Joe Budden & Slaughterhouse Show To Air Live On The Net

Joe Budden will be taking the stage for the first time with his all new supergroup Slaughterhouse tomorrow night (Jan. 22) and the New Jersey native’s new label, Amalgam Digital, will be airing the event live on the net for fans who can’t make it.

The group, which along with Budden consists of indie acts Royce da 5’9″, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I, will be rocking the stage and the Web at 8 p.m. The performance is set to go down at New York City’s S.O.B.’s and will be streamed online on

Amalgam is acknowledged as being hip-hop’s first digital retailer and record label. They also streamed Budden’s first-ever, live in-studio webcast, which enabled him to interact with fans while completing his impending album Padded Room, scheduled for release in February.

In related news Budden recently made headlines after putting out a diss track aimed at New York rapper Saigon. Since then the two have carried on as an unrelenting game of verbal ping-pong, with Sai releasing the response song, “Under-Acheiver.” Days ago Budden threw the latest blow with his rebuttal “Pain in his Life.”You a rapper or a body-builder?/ I’ll have ‘em in the E.R. with the doc trying to put him back together like a body-builder,” he spit.

With Saigon’s reputation fans wonder if he plans on attending the show. Sai-gitty got into a altercation with Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy on the same stage in ‘07– which incidentally was the subject matter that birthed the beef between Sai and Budden in the first place. – Azza Gallab

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  • Jonaseddie

    First måh’fuckas

    • tony grand$

      Gotta love how all the hype for “slaughterhouse” in the beginning was the four underground artists pulling together from all over to form this supergroup.

      Now, they’re know as “Joe Budden & Slaughterhouse”. Hahaha. Niggas is like “Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes” n shit.

      If Sai’s a true bully, he’ll be there, bcuz he has to kno that he’s losin the battle severely. That kinda shit can be unsettlin to those who operate on intimidation & overcompensate with violence.

      & btw, there was a “supergroup” quite some years ago, called WestCoast Slaughterhouse; Ice Cube, WC, & Mack 10. Just a lil info for the youth.

      • Doobie42

        Anyone of these cats would lyrically eat Cube, Dub-c, or mack 10 alive

        • tony grand$

          I don’t doubt that @ all. I was just making a statement.

          Never was there a comparison of the crews. In fact, it was @ the bottom of the page after I said a few things prior. That wasn’t random. I constructed my comment specifically in that order so the two facts wouldn’t seem to coincide with one another.

          Just a point regarding the name “Slaughterhouse”. Random hip hop trivia & such.

  • mrkookoocal

    for tony grand: they were called westside connection.. not tha westcoast slaughterhouse u stupid fuckin idiot.. a lil info for tha youth u sound stupid..

    • tony grand$

      Actually, sir, they had a song called Westcoast slaughterhouse long before they were signed to a deal as westside connection. Then they changed the name to Westside connection. The name WS was around the time Dub C released West-Up. I don’t sound stupid. & I’m far from an idiot, so before u get all Internet gangsta, do some research. U don’t even live out here, Idaho is barely a state.

    • tony grand$

      ^^^im the “stupid fuckin idiot”?

      Ur names not even linked to a site, u undelined it bcuz u think it looks cool, & I’m a “fuckin idiot”?

      Wow. Calm down fella, ur gonna have a stroke or anuerismm or sumn.

  • HERM

    Slaughterhouse has gotta be the illest crew out. Knowing Sai’, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does show up at that show. If so, hope nothing stupid happens. Seriously.

    Jump-off > Yardfather… so far.

  • EmCDL

    Damn I didn’t know that Joe Budden formed a group with Royce, Crooked I and Joell Ortiz, all them kats can spit fire. I’ma have to check that show out…as for Sai, yeah he’ll be there…his pride won’t just liet him stay home and watch it online



  • What the ?

    It’s funny how rap shits like WWE, you get these little fake beefs and then all of a sudden the they have tours or upcoming events that just happened to be at the peak of their beef attention.

    That said the group sounds good, minus Joe, he got some lyrics but that flow and voice are below average at best.

  • NotoriousRambo



  • Oneofthemyo’s

    and wtf is up with ‘joe budden and slaughter house’ nigga its motherfucking slaughterhouse thats it…aint no star in that mofo

  • D-Block

    its just Slaughterhouse, not joe budden & slaughterhouse. i wonder if theyre gona be releasin any new songs??

  • Jamal7Mile

    This should be good!!! ALL those cats can spit, and I can’t wait to hear Royce do his thing. Yeah, I’m biased and rooting for Royce a fellow Deeetroiter, but the man can spit!!!

    Don’t miss this one, peeps!

    *what’s up Tony$? Yup, still drunk… LOL

    • tony grand$

      Mally Mall, the resident booze hound. Toast to Obama!

      *glasses clink*

      I’m lookin forward to the collaboration, bcuz altho all them dudes get shine solo, each style will give another aspect on the next, & so forth. Niggas gonna be like some hip hop gumbo.

      I just hope they don’t do every song with all four of them on it. That may get a lil too tenacious.

  • $ykotic

    The Slaughterhouse mixtape is decent. Joell and Crooked stand out.

    It would have been nice to have ALL of the members’ pics up there, don’t ya think?

  • Jhon da Analyst

    If Saigon shows up like a groupie, he’ll prove to everyone that he lost this battle period. Mark my words!!!!!!!11

    • tony grand$

      Idk Jhon, he might be there to prove to that what he said was dead serious. “Next time I see Joe Budden, I’m gonna beat him up”.

      Not to mention the “box cutter” comment.

      God forbid, the last thing that hip hop needs right now is MORE violence.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Oh yeah, if Sai does come and tries to fuck with dem cats’ money. I wouldn’t be surprised if Royce knocks him out!!

    • tony grand$

      Don’t sleep on Crooked. He gotta lil fame out here in Cali, dude is with the business if need be.

      I really don’t see Sai showin up tho, that’s overkill (no pun intended). Unneccesary, to say the least.

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    I have to agree with the comments about it being just ‘Slaughterhouse’ not Joe Budden & Slaughterhouse.

    However what they’ve done here isn’t too bad. The emphasis is made on Joe Budden because it is HIS label that will be airing the show live, so it’s not actually as bad as it seems.

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  • Jhon da Analyst

    “Can’t we just all get along?”"……….

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  • Jhon da Analyst

    Tony Grand$ what up?? Sai isn’t going but do we need Jimmy Carter to step in and make peace like he did with Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat?? Of course Sadat was assassinated later….go figure

    • tony grand$

      Wuddap JDA?!

      I tell cats what, if these two dudes don’t use all this momentum building & apply it to their careers (read: Albums droppin), wow, that would be a term so over-used on this site, an “Epic Fail”.

      These niggas gettin super publicity right now. Fuck who’s winnin, I aint in it, but if it was real beef, only a fool wouldn’t capitalize. Seriously, every man on these boards has had to back down to sumn @ some point in life. It aint that hard. To back down, AND make paper, gtfoh.

      Take the battles nationwide. Niggas would buy mad tix to see them freestyle head to head, promoters could make a whole affair behind it. Some nigga out there who’s already in the industry is already peepin what I’m sayin. Watch him get paid, while I’m typing. Blah!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    TG$…..yeah, these cats should capitalize off of this shit, but what’s really going on is a bunch of fuckin Stans rooting for their “favorite”. Whoever’s music they like, that’s who they’re sayin is winning this battle. I think Joey has the lyrics, but Sai does too he just gets too personal. However, all the jail and ex-jail niggas are pullin for Saigon off dat shit alone. Like some brotherhood shit. I like Joe cause he seems “smarter”. On the real though, the only way these niggas can impress me is if they get in the ring on some UFC shit!!! Then it will be over. Fuck it, both drop an album the same day and see who sells the most or they need to put up their dickbeaters and move on with their fuckin lives………Peace

  • Rae Tha Great

    I think The Slaughter House group is a good idea because they all underground so they like fudge lets smash cats in the rap game together. The Saigon situation man thats messed up he kinda remind me of the new 50 has little problem with everybody. Saigon sweet as hell labels just didn’t know what to do with him. PEACE

  • Jamal7Mile

    Amalgam LOST!!

    EPIC FAIL!!!!!

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