Timbaland Allegedly Stiffs Florist For Over $10K

A Miami Beach florist claims that hip-hop super producer Timbaland has shorted him for over $10,000 worth of Christmas decorations.

According to TMZ, The White Tulip Florist says the Virginia-bred beat maker rang up a $25,850 tab for an assortment of trees, flowers and lights but only paid $14,400 of the bill. Now he has taken his issue up with the courts, filing the legal paperwork necessary to get Timbo’s Florida mansion involved in the alleged debt.

As of press time Timbo was unavailable for comment.

In related news, Tim made headlines this summer after he got hitched to longtime girlfriend Monique Idlett in Aruba. – Elan Mancini

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  • iLL

    Who really cares bout a flower debt.

  • g-unit killa

    …..who cares

  • macdatruest

    Damn. Flowers.

  • toyn grand$

    That’s his way of puttin some “gangsta” into his “swag”. That midlife crisis must be whippin his ass right bout now. I wonder where Magoo is?…….

  • Purple Kush

    Man up and pay your bills.

    I guess Dame and Scott arent the only ones feelin the pinch

  • http://www.rapaveli.com Ambition-1

    This sounds like a case of “stupid-ass-ness.” Not on the part of Tim but on behalf of the this dumb ass florist. First off, I’m not gonna believe that Tim seriously took the time to pick out 25 Gz worth of flowers. What did he get to the cash register and say, “damn I aint got enough”? Secondly, how the fuck are you gonna put a house… better yet a mansion up against 10 dollars… I mean 10Gz. I can pay that shit. This florist dude already sounds flaky to me!


  • ruffhuff

    this is not worth reporting xxl…. this datwon sucks ass… this magazine and site all got a huge downgrade when he took over… YN was the shit and the mag was interesting a year ago… my last 9 issues have been complete garbage with like 10 minutes of actual reading material… if anyone needs to step their game up its XXL…
    reporting stupid ass stories like this is a prime example… who gives a fuck about timbaland and $10k?