Update: DMX Still Missing, $5K Reward Offered For Info On Rapper’s Whereabouts

Just days after repeat offender DMX missed a court date in Arizona, TMZ is reporting that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office has offered a $5,000 reward for any information that may aid in the rapper’s arrest.

As XXL reported on Friday (12/8), a Maricopa Judge issued a bench warrant for the troubled rapper’s arrest after he missed yet another court date. He is facing drug, identity theft and animal cruelty charges in the state.

Sources close to X say he is currently in rehab at an undisclosed location, which could have caused him to miss the court appearance, yet when XXL spoke with the rapper’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, his whereabouts still seemed unclear. “I haven’t confirmed it but he’s allegedly in rehab, allegedly he’s been in there since December 1, so take that for what it’s worth,” Cohen shared. “I haven’t spoken to anyone from the rehab [facility].”

Once apprehended, the judge ordered that X will have to post $120,000 bond.

X has a long history of run-ins with the law. In just 2008 alone he’s been arrested on numerous drug charges and served countless driving infractions. For a completye list of DMX’s 2008 arrests, make sure to read XXL’s Dog Years feature. – Jesse Gissen

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    I have to admit I know where X is… He is in Watts on Nutty Blocc right now smoking one of my best cracc roccs! I told him I had a Pit Bull for him to look @ plus I said I wanted to challenge him in a competitive game of UNO to make sure he was lured in! As soon as he came into the door I offered him a cookie w/ white chocolete chips! But the white chocolete chips were really ROccs! He started to bark like a dogg! He said,”Break out the UNO!!” I smacced the shit outta him and told him to sit next to Plaxico Burris Who was chilling! I cooked him hot Cream of Wheat and pour it on his toe until he gave me my money he owed!


    To all the Crip hating bitches Let it be known I am going to Home Depot for Blue Christmas Decorations and I will get a fresh can of Blue Spray paint your name will fuccin be on the wall! I have to attend the BMF BBQ so I gotta go to the grocery store and get Black BBQ sauce also!

    • young jopey

      U stupid mallate,

      U have a great imagination, u should do youtube videos

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    X is sumwhere in a namibia desert hole with his bull-terries & sum hoes & that just not snitching.

  • Vicious Seiger

    WTF is wrong with DMX besides the drugs? At one time he was the hottest thing in Rap and now a decade later this dude is one step from being committed. I can’t blame is wife for divorcing this fool. Stand by your man but there is always a time when you have to say enough is enough. X’s Career is officially a wrap the most he’ll ever get after 2008 aka The Year of the Mad Dog is guest spot here and there. Somebody needs to put a foot up his ass and beat some sense back into his crackhead ass. I hope what I’m about to say won’t come to fruition but he’s racing to that “Final Destination” and I’m not talking about prison.

  • http://lasdkjf.com MARCY

    STOP HATING, dMX still best rapper alive, who’s fucking lawyer speaks gives comments to XXL, b real, addiction is a motherfucker, WALK WITH ME NOW or FLY WITH ME LATER

    • Izza

      I’m with you homie.

    • 619

      Best rapper alive? HAHAHAHAHA! You must be hittin’ the pizo too.

  • MTKilla The King


    THIS NIGGA! A FOOL!..”I offered him a cookie w/ white chocolete chips! But the white chocolete chips were really ROccs! He started to bark like a dogg! He said,”Break out the UNO!!”


  • El Tico Loco

    I just hope this doesn’t like the ODB story. SMH

  • El Tico Loco

    I just hope this doesn’t end like the ODB story, DMX ranks with the best and I’m not gonna be phony about it if something happens to him is really not funny. SMH

  • giantstepp

    X needs professional help ASAP. He is officially at rock bottom. Fcuk a rap career, this is life. Never been a real fan, but always respected dude. Turn yourself in X and get some treatment.

  • A

    X, u may not be one of the best rappers but ur definately a superstar. It’s said that u fell off, homie. I keep u in my prayers!

  • g-unit killa

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    haha. GUK. U crazy nigga. keep on spittin yer TRUE LIFE STORIES dawg.

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