Joell Ortiz On Joe Budden/Saigon Beef: “I Don’t Co-Sign It, [Yet] I Don’t Disagree With It”

With the Joe Budden and Saigon beef heating up, Budden’s Slaughterhouse rhyme partner Joell Ortiz is put in an unusual position being cool with both rappers. caught up with the Brooklyn MC to find out his thoughts on the situation.

In the beginning of the Budden’s diss track “Pain In My Life” he says “It’s called Slaughterhouse for a reason.” XXL asked Ortiz if being a member of the group – which also consists of Royce Da 5’ 9” and Crooked I – means that he has the New Jersey rapper’s back in a lyrical war against Sai. “Absolutely not,” he replied. “First off let me say Saigon is my man, you understand,” he continued. “This is somebody that I came up with on the underground circuit together. We’ve bumped heads at S.O.B.’s plenty of times. So first, I have no problem with Saigon. Joe Budden is Joe Budden. You know what Joe Budden do. He does that kind of stuff. But I have nothing to do with that kind of stuff. I don’t co-sign it; I don’t disagree with it; it’s just what Joe Budden does.”

Asked if he’d try to play peacemaker and bring the two feuding MCs together Ortiz “doesn’t think so.” “Its like the streets,” he explained. “You got your man and he’s fighting your other man and you come in between, a nigga could hit you, understand? I just let niggas do what they do. It’ll be what it be. Maybe they’ll shake hands after this, maybe they won’t.”

Sai-gitty released his latest track “Pushin Buddens” aimed at the Mood Muzik rapper yesterday, spitting over Wu-Tang Clan’s “Protect Your Neck” and Joey’s “Pump It Up” instrumentals.  So far both rappers have released two diss songs apiece.

As XXL previously reported, Slaughterhouse will be performing for the first time together tonight at New York City’s S.O.B.’s at 8 p.m. Budden’s label, Amalgam Digital will be broadcasting the show live on their website, –Elan Mancini with reporting by Anthony Roberts

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  • BossGame

    Foolishness 101. 2009, Barack Obama. Bring the drama to standstill, we got shyt to do!!!

  • Curtis75Black

    Word to Joell, Stay out of it and let the two emcee’s go at it. No need to play sides on this one. When it’s done it’ll be done.

  • Casey

    Joey’s diss was Pain in HIS Life. “My” was the Saigon single.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Predicts Joe leaves SH in 6 months, and gets into an all out war with Joell being the firt casulty .

    • og bobby j

      not sure Joell would be a casulty in many battles fam. Not even sure buddens is going to walk away from sai-giddy unscalthed.

      I tried to cop tixs to this shit and them shits sold out faster than hotcakes….

      • $ykotic

        I will b there. Anticipation is a bitch, huh?

        Joell actually shines on that Slaughterhouse mixtape(shouldnt we call it compilation cd? no tapes out there!). Personally I can say Joell is a good emcee from seeing him grow up and perfect his craft.

        Besides all of that I’m going 2 see the group. They can pop off if they do this right. Wanna see Crooked get busy as well.


    Nobody wants it with Joell

    • re-yo


  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    The only reason why Joell is staying out of this beef is because he thinks Saigon steroid using ass is winning and doesn’t want to be associated with a loser . . . which is ass backwards considering he’s in a group with 3 other losers.

  • Frescos

    where OH where is G-Unot Killa????

  • Mika

    ^ where is he ?? GUK …. ??????

    • Jamal7Mile

      Hmm… dude must finally be in jail. I mean come ooon! If you’re running around L.A. like an over-excited Muppet, wrapping mop handles around people’s neck and extorting celebs… well, yeah, you’d be in jail too.

      Watch out for that imposter that’s out there, too. He sound like a GUK who found religion.

      …aw, I’m just sayin…

  • iliveonce

    Barack is president……that beef shit is corny….We need the positives songs….YOU GOT JAY-Z AND JEEZY SONGSS ABOUT BARACK C’MON LET’S KEEP IT POSITIVE.

  • Rodjilius

    smart move joell