Soulja Boy To Sell 35K In First Week

Looks like it’s Soulja Boy’s turn to feel the wrath of the recession. According to HitsDailyDouble, SB’s sophomore album, iSouljaBoyTellEm, is on pace to sell approximately 35,000 copies in its first week.

Meanwhile, Plies’ Da REAList, who also hit stores last week, is poised to move roughly 90k. In related news, the Atlanta-based rapper recently apologized for his explicit behavior. ” Over the past few months, I’ve had a chance to meet a lot of my fans face to face and it made me realize that I got a large fan base of kids that look up to me,” he told the Associated Press. “I have a greater responsibility to the kids that want to be like Soulja Boy (and) I need set a positive example for them.”

SB who is known for sparking a dance craze across young America with his hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” was criticized for the song’s line “Superman that hoe.” The 18-year-old rapper has also been shown urinating off a balcony and blowing his nose into a hundred dollar bill on his popular YouTube channel. -Bruce Moses

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  • gkid12345

    wow, how sad. Way less than expected, guess thats the end of his run

    • Dee

      i bet u tha only ppl who bought it were parents who dont kno any better n got it for xmas for their 10yr old daughter….

    • joe p

      wow i love how they blame it on this recession lol unreal … no its cause soldier boy sucks dick… why would anybody go buy his album when they can hear it on the radio 1,000 times a day or in every fuckin club you go to … i said a million times and ill say it a million more FUCK SOLDIER BOY !!!!!

      • 619

        Soulja Boy flops and Kanye gets caught lip syncing in the same week. HAHAHAHAHA, it appears XXL’s boy Kanyeezy got caught pulling away from the mic when he was supposed to hit the high notes during his SNL performance and somebody backstage sang those parts for him. Now people are questioning whether or not he even sings all the parts of his album. Milli Vanilli all over again. HAHAHAHA! Or maybe Jay Jizzy on that movie ‘Last Holiday’ with Gabrielle Union. Suprise, Suprise, XXL hasn’t reported on it yet. Too much Kanye dick licking.

        • tony grand$

          @ 619,
          Waddup mane. I saw that bullshit performance, & I think it was more that ur boy Ye couldn’t hit those high notes (if u can call those ‘notes’). He had some massive screens set up, & behind them were his back up singers. He pulled away bcuz he can’t carry a note & lacks actual vocal range. That nigga shouldve released a straight rock n roll album.

          That set was so bad, from the outfit, to the haircut, to his spaz ass dancin. Guys losin it faster than Richard Pryor!

  • Booberry


  • HoldTiteUK

    The pansy.

  • Spinner_H_Town

    Man, fuck Soulja Boy….I guess there are 35 000 morons across USA….U finished yo shit, SB. It’s time for real rap to come back…H Town 4 Life.


      You a bitch Imma have Z-Ro make you put on Crip Panties!

  • Gull Tha Greatest

    Thank God! Soulja Boy R.I.P.

    • Pierzy


  • g

    its got nothing to do with a recession, christmas is 4 days away. its got to do with the fact that hes fucking wack and his album isnt even worth downloading

  • Lester Diamond

    Ha ha ha….One hit wonder.

  • axl rain

    he ain t shit

  • giantstepp

    No hate for the young fella and I give the dude some props for the way he marketed his product first time out. But he is totally talentless and you cant fool the people all of the time. As stupid as we were(some of us)to listen to and buy (not me)that BS, no way that shit was gonna last. Again no hate, but it is what it is…no talent having rappers/singers/actors/artist can’t last.

    RIP Soulja Boy’s career.

  • Chris

    ahahaha. Soulja Boys career is over.

  • thechange

    Hahaha, I knew soulja boy was trash but he can make a nice beat once in awhile, but 35,000 thats a surprise cause i thought he would sell even less than that. Oh well hope people finally realize that this shit he do is not hiphop its a trend, like Dr. Dre said once you gone you don’t come back. An if soulja boy even sells that many albums that don’t mean hes a good artist just means there that many dumb fucks who are too ignorant & arrogant to see whats real HipHop.

  • HipHopFive15

    I didnt even know this dude had another album comin out. WAAAAAAACK. Probly wont even do 35k

  • The Truth

    He sold that much?

  • Macdatruest

    I fucked wit dude on a success level thing like he young, he beakin ground.But really, he a fuckin bitch for that thank the slave masters shit. So his lil ho ass can kick rocks really but I see how XXL hate on some and wait on some

  • Chris G

    Damn man. I was really rootin 4 da nigga! He still caked up tho. He cashin in. Atleast Plies did good. Same as last release. He’ll go gold in 2 months off top like he always do.

    New Music On Page!!!!

    New C.D. On Page “Words.Rhythms.And.Vibes”

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  • Mutada al sader the king

    8 million dollars later….

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    My Christmas wishes have come true.

    The fucked up part is he sold more than:

    All east coast Rappers except Gay Z and Gay Unit
    All West Coast Rappers except the Lame . . .I mean Game

    ^^ This is further proof that the south is killing Hip Hop

    The big question on everyone’s mind is when will Arab get his chance to flop?

    • 619

      What the fuck you talkin’ about. 35,000? Ice Cube moved more units week 1 independently. And did you forget about Nas album?


    I predicted he’d do at least 150k. Im absolutely happy that I was wrong. Him and Plies are garbage anyway…

  • $ ANOC $

    th@nk god d@t s!lly f@c3d bast@rd d!dn’t s3ll! i knew h!s b!tch ass w@s gon flop!!! LMAO R.I.P. Soulja Boy

  • Tre83

    I bought his album…… For my 2 year old cousin who doesn’t know any better… Dude has shown how ignorant he is in a course of 2 years and that shit finally kicked him in the ass. You cant do and say dumb shit all the time and expect people to follow you. Niggas respected his hustle, but when you go to war with Ice-T, Blow ya nose in money, Superman hoes(wait, that shit is actually funny if you get away with it), piss off balconies, it’s like, who is this fuckin idiot? Soyy homes, better luck never

    • render

      nigga, buy ya cousin a book or at least one of them speak n read jumpoffs smh

  • Tre83

    I bought his album…… For my 2 year old cousin who doesn’t know any better… Dude has shown how ignorant he is in a course of 2 years and that shit finally kicked him in the ass. You cant do and say dumb shit all the time and expect people to follow you. Niggas respected his hustle, but when you go to war with Ice-T, Blow ya nose in money, Superman hoes(wait, that shit is actually funny if you get away with it), piss off balconies, it’s like, who is this fuckin idiot? Sorry homes, better luck never

  • yung gee

    35,000 kids. guess dats wut happens when people realize u have no talent .stick 2 making video games (dat shit probably flop 2).

  • pk47 ak prince of philly

    lmfao @ 35k. he’s done, over with, fuck soulja boy. he wuz trash from da start

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    R.I.P. Soulja Boy, Eat a Di6k!!!

    Lil Wayne, you are the next!!!

    • 619

      You forgot to put your c’s in front of the K again.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    R.I.P. Soulja Boy, Eat a Di6k!!!
    R.I.P. Plies, mentally retarded!!!

    Lil Wayne, you are the next!!!

    • 619

      You’re still forgettin’ to put your c’s and k’s together.

  • $hawty Reg

    Lets not 4get his album did leak a week or two prior to his release!!

    But at the same time he took hip hop as a game and a joke. Its niggaz out here that do this shit fo real…..

    The Real CIRCLE Entertainment…..Google Us!!!

  • Trickdd

    Lol Lil Wayne is a whole different sitution then Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy started making music in what 2006-2007. Wayne started rapping in 92-93 and Wayne is still hear he outlasted a lot of rappers. Lol please don’t ever compare Wayne to Soulja Boy on some real shit That’s like comparing DMX to D4L. Niggas be happy as fuck Soulja Boy didn’t sell over fifty thousand shit is funny


    Haha. Yeah nigga. That’s like comparin G- Unot Killa 2 G- Unit Killa.That shit dont go. 1 spits real life stories & tha other 1 sounds like he N special ed. Nah but on a real note. That’s a huge ass flop. Real talk son.

  • brand-new

    a year from now no one will even remember his name, his flop is a good look for hip hop

  • cruz

    hip hop is dead

  • Clever

    Hip-Hop ain’t dead, never was, just the world is dead to Hip-Hop, the youth don’t know the roots of Hip-Hop, very uneducated. Dumb boi(Soulja Boy) is dead but, not Hip-Hop.

  • Trickdd

    I say the same thing all the time Clever we still got Nas,Jay,Dmx,Lox,Busta,Face and a lot more still rapping its just alot of these kids nowadays don’t wanna hear them they better listen to no lyric having ass Soulja Boy I guess they just don’t understand real music real Hip-Hop

  • $ykotic

    Real talk Wayne worked for that #1 spot. You don’t have to be the best for that position. Check the history. PERIOD.

    In no way or form am I a Wayne fan.

    This dude Souljah was used and abused like Hammer.

    Collipark help youngin out! LOL

    Who out there coppin’ them YUMS?

    Dude on 106 aint even want it!(Purple didnt match anyway)

    Even Hammer had a cartoon!

  • guttaman

    yall dont realize that once Xmas arrives…he will ship at least half a mill.
    he is one of the biggest hip hop artist out right now (unfortunately)

    • $ykotic

      Kids do get 2 make a Xmas list right?

      i.e. “Mom I want Souljah Bwoh’s new album…”

      People still bought albums after 9/11!!!!

      AND most of the US is snowed in!!!!


      3 releases(leaks) AND videos AND not even 50k IS BAD for dukes.

  • REAL TALK 09

    Dayum SB!….like i said be4..RIP SBZ carrer….LOL

  • 123

    Haha, I bet Ice-T is crackin’ up.

  • Spinner_H_Town

    Who u talkin to, G Unot Bitch….? I know u ain’t talkin to me… I already offered to you a fight, but u didn’t want dat, so get the fuck outta here and keep H Town outta yo mouth….U talkin ’bout Z Ro….Comparing to Spider Loc, Z Ro is da greatest rapper alive…Every H Town rapper is better than Spider Hoe….Cham,Thugga,Bun,Scarface…..I don’t wanna talk anymore. It’s too much fo yo white boy ass….

  • c_realla

    Zro is cool, but you need to put down the cough syrup if you think he the best rapper alive. LMFAO
    Scarface is a trill ass rapper though.

    But back to the reason for my post, Soulja Gurl is crap, he appeals to teenage girls and ain nothing but a ringtone rapper. Is 35000 going wood?

  • NIG


  • Cinsere


  • Cinsere

    Wait, wait, wait…


  • C-los Of Y.G.M.O.B

    I fucken hate this dude Im glad that these bubble gum rappers are getting no love now.I think he sold an extra 50k copies of his last album off dwight howards little dunk stunt he did at the All star Game last year.he only says at the most 50 words a song….If I meet this dude I would fuck that dude up and anybody trying to back him up cause anybody taking orders from soulja Boy is a bitch anyway..I’ll Take that fools chain and pocket check that pussy…..C me anyday

  • Trickdd

    Lol at the Christmas Comment What do you think people go shopping for presents on Christmas it has been a week people would have bought it already for a present any person who has common sense would have seen this coming a mile away plus I think this CD wasn’t for the kids as much as the last cause I be hearing him doing songs with Gucci and Lo and I no parents don’t want there kids listening Gucci HAHAHA!!!!!!!! A he can still make show money though and he is in the game already it’s like a game of chest his next move is gonna be real importing for his career

  • The Deal

    Even my 3 yr old sister said “soulja boy can suck 35 000 dicks”

  • J

    If Charles Hamilton sold 35K first week XXL would be all over his dick praising his hard work


  • That nigga

    I said almost the same numbers last week when the XXL staff made their predictions and they were all waaaay off. I couldnt understand how they had him sellin like 150-250,000 copies the first week? Mind boggling.

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  • gruff

    i kno this lil nigga woulda flop. that bird walk shit was wack as fuck. I hate when niggas try to duplicate shit. I embarrassed to even disclose that i downloaded the shit for my little brother. Even he said the shit is bullshit. Then i gave him a smack upside the head, made him clean my room and deleted that garbage from my computer. I also notice my computer actin up lately. Soulja boy owes me a computer!

  • stoneyisland

    Obviously this young cat is doing something right for so many grown ass men to be hating on him. I personally wont buy any of his music and I was angry as fuck with his slave master comments but the dude at least had the balls to man up and admit he was wrong. And you muthafuckas still hating on this young as 19 year old kid?? Any black man making legit money is ok in my book, all you grown ass hateful muthafuckas should get your shit together. Find something constructive to complain about like the fucked up eductaion system not some kid who obviously is a victim of the very same school system. Black folk are our own worst enemies…………….

  • Ambition-1

    The numbers don’t mean shit. EPMD’s album is cold and they’ve probably sold less than that. I am glad that i won’t have to hear too much more shit from SB though.

  • niggafrommemphis

    success can go to a niggas’ head bad.talking down on ice,speaking like he has a 10 year old i.q. from the cottonfields,thanking slave masters,showin off his wealth and just plain being ignorant that if he’s reAding this,he’s probably laughing right now,jackin off with his lil boyfriend.SB better quit buying jewlry and learn how to invest,before mr.collipark clean his ass out,if he hasn’t already.

  • REAL TALK 09

    on da real..2008 began wit Lupe being da best..and SB being the worse….man,i can’e wait fo da ’09….and fuck wit ya heard…’Ye still one of da most creative and best in music period..TIME magazine named “Love LockDown” song…they named Lil’ Wayne best album which means Wezzy wil probably win big at the ’09 Grammys…all in all..2008 was the year Hip Hp came back from the Dead!..jusi in time for a Black Preident2!…RIP SB…Dayum homey!….-to quote “Wanksta”

  • MTKilla The King


    DeAndre Ramone Way A.K.A Soulja Boy

    March 2007 – December 2008

    Here lies the most wackest “Rapper/Pop”…Artist he started out on soundclick and made the most horrible songs many people have ever heard. He got signed by MR.Milk Dud..”Colly Park”..release his first album Soulja Boy Tell Em…WACK! he sold a Million Copies…got a platinum plaque…for no reason at all..He has help destroy Hip-Hop along with a lot of other wack ass rappers too many to name. He has release his second album/WACK!…ISouljaBoyTellEm….It’s sold 35K in it’s first week…and pretty soon it will sell…40K…”Hopefully”…in it’s second week.


    My Name Is MTKilla The King And I Approve This Message.

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