Stephen Colbert Outsells Kanye West On iTunes

Kanye West might have taken out the G-Unit general 50 Cent in the hyped 07’ album sale battle but he was no match for Stephen Colbert’s “Operation Humble Kanye.” Colber apparently didn’t take too kindly to Yeezy proclaiming himself “the voice of this generation.”

With A Colbert Christmas:The Greatest Gift Of All trailing 808s and Heartbreak in iTune sales, Colbert, the Comedy Central parody pundit, recently called Ye a “sunglass display mannequin” and urged fans to cop his holiday CD.

“I have to knock Kanye West’ album from the number one spot on iTunes and replace it with A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift Of All,” Colbert revealed during a recent episode. “This is war and I’m calling for a surge. Nation buy my album on iTunes this wednesday at exactly 5 p.m. This will propel it to the number one spot and possibly crash the national power grid, but Kanye will be force to admit that I am the voice of this generation of this decade of this wednesday at 5 P.M.”

Last night Colbert declared mission accomplished in “Operation Humble Kanye” as he sat at no. 2 and 808s dropped to  no. 4 on the iTune charts. Colbert fueled the beef boasting that Al Roker declared him the real “voice of this generation,” and proceeded to invite Ye to fight on the show.-Michael Cohen

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  • DiddyBopper



      You may not know this but Stephen Colbert is a Spooktown Crip. He confronted Juelz Santana on the set of 106 & Park. He wore the red rag and Steven Colbert smacced the shit outta Jim Jones, Juelz then raises his hands and says, “Stephen please don’t fucc me the hell up!” Colbert takes his brass knucles then splits his shit to the WHITE MEAT!!!!!

      • Fuck G-Unot Killa

        Man stop fuckin lyin…Colbert been rollin wit da bloods since ’94 right after his brother got shot by a hoe ass crip!!! Fuck u nigga, on this day, December 5, 2008, I DECLARE WAR ON YOUR PUSSY AZZ!!! Imma fuck u up worse than that time I caught Wayne Brady slippin outside a club in Indiana! I slapped that nigga wit a damn kelly price cd and then stole his fuckin chain!!! Imma do da same to u G-Unot Killa, if I eva c you in Indiana, expect to get slapped wit a clothes hanger!! Go to hell nigga!!! Go to hell wit a spoon up yo ass!!! B’s UP!!!!

  • Drama

    who da hell is stephen colbert???? he sounds corny

    • cdotclay

      google him!

  • randi

    how the fuck do u not know who stephen colbert is…u must only watch BET man, u prolly dont even kno who jon stewart is

    • My Effin’ Opinion

      Jon Stewart is a running back for the Carolina Panthers … who doesn’t know that?

      (lol, i’m just fuckin’ around)

  • jim

    stephen is a comedic genius. People need to understand , this is just comedey made to look real. his show is like a bill o reilly parody.

  • ee-city

    G-unot killa, u should come up with comedy skits, a cartoon or something showing ur stories they would be funny.

  • Curtis75Black

    Stephen Colbert is such a fool. Intelligent but a damn fool. His show along with John Stewart’s is fuckin’ Hilarious !! If you never saw his show you’re completely slipping.

  • G-unit killa

    G-unot you lyin man The man on the Daily show is a blood a gave stephen colbert a job if he vowed to be the Bloodz lap dog in detroit…then He went on 106 and praised 9 tres jimmy one eye and uncle JU JU and said that he would outsell kanye in reference to Jimmy Boss Status saying that Ye tuda was a dweeb

  • latino heat

    i agree, who the fuck is dude? what makes it even worse is kanye took a “L” from a nobody.

    • mdb

      you’re a moron…go read a book


    When Stephen asked hi deejay for a celebration song, they played Kanye’s Stronger, Stephen danced and said that “the man who made that song is a musical genius”………LMAO!!!!!

    Now that’s comedic genius!!! Colbert is playing the beef-publicity-stunt in the most funny possible way!!!

  • boi-dan

    Watch Kanye get his panties in a wad and take this serious


    fo sho. he’ll come out bitchin & cryin like he always does. that’s wat he gets 4 thinkin he can put out watever shit & expect ppl 2 cop it. this shit’s funny.

  • ruff_huff

    he’ll prolly say colbert is a racist


    I cosign with the three above me. Ye will take this shit serious and call Cobert a racist. Its all in good fun, but we know bitch ass Ye will get his panites in a bunch.

    Anyways, Colbert isnt a crip or a blood. He’s a VICE LORD! I saw him in Westide Chicago with Lupe and they was wearing gold and black hoodies! Both of them ran up on Rhymefest and extorted him for $50.00 a month, a bucket of extra cripies and couple of grape sodas!

  • amfv

    Colbert took out kanye? Hell yeah, go steven.
    p.s. Colbert aint no vice lord, he’s LOS ZETAS pour vida

  • DJJ

    sorry man he ain’t no Los Zeta he’s a 3ni I saw him in a lime green bandana with some other dudes in New York. He chopped off a guy’s hand with a machete because someone ate his donuts.