Soulja Boy To Clean Up His Act, “I Need To Set A Positive Example For The Kids”

During an interview with the Associated Press, Soulja Boy apologized for using vulgar language in his music and on his popular YouTube videos.

The Atlanta based rapper, whose album iSouljaboytellem dropped on Tuesday (12/16), said he was sorry to all the parents of his fans for cussing and talking about inappropriate situations.”Over the past few months, I’ve had a chance to meet a lot of my fans face to face and it made me realize that I got a large fan base of kids that look up to me,” he told the AP. “I have a greater responsibility to the kids that want to be like Soulja Boy (and) I need set a positive example for them.”

SB who is known for sparking a dance craze across young America with his hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” was criticized for the song’s line “Superman that hoe.”  The 18-year-old rapper has also been shown urinating off a balcony and blowing his nose into a hundred dollar bill on his popular YouTube channel.

In related news, along with releasing his sophomore album earlier this week, it was revealed that the teen sensation is getting into the videogame business. He is currently in the process of developing a game for the Xbox 360. –Elan Mancini

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  • mig

    please kill yourself already you faggot.


      Look @ this Ashy lips on this pic! He took this pic after I smacced the shit outta him for being scared to play me in NBA live 95! I had Tim Hardaway off the chain on that!

      • G-UNOT KILLA

        He needs a new barber too! Look @ the crooked ass hairline!

  • RL

    Are his predicted sales projections already that low? What’s next, Sesame Street?

    • mc

      They are 30 – 35 k first week according to

  • amar

    good to see him diversifying into video games. Hopefully this means no music and a different career path for him in the future. It’ll benefit all of us. amen.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    The only thing I want to see Soulja Girl cleaning up the blood off the floor after he slices both of his wrists

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    what a sad way to sell records.

  • g-unit killa

    you know what I have to agree with g-unot killa that nigga looked fucked up…dayuuuum

    Man thats a shame…white out on glasses….genius in a sarcastic as fuck tone

    • EReal

      He got that Idea from me, when he seen his mommas glasses after I blasted on them shits like a fuckin jackson pollock.

  • Floss

    A young boy becoming a young black man and doing it legally and now respectfully and this is what you dudes come up with as a response. Fuck saying Hip Hop is dead its us. The Black Man Is DEAD !!!!!!!! Excluding that dude Amar

  • http://xxl ryan

    i got no problem wit soulja doin his grown man thing. all the people above me except floss r the reason why black people struggle in life. all he is tryin 2 do is provide 4 his family. n yall got a problem wit dat well fuck u then. i do believe obama had similar haters but i aint comparin soulja 2 obama. i bet all yall bought a wayne album n supported a fake thug. when does it become ok 2 b fake. but o well dats the world we live in live in.

    AZ “Undeniable” support my dude album.

  • FlapJack

    If he cleans up his shit those kids wont even care if Arab finally gets tired of being supermanned, and bites his dick off.

    He should focus on “Rich nigga shit”, that is hilarious

  • Rammy

    Who cares about this fuckin ass clown

  • moresickaMC

    I dont blame him really his young. The industry used him and is now dumping him. Hiphop is in a bad state..needs reformation

  • Nate

    The KILLA above paid me $20K a year to blog his announcements like he does when he sucks Spider Loc
    Hi I’m G-UNOT KILLA!!
    Unlike Tony Yayo I really DO SMACK LITTLE BOYS WHEN I PLAY THEM IN NBA LIVE 95 (when they are preteen age). I’m a “KILLA” but the only thing I smack the shit out of is my child molesting lips when I chew bubblegum (Big League Chew)I like to fantasize about smacking old men, young men, and especially little boys like “Soulja Boy”
    As a G-Unot Killa I’m the expert on whose lips are ashy and who’s are not, especially young boys. I hope that by posting how I smack men and boys, and steal their girls, extort pocket change, and travel all over the country while I hold down a janitor job in my fake hood that young female (or male) interns at the record companies will get my size 6 feet in the door and onto a record label making R&B ringtone hit songs with just a smidgen of Ja-Rule esque “KILLA” 8 bar rap screaming on the bridge. Then my grandmomma will be proud and allow me to move out of my basement. She said she will even pay the security deposit on a Barstow 1 bedroom if my first royalty payment can cover the 1st month DOWN (on my knees pymt.) I’m so excited I’m gonna creat another character now to all my fellow bloggers content. They will laugh at who I beat down ( I mean went down on)and how many ex sports stars or black entertainment individuals I reference, especially if my lame stories have metaphors. Lately I don’t even smack the shit out of others anymore. I just get off smacking myself around-it’s so much easier than taking the energy to realize one of my fantasies of hurting another human being.


      When I catch you I’m blasting on site!

  • Nate

    Back to the more important point:

    Soulja Boy is just a boy- that made a good hit.
    He can tour, but he can’t continue to gimmick his way to more hit records.

    Nothing wrong in keeping it kid friendly so long as he sticks with the script that he writes for himself. Can’t change it up in 4 years and drop the Boy from his name or act super G all of a sudden.

    “Making” video games just means he will allow himself to receive small amounts of money for the right to use his likeness. Most likely any S.B. game won’t be a hit or marketed as a top title. He better accept his 2-3 year stint of fame.


    WILL THA REAL G-UNOT KILLA PLEASE STAND UP!!! um tired of deez fake ones tryin 2 joc ur shit

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  • stoneyisland

    Obviously this young cat is doing something right for so many grown ass men to be hating on him. I personally wont buy any of his music and I was angry as fuck with his slave master comments but the dude at least had the balls to man up and admit he was wrong. And you muthafuckas still hating on this young as 19 year old kid?? Any black man making legit money is ok in my book, all you grown ass hateful muthafuckas should get your shit together. Find something constructive to complain about like the fucked up eductaion system not some kid who obviously is a victim of the very same school system. Black folk are our own worst enemies…………….

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  • Anon

    Lying sack of shit, put some fucking clothes on and stop making shitty music kid.

  • ShingoEX

    Well, it didn’t take long for him to go back to “fuck, shit, nigger, ho” etc, proving he can’t even keep a fucking promise to his fans.

    What a tool.