Tru Life Responds To XXL Milk Carton, “Y’all Made It Seem Like I Was On A Park Bench”

After landing on XXL magazine’s infamous milk carton, Roc-A-Fella rapper Tru Life, has showed face, with a comical video that he posted on the net.

The video starts off with the L.E.S. rapper sitting down in front of a bowl of cereal to XXL’s November issue. Dressed in a black robe and undershirt, Tru takes a look at his face in the magazine and says, “They said I’m missing huh, OK. You know I don’t do these man,” he says lifting up the cartons of milk. I don’t do the milk, I’m lactose intolerant bro.” [Watch Below]

For the reminder of the eleven minute clip, Tru walks around a lavish crib, showing off bedroom complete with sky views, Jacuzzi bathroom, billiard table and safe filled with stacks of money.

“This is how I’m living,” he said. “Y’all thought I was missing. Y’all niggas made it seem like I was on a park bench or something, starving or something, asking a nigga for a dollar. I thought I was fucked up for a second.”

This is not the first we’ve heard from Lizzy though. Last week he appeared on the remix to Gucci Mane’s “That The Recipe,”  featuring Roc label mates Memphis Bleek and Uncle Murda. [Listen Here]

Tru was signed by Jay-Z to his Roc-A-Fella sub label, Roc La Familia in 2005. Since Jay’s departure from Def Jam, the imprint has since folded. As of press time it is unclear as to Tru’s status on Def Jam.

Tru Life is mostly known for appearance in QDIII’s poular “Beef” DVD series for his problems with Mobb Deep. He was also involved in war of words with Jim Jones and the Dipset. While never dropping an official album, he released several mixtapes including last year’s “Tru York” hosted by J-Love, as well as his regional hit, “New, New York” produced by soul sample maestro 9th Wonder. – Jesse Gissen

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  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    At least he wasn’t in his boxers telling the camera man to get a shot of the his pool.

    We all knew this nigga was never going to be nothing. He isn’t even a fucking mixtape rapper anymore. To me, he was always a cornball for beefing with nut ass Mobb Deep and the Dipshits. That ain’t no real beef . . .that’s like beefing with you little sister

  • braile

    I have to ask…how in the hell….he caked up better than some niggas with albums

    feel me like braile :.::maybe off beef royalties

    wow get money

  • EReal

    Jay is gonna be PISSED when he finds out Tru Life was wearin his robe.

    • EReal

      Dude looks like an Arab Jim Jones.

    • ron mexico

      hahahaha! 2 points!

    • that nigga




  • Mark_Man

    you need hit records to make it in this world today lol, he’s one fucked duck

  • dronkmunk

    Quit crying, n00b!

  • Rodjilius

    all this guy ever was and still is is a comedian nothin more and nothin less whether or not he really got an ass of money or not it dont matter hes still horrible

  • brand-new

    he must have had a rich uncle that just passed away

  • Peru (Chicago)

    Haha, this nigga corny as hell. He made a response video to a magazine section. You aint nothing to do, but you rich? And you spendin 15,000 a night to stay there??? Nigga buy a house!!! Haha and you cant count. Didnt think NY niggas really talked that ignorant shit. Jay Z gonna be mad as hell you in his stash house like that!!! Soundind like a Paid In Full character, you corny everday!!!

    • that nigga

      I said the same thing, this nigga math was off for a sec then I think he got It together. Not a good look when your frontin. If shit was real, nigga woulda known how much you got In his stash. I know how much Is In mine.

  • jojochicago


  • Vicious Seiger

    I never would have thought of renting a crib out and fronting all of this but HEY it had potential to be funny. Igor his manservant… almost funny. To tell the truth I would of had girl dressed in a skimpy little two piece getting the mail and walking into the kitchen where I would be dressed in the same robe with another chick cooking breakfast. And as the first girl hands me the XXL and I crack it open and [Close Up Shot of My Face] I see myself on the milk carton and ala Marcellous Wallace with squinting eyes say “Motherf@#ker!” and then say “How they gonna front on the best rapper since Skee-Lo?”


  • anutha_level

    who the fuq is this scab anyway?

  • render

    I gotta start watchin cspan more often. I had no idea that washington just approved a bailout for washed up rappers

    somebody give hell rell a heads up

    • BIGNAT

      i think you have the funniest comment

  • Mr.Undi$puted The Mogul

    I’ve been away too too long, it feels good to be back, anyway cowardly internet haters never cease to amaze me. It must be nice to talk shit when no one knows who you are. Instead of saying damn the recession isn’t hurting this dude, he living good even without an album out. you got people hating “that aint his”,”who is he?” “What has he ever done?” Does it really matter! stop hating, get your ass off the computer & grind harder. Tru is definitely a dope ass “REAL TRILL STREET” MC & if you think i’m dick riding listen to either of his last 2 mixtape’s, especially TRU-YORK! Ask any person whose opinion you trust whose heard it. In fact XXL mag gave it a XL rating when it dropped. For those that don’t know who he is ask Mobb Deep or The Bitch set(2 supposed STREET CREWS) who he is. 50 cent said it best on 106 & park, when he was asked when’s the last time he heard from Cam’run & he responded, I ain’t heard nothing from Cam since Tru-Life gave him a black eye!! (let me add in front of his (Cam’s) own bodyguard!) I hope he got his money back!!!
    Keeping Doing you TRU!!!
    Get your money, cause I’m getting mine!!!

    MOGUL GAME ’09!!!!



    AND THATS WATS UP!!!!!!!

  • truth 101

    This is a sad day. what does this have to do with you having music out . Your on the milk box cause you fell off the earth with music. Jay-z wasted alot of time and energy co-signing these guys. its a bunch of them. I rather hear bleek at least bleek first album was a banger. If you roll with Jay-z you have money this is nothing new. Go in the studio for about a year straight and dont leave. then put out your music son. ny is weak

    • twoholla

      i CO-SIGN with truth 101…please go to the studio & bang out quality albums instead of making cornball video attempting to flash money & your black robe…the little name you were able to muster up for yourself was through beefing with dudes…LONGEVITY is about being able to make SONGS not this beef crap…dudes like you make NY look bad when you focus on money & swag & perception & not on what’s really important-THE MUSIC
      …you freakin’ slimeball swagsucker…get the fucc outta wit that..

  • Nate


    IF dude had 15G’s times 7 days that means you can buy a nice house in most states. That would cover a 5 bed, 4 bath pricey house in 20 or 30 states. IF he had that much….

    He didn’t go in his boys rooms because he doesn’t want you to see the 4 or 5 dudes who all put down 400 or 500 each to rent out that place that is really about no more than say 3K a night. But he said 15K cause it sounds better- just a little exaggeration. But a rapper who hasn’t sold CD’s wouldn’t lie about his cash now , would he.

    Can’t sell CD’s. Can’t buy a house. “everyday man, I don’t own a house man, but I rent out a place at 1/5th the price I will say it costs, man. Step yo ish up man” ” I got it from putting it all on the red man, I mean black man, for all yo brothers that don’t know baccarat man, that’s how we do it in A.C. man…

    See rappers that don’t have RELIABLE income couldn’t put any money down for the nice house in this drought MAN, Fake Life can’t put 30 down on a 150K home MAN, cause he can’t afford a 120K, 30Yr at 5% interest Note MAN, because he doesn’t have good INCOME MAN or good credit, MAN….

    People who don’t waste their life posing are fools MAN, cause they don’t fake like they got it MAN, from their Bush Tax Rebate’s MAN…

    They can’t afford the NY hat, Gucci Belt, fake butler, and Frosted Flakes, MAN

    Where were all the ho’s MAN, I guess they took all the money, MAN, or you can’t afford another night of them MAN…

    That’s so sad MAN.. XXL just started a new column MAN, it’s the sighting of Fake rappers on the bottle of Andre MAN…

  • Ambition-1

    Rap is all about fantasizing these days. I’m not hating and saying that Tru Life is completely broke but lets get real about the situation. When your claim to fame is giving away free mixtapes on the internet you have not made it. When you get dropped from the JV version of Roc-A-Fella you’re not doing big things. When you feel the need to resopnd to shit you see in the tabloids about you, you must be over sensitive to the truth.

    Just because you have money doens’t mean shit. You’re a rapper who aint selling nor making anything worth while. That is a rap magazine and this is a rap website. Something Tru Life obviously isn’t doing very well these days. That’s why dude was on the milk carton. I’m sure he’s been hustlin and gettin off packs since he dropped that shitty Tru York mixtape back in January of 07 and thus he’s caked up.

    When is these rap dumb asses gonna understand that this shit aint all about money. If you play your cards right you won’t have to worry about money. Bill Gates has all the money in the world and you never see him and do you think he gives a fuck… NO!

    Tru Life is just sensitive that nobody ever gave a fuck about him. Kudos for beating up Mobb Deep and shit but you’re still a shitty ass rapper.

    Further more Luda’s latest album aint sold shit and it’s still one of the hottest things happenin. Tru Life aint never been shit, he aint shit, and he won’t ever be shit. He sounds like a female when he raps anyways. Sorry things didn’t work out better for you buddy!

  • FrankWhite

    TRU has some great lyrical content along with grimy street swag. Thats what theses Fans like going into 2009.
    But the million dollar question is…. Where does TRU make the green-backs at. How is Yo getting cash like that. No movies,No album,No rich deal.

    Was this his cash or not???

  • Trickdd

    It isn’t about selling CD’s no more it’s about doing shows and being smart with your money saving it and flipping it

  • El Tico Loco

    Dude’s lookin insecure as hell. Sad little man, real niggaz is seeing right thru. He probably cried when the camera went off. SMH

  • gutta

    wow. that was a lot of money. i aint goin to lie. im was mad impressed.


    nigga there was something wrong w/that point u was tryin 2 make. u said if u givin away mixtapes on the internet that u aint make it. well nigga wayne has em free 4 downloads & if he aint made it than who has nigga? i was also gon put cham but he been quiet 4 a minute.


    gotta recognize a REAL NIGGA when u see one.



    is dude special whats with those arm movements he was doing

  • The W, formerly known as WarriorMentality

    …LOL @ this nigga puttin’ wine in frosted flakes. we don’t believe you. you need more people.

  • Nate

    Hey Que Rollo,

    Wayne threw thousands of songs against the wall and had his Daddy Warbucks “BABY” baby his ass for 12 years before he blew up. The free mixtapes helped but Wayne already had half a dozen older albums out which sold gold here or plat here or there when every other big star was going triple plat. Wayne didn’t make it on his own- he was brought up- but he wasn’t even relevant before the Carter 2 when he started flipping his entire style. Now his rhymes don’t mean anything, he just totally changed his image like Hollywood, and he did the mixtapes BECAUSE BEFORE THAT HE WASN”T MAKING IT. So again overrated rapper of the year goes to Lil Wayne.

    Another thing about the response with how Tru Life “makes his money”- He can’t have REAL show money because he doesn’t have the album sales or history to warrant large groups of fans paying him all the money for shows. Dude can open up (for free) for big dudes shows, or headline little tiny clubs like that- but we are taking hundreds here or the occasional couple of thousands there. He only gets like rent money, and then maybe some on the side for selling something other than albums. But you can’t go hardcore at both of them, it’s one or the other. So if dude keeps bragging bout cash and can’t sell a album you know most likely it’s some other substance he’s selling.
    And I doubt it’s stock market either if dude brags about “putting it on the red” in baccarat…

  • El Tico Loco

    Milk carton said he was missing, ain’t heard of in a while, NOT BROKE! So what’s the point in doin a faux cribs episode in rental property and the money he passed around a collection hat for so he can have money to show on the video. Dude looks like he’s tryna convince himself.


    haha. c’mon Nate. u of all ppl nigga. u made my point. wayne wasn’t shit 4 yrs & then he got his hustle on & he blew up. now he gives out his mixtapes 4 free. over rated or not. tha nigga has made it. tha only thing i’m sayin nigga is that just cus a rap cat is givin out free mixtapes dont mean he aint make it. shit we all kno tru life aint shit so dont get it twisted. & we all kno Baby was ther 4 wayne & he aint make it on his own. but my nigga even tha rap heavyweight jigga was put on by jaz-o. holla!

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  • Ray

    This nigga can’t be serious he rented a hotel suite and a maybach..this nigga ain’t livin like that


    That’s not record money my NIGGZ thats crime pays money, belive u me.

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  • tito

    whats crazy is we grew up together and i dont know you anymore.. why all that p.b.g. now you in a bad place now what the fuck you tube do for you or all that camera shit.. i hope you grow and get wiser.. B.A. baller bronx N.Y.

  • Trizzle

    This nigga is in a hotel. not a condo. that shit aint his. lol

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