Talib Kweli Clarifies Label Situation: “In No Way Have I Been Dropped,” Reunites W/ DJ Hi Tek

After rumors recently hit the net that Talib Kweli was dropped from his label Warner Bros. Records, XXLmag.com caught up with the Brooklyn rapper to set the record straight and find out when fans can expect another release from Reflection Eternal.

While Kweli released his most commercially successful album on the label – 2007’s Eardrum debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 – he said that he will no longer be working with Warner. “In no way have I been dropped, I’ve never been dropped,” he clarified for XXL. “My joint venture with WBR, Blacksmith Music, will no longer be distributed by WBR because there was not a lot of support for it in that building. We are currently choosing between deals we have for distribution somewhere else.”

The MC wanted to also make clear to fans that even though he has parted ways with the label, he is still contractually inclined to record several albums for Warner, including the highly anticipated follow up disc to 2000’s Reflection Eternal album Train of Thought with producer DJ Hi Tek. “The deals that were in place before we made this decision still stand,” he said. “WBR/Blacksmith is still owed albums from myself, Talib Kweli and Reflection Eternal, Hi Tek and I. Reflection Eternal is next on the schedule and I am currently in Cincinnati recording that album.”

Not only is Kweli in the Natti with Tek making new music but the two will also be hosting and performing at a New Year’s Eve Bash at local club Celebertie’s. The event, which will also feature DJ Eque on the ones and twos, kicks off at 9 p.m.

As of press time there is no release date for the new Reflection Eternal disc. – Jesse Gissen

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    Damn took em’ long enuff lmao. Hope they find a way to get that group MOOD on the album.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    lol @ this tree hugging pack back subway riding dusty timberland wearing ass nigga getting dropped.

    When it’s all said and done Warner Bros is gonna do him like Puff did Black Rob, G-dep, Making the Band, etc

    • that nigga

      HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You sick nigga.

  • Vicious Seiger

    Talib’s situation is no surprise. WB has no idea how to market Talib. Most likely all efforts to market him to the under 18 crowd were a waste since [I could be wrong] most of his fans are about 21 and up. If he gets dropped I don’t feel he will be in any peril since he has shown he can still move units as long as they are aimed at the right demograghic [Grown & Sex]. Still I would love to see him get a platunum plaque since he has consistently produced some of the best albums I have ever heard [Quality = Classic]. Either way he goes there are going to be pros and cons. Warner has the cash to bank roll top shelf producers and guests while the independent route usually yields decent sales to key demograghics but you lose out on making the best possible product due to budget restaints. Talib has my respect and admiration because he makes grown man music and not the constant refurbished wanna be gangsta/thug/pimp rhetoric of the moment BS.

  • http://notbadforanexslave.com Ex-Slave

    I wish Kweli the very best. Even though he deserves much better. If Hip-Hop was about anything we’d protest this maltreatment of one of our very best artists. A shame.

  • Che Guevara

    Talib is trash. He can’t and won’t move units to save his life. His voice alone is MAD annoying!!! Bring Dead Prez back!

  • http://xxlmag.com yung gee

    how is niggas gonna say talib is wack .r u fucking retarded . he 1 of the best to do it when u got jay z on his nuts. who ever think this nigga is wack need jus stop listening to hiphop oldschool or newschool period.

  • 619

    That Arms and Hammers is gonna get pushed back another year now.

  • stoneyisland

    I think being from NY has hurt a lot of MC’s because they feel pigeoned holed into making that “NYC” sound, Talib being one those Mc’s. Lupe’s Fiasco the cool was the album Talib should have dropped. I think Talib is one of the top 5 MC’s alive but until he reaches out for a different sound he will never move big units. If you read this Talib get with Nicolay or 9th wonder ASAP:)

  • http://www.rapaveli.com Ambition-1

    I think it’ll work out for the better that he severs ties with Warner Brothers. Big ass labels like that water down great hip hop like Talib Kweli. All you jackoffs on here hating on Kweli need to open your ears and learn something for a change,


  • balaramesh

    talib received one of the few legitimate co-signs from jay z many years ago. talib should have like 10 millions in sales if skills actually sold records. nevertheless, he still reaches gold with little or no airplay. i will support him regardless. he need to get that RE2 out next month.

  • oskamadison

    Talib and Tek need to get that new shit out LAST WEEK!! The one MC-one DJ/producer lane is wide open (RIP Gang Starr And Pete Rock and CL Smooth.) If they make good quality music (which shouldn’t be a problem), market it to those who would actually BUY it (ie, grown folk who still remember what the real shit’s supposed to sound like) and have realistic sales expectations, they’ll be straight.

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