Young Jeezy, T.I. And Ludacris Rally Voters For Georgia Senate Race

The President-elect is black but election junkies aren’t blue. The race to enhance a Democratic majority in the United States Senate lives on in Georgia, and last night Young Jeezy, Ludacris, T.I. and Kevin Liles gathered at the state Capitol to rally for Democratic candidate Jim Martin.

In the general election Martin’s Republican opponent, Saxby Chambliss, failed to cross the 50 percent threshold in the three-way race in which Libertarian candidate Allen Buckley scooped about 3 percent of the vote, thus extending the race. With their partisan effort, the rappers urged voters to hit the polls again.

“We won the battle,” Jeezy said, referring to Barack Obama’s victory in the presidential race. “Now it’s time to win the war. Vote for Jim Martin.”

Today is the last day for Georgia voters to cast their ballots in a runoff that will determine the balance of power in Washington. -Michael Cohen

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  • $hawty Reg

    That’s real good….don’t just stop because our president is black now! Keep the vibe going…

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  • FlapJack

    I love that picture.. dude looks just like Cleopatra

    • A yow

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  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Thats whassup all them republican bastards got to go

  • Mikey F Baby

    That’s why Chambliss is up by 28% right now. The first clue to knowing who NOT to vote for, is when motherfucking Jeezy shows up to endorse him.

  • Yessir

    Joe Budden’s new Halfway House mixtape is fire.

    Buddens for President.

  • 7

    Well, looks like that republican Saxby won. Once again the new macca of hip hop and blackness failed to get people off of their lazy asses and vote. I was pissed when Obama didnt win georgia and now I shake my head in disgust that even with T.I./Jeezy/Ludacris campaining for the democrat to get the voters out, he still lost. It is a harsh reminder that we will not see people around us truly change themselves and the way they live for a generation or two. The kids of today are gonna look back and wonder “with obama as president, why weren’t you doing more for yourselves” Fuck blaming white people, i’m a man and I will blame myself before anybody else. Time to grow the fuck up.

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