Update: “(White) Rapper Show” MC Dodges The Bullet, Sentencing For Gun Charge Postponed

Persia, the aggressive Queens-bred MC from VH1’s “(White) Rapper Show,” had her sentencing date for weapons possession charges delayed.

As XXL reported yesterday (12/12), the former reality show contestant was supposed to be sentenced this morning, but the court date has since been moved up to a later date.

“By the mercy of God and through all of your support, my court date has been postponed for reasons unknown to me,” she wrote on her MySpace blog. “I want to thank everyone for everything. Your letters, your prayers and your support. We now have a little more time to get people with some influence involved in the case and argue the sentence.”

Even though she’s off the hook for now, Persia continued to plead with fans to make calls and write letters to the District Attorney in her defense.

Persia was picked up on the firearms charge two years ago in New York, which has a mandatory three and a half year sentence. She claims that her mother bought her the weapon for protection after getting out of an abusive relationship.

For all those interested in getting involved you can call D.
Holley Carnright, District Attorney of Ulster County at 845-340-3280
 or fax letters to 845-340-3185. – Jesse Gissen

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  • tony grand$

    I re-fuckin-fuse to believe that the myspace campaign actually helped her case to get postponed. The judge was prolly sick, or some real criminal shit took precedence, or sumn. She can’t possibly be that popular, can she? No hate, but damn, if that’s what happened, that has to be the equivelant of Soulja Boy usin the net to secure a spot in the hip hop world (bleech!). Wow, go girl, I guess…….

  • g-unit killa

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    haha. through all of your support, my court date has been postponed. bitch! who tha fuck gives a fuck bout this ho man 4 real. like tha fuckin d.a. gives a fuck if n e sends n some letters & who tha fuck would actually send in some letters defending this ho? wanna drive around w/a piece then deal w/tha consequences & don’t bitch.