After reporting that former EPMD member DJ Scratch was poking fun at the group for their new album’s poor sales, hip-hop personality Miss Info is setting the record straight that he was not reposible for the diss.

“I didn’t make or write that statement about EPMD’s record sales,” he told Info. “A fan on MySpace wrote that statement and sent it to me. I was shocked about what he wrote so I copied and pasted it and sent it to my friend Miss Info and a few other friends to show them how some people are still angry about our split. It was my fault to not explain in the email ‘Yo, look what someone wrote to me.’ It’s hard express emotion via text. So I apologize for the miscommunication to Miss Info, EPMD and the fans.”

The statement that Scratch is referring to caused an uproar amongst fans for it’s harsh sentiments. “EPMD’s 7th album We Mean Business hit the stores December 9th 2008,” it said. “Their sales in the first week was a tragic 2,726 copies according to SoundScan. So now EPMD stands for Erick and Parrish Making Diddly Squat.”

The DJ/producer made it clear that the comeback disc would have sold just as much if he was a part of it.

“If I was involved with the new EPMD album the result of the record sales would’ve been the same,” he explained. “I listened to the album. It’s better than the last two we’ve dropped. I would be crazy to think that people wouldn’t buy EPMD’s album because I left the group. I only produced one track per album (except Business As Usual where I produced four tracks). So that wouldn’t make any sense.” –Elan Mancini