After a recent altercation in New York City, Jim Jones’ lawyer Scott Leemon has confirmed with that the Dipset rapper was charged with misdemeanor assault charges today.

Leemon said that the Harlem rep voluntarily turned himself in to authorities. “He was charged with misdemeanor assault this morning,” he revealed, “Last week before the holiday I made arrangements with [the] NYPD to surrender him at 10 o’clock this morning. He was released on a desk appearance ticket.”

While Leemon would not get into any specifics about the case, MTV news reports that the Dispet Capo got into a fight with a man traveling with Ne-Yo at the 5th Avenue Louis Vuitton Store in Manhattan. The man’s identity is unconfirmed but many speculate it’s the R&B singer’s manager, who is also brother to longtime Jay-Z associate Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith. Jones’ distaste for Hov is no secret as he has publicly dissed the Brooklyn mogul countless times.

MTV was able to catch up with Jimmy to get his take on the fight. "I don't know what this is for," he said. "All I know is I was shopping. I don't know what happened. “

What he does know is that his reputation on the street puts him in an awkward position now that he's in the public eye. "Being a gangsta rapper or a 'hardcore' rapper, you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place," he continued. "It's a thin line, because there's things I've done in my career to get where I am today, and I've benefited off it. For me to make a transition and take my career to the next level, there's some things I can't obviously do anymore. What I mean by that is, you play the tough guy and put yourself into those positions, and things can happen. You end up like this, [with] a big inconvenience.

Jones is scheduled to appear in court on February 4. His major label debut, Pray for Reign is set to hit stores on February 20. - Elan Mancini with additional reporting by Jesse Gissen