Update: DMX Found Hiding Out In Scott Storch’s Mansion

[Editor's Note: This story has been updated as more details have unfolded]

After repeated trouble with the law, Yonkers rapper DMX earned his latest non-rap related headlines after missing a court date in Arizona last Friday (12/5). As XXLmag.com reported earlier this morning, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department was offering a $5,000 reward for info leading to his arrest. And now according to TMZ the search party has been called off.

The Yonkers native was snagged by the FBI this afternoon not in New York City or AZ, but across the country in Palm Island, off of the Florida coastline. Ironically, he was found in producer Scott Storch’s mansion – another fallen hip-hop star who has been experiencing his own legal issues as of late.

“He got picked up at Scott Storch’s house this afternoon,” X’s lawyer Bradford Cohen confirmed with XXL. “I don’t know if Scott Storch was home at the time.”

“He was in rehab prior to that in Florida,” Cohen cleared up. “I don’t know when he left the rehab facility.”

The arrest is said to have gone without incident, but marks yet another day that the once prominent MC finds himself behind bars, this time in a Miami-Dade County Jail.

The rapper was reportedly tipped off by a woman who heard about the $5,000 cash reward. The warrant was issued after he missed a court date in Maricopa County for drug, identity theft and animal cruelty charges. According to Cohen, X is scheduled to appear in bond court tomorrow morning. -Adam Fleisher with additional reporting by Clover Hope

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  • TheRefriedMexican


  • TheRefriedMexican


  • anutha_level

    ….bitches ain’t SHIT

    • niggafrommemphis

      …couldn’t have said it better

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  • Jaesen K.

    X better look out for Ricky Ross while he’s in there. Might fuck up and lose his phone time.

  • venemez

    Scott- X you can hide out at my place

    DMX- Good lookin out Scott, Lets say a prayer

    5 min later

    911 operator- What’s your emergancy?

    Scott- Yo this is scott storch, DMX is hiding at my place… so that’s 5 thousand right?


    • yoprince



    damn homie. always has 2 be a fuckin money hungry ass chickenhead 2 bring a nigga down. keep ya head up X. watch out 4 ricky ross c/o ass.

  • 619

    Storch lucky X didn’t jack nothin’. He must not be used to dealin’ with crackheads.

  • problems

    I bet it was Khia broke ass…and lmao at venemez…that was hysterical…i wouldnt be surprised if he had just to stop the foreclosure on his crib with a 5g payment….damn x…wtf…went from where my dawgz at and movie roles to hiding in scott storch closet…


    haha that was a good 1. scott- so that’s 5 thousand right? tha hell is X doin hangin w/another has been n e ways

  • Nate

    Hope DMX can get things straightened out. He’s a true talent on the mic, but not in the kennel or in the car.

    Khia isn’t broke you clown. She can’t sell here but she’s made deep 6 figures to 7 figures over the last 3-4 years touring, the latter half probably exclusively overseas..

    but if she doesn’t save then you could say in 5 more years she could be broke..

  • g-unit killa

    I told yall g-unot is a bitch asssss liar

    you fuckin gook fugazi bitch nigga

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Scott must not be that broke if he can still afford the monthly mortgage on a FL mansion. That at least 20-25k a month. LOL

  • chad bro chill

    X got serious issues

  • sealsaa

    PLEASE lord, PLEASE tell me this nigga broke INTO Scott Storch’s house. That would make the situation even funnier. Although, getting arrested at a sleep over is pretty funny too…
    I hope they have a picture of DMX being dragged out of Storch’s house so that I can photo edit it, and put his ass in some footy pajama’s LOL!!!

  • tony grand$

    On the real,
    that $hit woulda mo$ defly made the weirde$t, mo$t hilariou$ epi$ode “Cop$” eva! Lmao @ 619 & venemez! $torch wa$ thinkin ‘child $upport’ & X wa$ thinkin ‘pawn $hop’.

  • Jerm

    hopefully X will make it through, i really hope…cuz Joe Arpaio wants his ass in AZ as we speak…and if u guys havent researched Joe Arpaio, look him up!!

    Cmon Earl!!! Make it through!!!

  • Jerm

    what i wanna know tho…is what do the LOX and rest of RR feel bout this?! Dogs for life (where they at)?!?!

  • yoprince

    lord knows these two cokeheads shouldn’t be hangin out.

  • Big Willie

    Had the cops got there a few minutes earlier…They would have caught Storch and X jerkin eachother off

  • amar

    wtf scott storch’s house hasn’t been foreclosed yet??


    that’s tha same thing i said when i read this shit amar. i remember a while back this wigga jew was askin 4 dough 2 keep his crib & now X is hidin out over ther. wtf. good luck X. joe arpaio is gon be on yer ass. that bastard took shaqs badge away. haha.

  • Monitor

    If only every headline could make me laugh like that haha.

  • Nino

    Snitchin’ ass muthaphuckers, STOP SNITCHING BITCHES!

  • EReal


    Scott Storch has a house?


  • latino heat

    “hoe’s make the world harder then it has to be”- dr.dre

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    tham x go to a persons house that getting everything sold because he owe a shit load of money

  • A

    X didn’t know Storch is homies w/Ross and the hip-hop poe poe!?!