so right when you talk about hip hop vets not being supported like people support old school rock and pop bands. When aerosmith tours they sell out huge venues just playing songs they made 20 years ago! But when KRS One or Public Enemy does a show its at the house of blues. There are radio stations that play old school rock and pop all day! I haven’t heard of a old school rap station just 4 80s and 90′s rap! Thats the reason them old rock groups are still relavent today and not old school rap acts.

  • lonestar state

    Will everybody just quit bitchin,it won’t change shit,most mainstream sucks and all the best rappers are droppin garbage,complaining won’t change shit,if lupe and nas and all these ppl are so hurt and upset they should band together,go get the old greats and produce new material,otherwise quit cryin,or quit rappin,thats why i fuck with mixtapes only mostly,i tell you what go listen to your old ass black sheep and tribe albums a few more hundred times if you that tired of new shit!


    ^^^^^Damn homie u went in on it. U gotta point if u don’t like it don’t listen. But the diff. between Tribe, Blacksheep and those artist is they made timeless classics, can do a tour and still get love and ppl respect what they bring to hiphop. 10 years from now I can see only handful of these dudes that spittin now gettin that same respect. UGK(rip Pimp C),Outkast,Tribe,alkoholiks,onyx all of em still get respect.


    Hip hop is fucked up because these artist just want to get paid. You should do it for the love first and foremost. We all have to eat, but it’s fucked up when a true art form gets sabotaged for a dollar. These new ringtone artist don’t care about art, they just wanna get paid. THAT’S A MAJOR REASON WHY HIP HOP IS GOING DOWN THE TOILET. You can point to about five or six differnet reasons why hip hop is dying a slow agonizing death. I wish hip hop were like some NFL players. I’m from B-more and I can tell you that Ray Lewis and those guys play for pride and not just a damn check. They play for a legacy. These new cats in hip hop are pure trash and the people who put them on are no better. Everything you hear is sounding the same. I never thought I would be disgusted with hip hop. Everybody out here who has real talent have to get it to the forefront or we’ll continue to hear the same old bullshit for years to come. BRING HIP HOP BACK PEOPLE.

  • Anti-Mainstream

    To Amar. You asked how many rappers still made good music at 35 and over. Here’s the list!
    1) Nas
    2) Krs-One-dropped 3 highly underrated albums this decade. (Sneak Attack, Kristyles, Hip Hop Lives)
    3) Busta Rhumes
    4) Ghostface
    5) E-40
    6) Too $hort
    7) LL Cool J
    8) Snoop Dogg
    9) Method Man
    That was easy! I could keep going but I’ll stop here!

  • Stylistic

    Amar…I see your points and I know we always had all those things to an extent throughout Hip Hop’s history but all those problems you and Anti-Mainstream mentioned are worse now then ever before!

  • Dana Mayzes

    Excellent document, well written I must say.

  • http://bollox simon

    Why isn’t hip hop making some ploitical statements instead of singing how big their cars/women/pay is the sad sacks, lets get on to how it all started