Bizzy Bone Robbed, Police Believe Anti-Gang Worker Responsible For The Crime

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony rapper Bizzy Bone was reportedly robbed last week in California.

The Los Angeles Times blog reports that the Midwest MC was assaulted and choked by several men in his Universal Hilton hotel room before getting his jewelry stolen. Authorities believe an anti-gang worker is responsible for the crime that occurred on January 5, and have already arrested the man, identified as Marlo “Bow Wow” Jones.

Jones works for Unity One – an anti-gang organization hired by the city to help keep the peace in the community. He is currently being held at the Parker Center Jail and his bail has been set at $1.1 million.

As of press time there has been no word from Bizzy. – Elan Mancini

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  • Mutada al sader the king

    Man God Bless this man,. He obviosly has mental issues, exacerabated by self medicating drug use. He loves god, but its been a tough few years for dude. I hope he gets his life together.

    I’m glad they left all ouija board and demonic stuff alone.

    • Gullee Boy

      We started this movement Jan. 3rd



  • Deez Nutz

    Isnt getting robbed by an anti-gang worker an oxymoron?


      Oh Man the old me would’ve had a ball with this one. But the new me is like I hope that Brotha finds God. Peace & blessings. One

      • dronkmunk

        Don’t you go soft on us!

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    LMAO, Another fake rapper bites the dust. I love it.

    lol @ shitty bone getting robbed by a nigga named bow wow that does community service. You can’t even write this kinda shit!

    “tell me what ya gonna do, where they ain’t no place to hide, tell me what ya gonna do”


    I just know them niggas that robbed shitty bone are going to pissed when they find out all them jewels is fake!

    • dusty boy

      Maan hol’ up!! Still hatin’!! LOL!! Yall keep hatin’. I’d be mad to if I was you playboy. Stay tru pimp.

      TEXAS STAND UP!!!!

  • marz

    know him personally…. he is a real dude, with alot of demons….

  • sealsaa

    First celebraty stick up of the new year! (or was that Soulja Boy?) Robberies left and right. Must be the economy. Never heard of this many famous people being stuck up at one time. Soulja Boy, T-Pain, Young Dro, Paris Hilton, Queen Latifah, Mayweather, Tyga, cot-damn!

  • Trickdd

    Lol Bizzy Might not be the first one on my list to rob I’m shirr he gots a little paper!!!!On some real shit man it don’t matter how much respect you got people need money and it isn’t nothing personal against rappers its just they are the ones that ware all the jewlery floss all that cash Like Gucci Mane Said they some walking licks anybody and I mean anybody can get it the fuck president isn’t even safe you think rappers are gonna be

  • ripsta

    damn, he needs to stay closer to his bone brothers. thats bizzy for ya , always fuckin around wit guys that aint really his friends. bizzy keep your head up homes, what dont kill only makes you stronger

  • DV8

    *waiting for GUK’s input*

  • niggafromemphis

    my prayers are with bizzy,that guy (like alot of us) has had a hard life and with bone coming full circle,things are getting better for him.Bottom line,we got to stay strapped and shoot these haters on site!

    • tony grand$

      There’s more to the situation than we know bcuz A) he got caught so quick, Biz must’ve known the nigga & B) his effin bail is over a million bux.

      Cats don’t catch bail like that for simple strong arm robbery. That’s some cold shit.

      I’m waitin on the details to emerge, but he better be on his knees to God right now, he was prolly supposed to get kidnapped and/or killed.

      God bless him & his family.


  • bucsormore

    first of that shit fault but real talk niggas targets specially how they think most got that pac man jones mind state. niggas be like they hood to but its different kno not sayin thats wat happend here but look at the attitud niggas carry its destined to happend like my dude said its a recession plus drugs aint flowin either hell yea them niggas look delicious to a hongrey ass nigga so i suggest niggas meaning rappers better roll thick or its gont be click click bitch give me yo shit

  • John Cauner

    He probably screamed louder than an opera, Los Angeles got cha.

  • John Cauner

    He probably screamed louder than an opera, Los Angeles gotcha.

  • Ambition-1

    I alwaysc used to like Bizzy back when you really couldn’t understand what the fuck he was talkin about. Shit sure does suck to get stuck up by an anti stick up dude. In my opinion: there’s a drought going on! Ha Ha

  • Marco317

    gettin robbed and beaten by a guy whos supposed to keep peace in the community???? one word: IRONY !!!

  • Stu

    Irony fo’sure man, thats exactly what I was gonna say. One fucked up story.

  • 32 weeks pregnant nausea

    Hey just a thought, you would probably get more readers if you interviewed controversial people for your blog.