Update: Akon Changes Plea In Fan Toss Case, Sentenced To Community Service

After getting caught on camera throwing a fan offstage during a concert last summer, Konvict Records singer Akon has pleaded guilty in court this morning to the subsequent harassment charges.

USA Today is reporting that in exchange for the guilty plea, the Senegalese born hip-hop hookman will not have to serve any time behind bars if he does 65 hours of community service. Along with the sentence, Kon will also have to pay a $250 fine.

As XXLmag.com previously reported, the case stems from an incident in which Kon threw a teenager into the crowd during a performance at the KFest at Fishkill, NY’s Dutchess Stadium last June. Akon originally pled not guilty earlier in the month to the charges. Now with his new plea the case will not go to trial.

Kon’s latest release Freedom debuted on the Billboard 200 last week. After his second week on the charts he has sold a total of 173,900 copies. –Elan Mancini

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  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Akon can service his community by setting up T-Pain’s auto tune on fire, taking singing lessons (I’d rather he stop singing all together), and by drinking a gallon bleech!

    Fuck Akon, that nigga looks like a character off of the Simpsons.

  • G-unit Killa

    Akon kinda gets what he deserves you ask the kid to get on stage then throw him off like fam do you know whatcha dealin with…like its just stupid…did the kid ask to be launched into the crowd…hell nah so their you go

    But 250 dollas aint nothin…make me wanna have a show and throw mufuckas off stage

  • dusty boy

    Maan Hol’ Up!! Maan Fuck Akon!!! That nigga a lame. I woulda sued the shit outta that pussy if I were that kid he threw. Im surprized he was even able to pick that foo up with his ol’ lanky ass.


    They called Konvict but aint got not 1 REAL con in the squad!!

    Pussy ass niGGaz!!!

  • Rammy

    What a fuckin ass wipe.No respect throwin a kid off stage who is there to see u perform. I’d like to throw that faggot Akon off a building.

  • Drew Taylor

    I’m so sick of Gay-kon!

  • Tony Tone

    That shit was hilarius….throwing that punk ass white boy wayyyyy back in the crowd.Kon need a medal of honor for that one. Freedom was garbage,eurotrash music,no cool