Yung Joc Partners With Sony For New Hip-Hop Act

Yung Joc has signed another group to his Swagg Team label, The GS Boyz, and in turn inked them a deal with new Sony hip-hop imprint Battery Records/Jive.

The GS Boyz who hail from Arlington, Texas, consist of Prince Charming, Slizz, Marc D, Decory “DK” Kenner and Soufside, They made a buzz with their single and accompanying dance “The Stanky Legg,” which garnered millions of views on YouTube independently.

“I’m pleased to announce this business venture between Them GS Boyz, Swagg Team, and Battery/Jive Records,” Joc said in a statement. “Please be advised that this act is not a one- hit wonder. The hits to come will leave other labels wondering why they didn’t sign Them GS Boyz first.”

The GS Boyz join other Swagg Team signees Hotstylz who made some noise earlier this year with their song “Lookin Boy” which also featured Joc. – Jesse Gissen

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  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    lol @ Young Joke signing the get-along-gang
    lol @ these no name niggas working under a wack ass nigga like Young Joc. I’d rather carry weed for Soulja Boy, than to sign my life away to this corny ass nigga.

    I’m now waiting for Gunot killa to come on here and tell us how he extorts money from Young Joke. The fucked up part is I would probably believe it, because Young Joke is a pussy from the GayTL


      Look @ this Homo Pic above?? I actually took the pic becuase as I was cussing out his manager over my all blue M & M request he was telling his goons shhhhhhh!!! He is shook of me!

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    GS = Girls Scouts

  • Eman

    NEgro Please alert

    “Please be advised that this act is not a one- hit wonder. The hits to come will leave other labels wondering why they didn’t sign Them GS Boyz first.”

    Ha this is coming from yung joc! I look at it like as long as music executives wanna substitute talent for cheap gimmicks the industry will never do what it can recession or not people still want sports and entertainment as a diversion but shit like this makes people more turned off then ever or atleast me,

  • A

    It’s a sad day in the music biz when this whack fool can walk some cooning ass negros into a label and get em a deal. I know some legitamate mc’s right now sparking a buzz w/that real hip-hop feel but won’t get signed b/c they’re not dancin around spittin that simple rap.

  • The_Truth


    This is why hip-hop suffers. . .the people in power have no idea what they’re doing! All they know is “what’s hot”.

    Props to Joc for making moves. . .but give me a fuckin break. When I heard ‘TAG body spray’ had a rap label, and used it’s Old Spice brand to market “Swagger”. . .I knew the game was in the shitter. Props to Killer Mike and Z-Ro, y’all make it easier to actually buy CD’s.

  • Peru (Chicago)

    How do you not hate some shit like this. Seriously I dont wanna hate, I REALLY DONT, but damn!!! Its like they have a gun to my head and yelling in my ear to HATE them or they’ll shoot! WTF am I supposed to do???

  • C-Hawk

    so the G-Spot Boyz got a deal huh? wow, I haven’t heard anything but “stanky legg”, but they are gettin’ lots of spins here in Texas… so i mean, good luck to em.


    i cant even join in the hate guys, like i usually do. until i listen to these guys music. mo power 2 em, get dat $$$$$$$$.


    … but i will say that judging by this “stanky leg” track… Joc u made a mistake!

  • Dee El

    This is not normal for me, but here goes. Dude dancing around like chicks for real. They look mad mad feminine!!

    Dee el Sends


  • brand-new

    this dude is garbage as hell, who cares!