Former Fugees affiliate John Forté will be freed from a federal prison in New Jersey today, after serving seven years on drug charges.

As previously reported, Forté was one of sixteen people to be pardoned by President George Bush last month, due in large part to lobbying by 70’s folk singer Carly Simon – who had collaborated with the Grammy-winning rapper/producer prior to his arrest.

Forté was sentenced to 14 years back in 2001 for possession of cocaine and intent to distribute. He was caught with two briefcases containing $1.4 million worth of coke at the Newark International Airport.

Now after spending seven years behind bars, he wants to use his experiences to steer youth in the right direction. "He wants to help young kids understand they have options and help deter them from making some of the mistakes he made,” his lawyer Aarti Tandon told the New York Post.

Forté is to be freed under a five-year supervised release and must pay a $5,000 fine.-Elan Mancini