Jim Jones Surrenders To Authorities For Assault, Hit W/ Misdemeanor Charges

After a recent altercation in New York City, Jim Jones’ lawyer Scott Leemon has confirmed with XXLmag.com that the Dipset rapper was charged with misdemeanor assault charges today.

Leemon said that the Harlem rep voluntarily turned himself in to authorities. “He was charged with misdemeanor assault this morning,” he revealed, “Last week before the holiday I made arrangements with [the] NYPD to surrender him at 10 o’clock this morning. He was released on a desk appearance ticket.”

While Leemon would not get into any specifics about the case, MTV news reports that the Dispet Capo got into a fight with a man traveling with Ne-Yo at the 5th Avenue Louis Vuitton Store in Manhattan. The man’s identity is unconfirmed but many speculate it’s the R&B singer’s manager, who is also brother to longtime Jay-Z associate Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith. Jones’ distaste for Hov is no secret as he has publicly dissed the Brooklyn mogul countless times.

MTV was able to catch up with Jimmy to get his take on the fight. “I don’t know what this is for,” he said. “All I know is I was shopping. I don’t know what happened. “

What he does know is that his reputation on the street puts him in an awkward position now that he’s in the public eye. “Being a gangsta rapper or a ‘hardcore’ rapper, you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place,” he continued. “It’s a thin line, because there’s things I’ve done in my career to get where I am today, and I’ve benefited off it. For me to make a transition and take my career to the next level, there’s some things I can’t obviously do anymore. What I mean by that is, you play the tough guy and put yourself into those positions, and things can happen. You end up like this, [with] a big inconvenience.

Jones is scheduled to appear in court on February 4. His major label debut, Pray for Reign is set to hit stores on February 20. – Elan Mancini with additional reporting by Jesse Gissen

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  • Tre83

    This nigga sucks so bad!! Dumb nigga with a record deal. Non rappin, fake bloodin ass, lame ass scumbag ass, accident baby ass, troutmouth ass nigga!!


      Jim Jones has been on the Crip wall since 04! I have personally used 3 cans of spray paint putting this fucchead on the wall all over South Side Watts! I remember he was eating a red cupcake to spite me I got so heated my LA Gears had went outta control! I literally smacced him so hard his gotee went into a mustach! Juelz Santana made a song betting to take him off the wall called “I can’t feel my face” That whole CD was begging Crips not to take off on him! I get a personal fee not to split his bitch as wig! I was fuccing Buccy fron Flavor of Love 2 when Jim Jones comes in talking about “Summer in Watts!” I went the fucc off after I initiated Kobe Bryant into the Crips

      • Jamal7Mile

        Yup, I feel you GUnot-Killa!! Grab his ass, tie him up and send him to Detroit in a UPS box to Trick Trick’s club with a sticker on his forehead saying “tacc me to the basement NOW!! I have 8 grand shoved up my butt, I DARE YOU rob me”

        Fly out here so you can finish him off!! The mops and 2 Gallon Sam’s Club bleach is on MY TAB!! I’ll buy the bucket too.

        I got 3 years worth of XXL mags I never read so that you can ducc tape Jim’s eyelids bacc and make him read ALL THAT SHIT, front to bacc!! AAhh THE PAIN!!

        Ummm… GUnot. Stay on XXLMag.calmdown. I was a fan of yours there but stay in your lane homie… I’m doing you a favor.

  • sealsaa

    LOL @ Red Cupcakes. Well, at least they’ll make him wash his scummy ass when he’s locked up.

  • sealsaa

    LOL @ red cupcakes. Well, at least they’ll make Jimmy wash his scummy ass while he’s locked up.

  • http://xxlmag.com yung gee

    dis nigga is fuckin retarded. he did dat shit as a publicity stunt. he probably was dusted.

  • Anti-Mainstream

    Here’s a nigga that says Nas is irrelevent! This nigga’s a one hit wonder moreless. Have fun being relevent in the belly of the beast!

  • sealsaa

    Nigga’s fighting over LV purses. Between Ne-Yo’s gay rumors, and Jimmy rock’in his nut hugging, Apple bottom’s for men, I wouldn’t doubt if this was just a highly publicized cat fight. Use ya nails girls!

  • Pierzy

    Jim Jones is a herb.

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    Jim Jones is a herb.

    funny shit. I haven’t herd someone being referred to as a herb in a minute. Good observation though.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    It was a cat fight or shoving match cause it’s a misdemeanor not a felony. Jimmy also got a desk ticket meaning he was told to not be so loud when buying his Louie V and to pay his fine.

    Even he’s acknowleges he plays a tough guy.

  • http://www.uptownempire.com Trouble

    Yeah Jim Jones looks real “gangster and hardcore” beating up a R&B cat in a Louis Vuitton store. What could be more gangsta, beating up a little girl at a ice cream stand.

    This dude used to be tolerable, now hes just aggrivating.

  • macdatruest

    They fought over the last pair of nut masher jeans and ripped up halter top. Nigga Jim Jones dress like Hannah Montana


    G-Unot Killa, you lame as fuck. And yall niggaz need to stop being dick riders, hopin that way he don’t leave a comment about you. I can tell some of yall some hoes in person.

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