Asher Roth Detains Terrorist In LAX

Asher Roth to the rescue. Roth’s publicist confirmed that the PA rapper was among several passengers who helped detain a man who made a bomb threat during a recent ATL to LAX flight.

Roth was reportedly on his way to Los Angeles to film an appearance on NBC’s “Last Call with Carson Daily” when the incident took place. The Los Angeles Times‘ Blog reported details on the incident.

“The unidentified man was aboard Delta Airlines Flight 110, which was approaching Los Angeles, when he got up and stated he had a bomb,”  FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller told the LA Times. “There was an altercation with multiple passengers, who ultimately subdued the man with plastic ties. At one point he tried to exit through one of the aircraft doors after the flight landed at LAX.” - Marvin Brandon

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  • Purple Kush

    Yeah boy white boy to the rescue

    • Shacky G

      We started this movement Jan. 3rd



  • J

    “I wudda helped but I had a cup of coffee in my hand” – Darryl, “Coming to America”

    • KSA1001


      Classic Movie

  • capt. obvious

    so what..he’s still white!..

  • Trickdd

    That is how we do in America now bitch if you say you have a bomb you might as well just blow the bitch up cause I no if I’m on a plain and a Terrorist says he has a bomb he gonna be getting knock the fuck out fuck all that hostage shit we either gonna get blow up are take the Terrorist out cause I ain’t falling no thirty thousand feet fuck that are flying into a building and killing more people its either you use the bomb you say you got are you getting fucked up

  • Jamal7Mile

    You gotta be kidding me…

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there is ALWAYS that one crazy mfk out there to prove you wrong.

  • UARK83

    Holy crap! This was never on the news…Any idiot making threat on an airplane these days WANTS an asswhoopin. Period. No more days of “no one try to be a hero”…you are going to get bum rushed and your teeth knocked out.

    • eaztcoast

      lmfao tru dat homie

  • BlacTyga

    How come none of this was on the news? I think this was all just a stunt to put him out there cause his lil buzz was fading.

  • Avenger XL


  • geico lizard

    Is he considered a snitch now?

    • TheRefriedMexican


    • Pierzy


  • sealsaa

    LOL @ geico lizard. Maybe by Cam’ron’s standards. You know that serial killers and terrorist have rights in his book.

  • Foothill Will

    Asher Roth did a good thing, like he’s doin for Hip Hop, he’s a good guy, money doesnt drive him, Hip Hop needs a guy like Asher, I’m a fan of his and i look forward to his Album, eh’s no Eminem but dammit, he’s good, AfterMath!!! DETOX is Comin!!!!



    If this is true, Asher is about to blog WAAAAAAAAY the fuck up.

    If not, his publicist is the shiite.

    Either way, Roth won.

    (Why did I have to post this 2wice?)

  • ruff_huff

    what else was he supposed to do offer him all the money he made doin a gangster grillz?…. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • tony grand$

    ~Roth press release~

    “To all those a**holes who wanna compare me to other caucazoid rap guys out there, I say this……Top that Marshall, I dare you! I watched “Passenger 57 like 23 times, it was nothin! Audi 5000!”


    • EReal


      Always bet on WHITE MUFUKA!

  • Eric

    damn… they done took “PUBLICITY STUNT” to a whole ‘nother level. i guess “Asher Roth gets arrested for having gun/weed at airport” just wasn’t gonna be believable.

    • Jamal7Mile


      Exactly what I started thinking, the more I thought about it.

      Shooting yourself in the chest always seemed a lil extreme to me (hey Weezy, Suge, Gotti).

      Didn’t Treach (Naughty By Nature) character stage that in one of the Soprano’s episodes?

      Plus, I’ve never seen Asher Roth rock a chain so… can’t stage a robbery (hi Fab, both of them).

      Kanye was kinda creative (I’mma show my ASS at the airport on 9/11).

      Who knows what happened? *shrugs*

  • tony grand$

    I hate (love) to be the bearer of good (bad) news, or whatever, but if its any L.A. Niggas on here, they prolly saw the clip of THAT SHIT on the news. I just did. Its real. No hoax. I’ll admit I wouldve rathered it was fake. That would just be funnier, dig? That likkle fuck really did involve himself in some supahero shit.

    Didn’t catch the full story, I’m gonna try & catch it again n a minute, but I’m sure its on google somewhere.


    • tony grand$

      Aight, just saw the broadcast. The news is creditin some 40-sumn year old white guy named Bruce Worrilow.

      I guess Ash was “one of many passengers who helped subdue the suspect…”

      Woomp, woomp, woooooooomp


      • Jamal7Mile

        Aiight Tony, but I still can’t take ya word for it. As a former journalism student (that college major SUUUCCKK!! It’s a mistake young’uns if you listening. I caint spell/type fow sheeeeit!!).

        …anyhoo, you gotta post a link or something. I’m listening to the news (uhh, local in, Detroit Ch.4, but check out OUR Rhonda Walker at this unGodly hour.. HOT!!) and I haven’t heard Asther Roth (sp) mentioned yet. I posted somethng on allhippityhop.2calm but that don’t count because classes started today and i Had a damn good reason to get drunk and type.

  • tony grand$


    ^^read prior comments for reference**

    If only I had a nickel for every inebriated cat that doubted me.

    When u sober up, reread my post prior to this one. I wrote that my local news (Fox 11 KTTV, fine ass Lauren Sanchez, Los Angeles, California, u know, the city where LAX is) credited some other gentleman in nabbing the culprit, leavin me to assume that Asher was one of many passengers who jumped into the melee, if he was even involved @ all.

    Sorry if my integrity wasn’t savvy enuff champ, but I’m not a journalism major, just a nigga who happened to be watchin the news @ 10.


    • Jamal7Mile

      Ok, I’ll re uh read when I sober up (first day of classes is a BITCH! Come on Tony G$, givva alkaholik a pass!). And yup, I’m truly inebriated but trying not to make a fool out of himself (ah fuck, too late(

      Ooops, wrong parentheseez.. dammit, how you spell them shits??

      Lauren Sanchez, I believe I can find that in a LAX news google or whatever. She that hot??? Hmm, I’ll get back to you after I check your link. I still say (without peeping Lauren yet) that Rhonda Walker (WDIV, Detroit, channel 4) stand tall against ALL!

      To the Googles, we go!

      • tony grand$

        Lmao! Cheers Mally mall….


        • Jamal7Mile

          Sorry Tony $

          Didn’t find a Lauren Sanchez… however.

          Christine Devine (nice)
          Christy Fajardo (cool)
          Christine Gonzalez (heeeey)
          Gigi (hmm… let’s see her in video)
          Liz Habib (nice – but only saw stillpic)
          Jane Yamamoto (yum)

          Sound familiar? Or am I on the wrong channel? MYFOXLA.COM is my source

      • tony grand$

        Lmao! Cheers Mally mall….



  • tony grand$

    Smh. U crazy homie.

    Idk y Sanchez wasn’t there. Ur mos defly missin sum latin flavored eye candy.

    U got the right source tho. Oh well! Until we meet again compadre…….


    • Jamal7Mile

      You too, Bro! Oh yeah…

      I’m kinda new to this site so.. why does EVERYBODY hate Bol and a lot of peeps hate Billy X Sunday? And why did SCRATCH mag fold? I bought it and loved it so what happened?

      Should I just fall back, listen, watch, read and get my answer (like other sites)?

      … or did I miss a MAJOR fuckup by one of these guys? back-posts are appreciated by this newcomer, BTW.

  • steve

    bullshit right here.

  • black

    @ sealsaa

    Where did you saw or hear that Camron said that terrorist have rights?
    Yeah i also saw that dumb remark of him about SERIAL KILLERS i didn’t hear him say nothing about no terrorist.Now i could be wrong that i missed that but if not you are a bonafide BUSH BITCH for trying to imply that by his standards terrorist have rights.Go suck on Bush dick or better yet suck on your bitchboy’s weenie Asher’s dick

  • Pingback: - » Update: Asher Roth Clarifies Role In Terrorist Foil, “I Had Nothing To Do W/ That”

    • Jamal7Mile

      Aw maaan… see, I knew it!!

  • Staged Event

    Who let people on the plane with PLASTIC TIES?
    As in those HANDCUFFS?

    Oh I just happened to have plastic Handcuffs in my POCKET on the flight for no reason at all and they let me on. So all you would be terrorists
    get your plastic ties ready to subdue people HAHAHA how retarded.

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