While awaiting sentencing for several charges in Arizona, DMX granted his first interview behind bars since being arrested.

X opened up with Phoenix station KSAZ about many subjects including his problems with controlled substances, his religious aspirations and plans for an upcoming gospel album and TV show.

The troubled rapper, whose exploits in AZ, were chronicled in the BET reality series “DMX: Soul of a Man,” is ready to return to the small screen. “I’m gonna start a TV show while I’m in here, [called] ‘Pain and Perseverance,’” he told the news network. “It’s about how I can reach people the average person can’t reach because I’m grounded, and I’m gonna give my first sermon in the church.” [Watch Below]

X, who said he has completed recording a gospel album, believes he has found his purpose in this world. “My true calling to life, [is] to be a pastor so I’m in my bible everyday.”

While not getting into any specific details the Yonkers MC said he has been faced with many demons since moving to the West Coast. “It’s through all these hardships that I realized that you know what this is god’s country because I met the devil here,” he explained. “If I hadn’t met the devil here I wouldn’t realize I was strong enough to overcome the obstacles that devil placed in my path.”

As XXLmag.com previously reported, X is currently being held on drug, theft and animal cruelty charges after pleading guilty last month. It is believed that on his next scheduled hearing on January 30, he will be sentenced to 90 days.

Throughout 2008, the rapper’s legal troubles made headlines, including several driving and drug related arrests, which in turn lead to countless missed court appearances. – Elan Mancini