Soulja Boy Vs. Charles Hamilton, Rappers Exchange Words Over The Net

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy hit the net to address comments made by up-and-coming rapper and member of XXL’s “Freshman 10,” Charles Hamilton.

In a recent interview with Shade 45 the new Interscope signee had some choice words for the “Crank That” rapper.

“Yeah, alright. [Soulja Boy's] a smart kid, he used the online marketing thing, whatever whatever,” Hamilton said. “He had like a billion views on YouTube. Had a bunch of MySpace friends. He’s smart for using the business. What the fuck does that have to do with him ruining the opportunity of people such as Corey Gunz, Mickey Factz, Kid Cudi to be accepted in the mainstream?! I really don’t wanna hear it, honestly. And I’m not trying play Soulja Boy, but chill. It’s because of Soulja Boy that my day-to-day–the way I live, the Sonic the Hedgehog shit that’s dead real to me is considered a joke.”

Soulja Boy wasted no time to respond to Hamilton’s comments. While on his tour bus he filmed a short video explaining why he feels the Harlem rapper may have issues with him.

“I don’t even know why I’m addressing this, nah this is why I’m addressing this, this doesn’t just goes out to Charles Hamilton the sonic man, not just him, this goes out to all the rappers out there,” he said. “You’ve been grinding so hard, blahzay blahazy, you’re getting into your record label meetings and all you hear is Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy. Goddamn. Soulja Boy got 4 million views on YouTube. Soulja Boy just did this, Soulja Boy just did that, and in the back of your head you like fuck Soulja Boy.”

Yet not all of SB’s rebuttal was that friendly. He had some harsh advice for anyone who was interested in working with Hamilton.

“You gonna have to go to the drawing board right,” he advised. “You know get out the magic marker, X out the Sonic and you might just wanna fuck with Mario.”- Jesse Gissen

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  • g-unit killa

    soulja boy and g-unot killa are gay

  • Enlightened

    If you watch all of the comments in the videos, and see the way Soulja boy handled it, he wins.

    People will get on here and say, “Charles Hamilton will kill him lyrically.”
    It doesn’t matter. C.H. sounds like an idiot for saying Soulja Boy is the reason that he’s not taken seriously and Soulja Boy probably has a point – it is coming from the label.

    C.H. is the one that points out that they are on the same label. Who the hell else would compare those two?

    The reality of the matter is – I’ve NEVER EVER EVER heard a Charles Hamilton song, EVER. Except in the Bangers section of XXL. I’ve never heard the nigga’s name mentioned on radio, video or whatever.

    Does that mean he’s trash? No.

    That means his beef should be with his label. Stop blaming the next man for your problems.

    • tony grand$

      Co $ign Enlightened….
      My wife & my $on each own a copy of that nigga$ fir$t album, & we all live in the $ame house! Gettin on my nerve$ “$uperman”-in thru the damn hou$e. Charle$ $hould’ve u$ed “$onic” or $umn, Anthony already did the ‘Hamilton’ thing.

      • amar

        lol your wife owns her own copy too? that’s hilarious

        • Streets Is Watchin

          Naw its kinda sad. Big ups to Solja Boy for gettin his bread right, but from a musical stand point its just 1+1=2 rap. The most basic of the basic. All this dude got to do to shut true hip hop junky fans (like myself) up is do somethin lyrically that 3rd graders can’t do. Flat out.



  • Dice

    Soulja Boy “Fucks with himself”

  • chad bro chill

    soulja boy is a thorn in my side he is the cancer to my lungs why wont he die

  • TheRefriedMexican


    • Streets Is Watchin



  • Bryant K. Oden

    Wow! You know Soulja Boy was right. You gotta take personal responsibility for your success business wise, music wise etc…

    My advice to Charles Hamilton is focus on yourself.

    My advice to Soulja Boy step your rap game up.

    Bryant K. Oden
    A&R Consultant
    B.K.O. Management

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  • Skuws

    Here’s the thing right, Soulja Boy is an Entertainer and Charles Ham.. is a Rapper so why is this such big deal. Honestly I dont like Soulja boy but that shit dont matter one bit cuz he is still getting his papper. Charles Ham.. just keep doing your thang man.

  • nibs

    Charles Hamilton is an actual musician, soulja boy is a fuck
    go get that pink lavalamp and dont watch soulja boy’s clown ass video

  • Car.Ki.Whi.Ja.

    souljah boy kilt it shawty!
    that niggah went HAM on this sonic ‘cartoon character’.. who the fuck is this guy anyway??
    just like who is this clown bryant k. oden who is his own a&r consultant for his own make believe company!
    my advice to you is step your business game up because you know damn well you would kill to be souljah boys a&r consultant.
    now i’m done.. yuuuuullllleeeee!!

  • HipHopFive15

    Please. Please. Can someone tell Souljah Boy to stick a dick in his mouth so i dont gotta hear him talk that bullshit anymore. Dude is a fuckin FAGGOT. I would really like to see a true hip hop fan buy his album. Hamilton shouldnt even mess with him, hes wastin his time, we already know souljah bitch can talk about him like that.

  • HipHopFive15

    my bad. I meant souljah boy cant talk bout him like that.

  • MARK

    hey soulja boy is a hustler! he knows he sucks. Its not about HIP HOP for him. itabout SURVIVAL. dis nigga is smart he aint goin nowhere for a while. Personally i think he’s the wackest thing since vanilla ice. But i respect his hustle. Even if someone disses him its not gonna make a difference, WHY? because he’s FUCKIN RICH! thats jus tha reality of it. I don’t think niggas should blame S.B for their shortcomings..if u aint sellin or gettin a buzz or gettin any kind of promotion maybe YOU should look in the mirror. Dont try to blame the economy or limewire either. cus in 2008 lil wayne sold 1.2 MILLION COPIES FIRST WEEK OUT. mind u this is 2008. So i dont wanna hear da shit nomore. GET OFF HIS DICK AND TRY A DIFFERENT ROUTE TO YOUR SUCCESS!!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    On December 9th, 2008, Charles Hamilton
    (aka Sonic the Hedgehog) committed suicide.R.I.P.

    “Fu6k Soulja Boy, Eat a Di6k,
    and now Mother-F, you are eighteen!”

  • tactownsfinestq

    soulja boy is gay…but charles hamilton is even more gay now…see everyone knows what to expect from soulja boy…hes BEEN out…he was on before you…so how the FUCK IS HE THE REASON YOU STILL AINT On? soulja boy is gonna have a real career like say a bow wow….and charles hamilton will probably have a real career like saigon, tru life, crooked eye, or royce…hmmm business wise of course soulja boy wins…charles stay in your lane and tuck your dick and put your backpack on…maybe you should do whats “poppin” now…

  • twoholla

    I Co-Sign to Enlightened, Bryant K.,& Mark’s & Tony Grand$ comments…at first it was just me feeling a certain way after researching & looking into this ‘beef’…in this one…i gotta give it to Soulja Boy on this one…yes Charles Hamilton is a way better emcee but it just sounds like record label hoopla, jealousy, & haterism…to be honest with you…that sonic hedgehog sh#$ sounds HELLA CORNY anyway…as a good emcee you need to come up with something BETTER to try & make yourself more marketable to Interscope…plus if you don’t come up any BIG HIT singles in say the next 12-15 months…believe me…you’ll be yet another emcee signed to Interscope…whose project never sees the light of day…so instead of hating on Soulja Boy…you need to get to WORK BOY & make a quick, clever HIT if you ever want your album to ever come out…

  • Shawty J

    I’ll probably never enjoy one of Soulja Boy’s slow bus raps, but the honest to God truth is he has a point. I mean what kinda weak nigga shit is that to blame your own failures on someone else.
    I’m not sure what Charles Hamilton has been smoking on to think people don’t want to hear him and his Sonic The Hedgehog style because of Soulja Boy, it’s probably because he’s making himself sound like a joke by rapping about a played out video game character. I mean I used to like Sonic myself, but I wasn’t tryna write raps about him.
    If Charles Hamilton wants to get ahead he should make some moves and build up a fanbase. He shouldn’t be going in on some one hit wonder that no one will remember in a couple of years.

    • tony grand$

      This dude Ham just walked into the County Jail and bombed on the small retarded guy that wears glasses, & expects niggas to respect him. Gtfoh!
      It doesn’t take much to out rap SB, but niggas can’t hate on his fans, his exposure, or his marketing scheme. If Charlie H. is the decent mc that I’ve heard he is, let him kick, push, coast his way into the industry like evry other nigga did. That Kanye hissy fit shit is gettin annoying.
      “Well, if Soulja Boy would just stop rappin, then maybe they’ll listen to me! Its not fair! Ill roll up into a ball, and knock all this shit down! I’m so sincerrr! Word to Sega! Its my turn!!!”

      I hope for his sake that he gives us a reason to remember him for more than just being Sonic the Whinehog. Bcuz right now, that’s all I’m focused on.

  • Monitor

    Can people stop fucking saying that Soulja Boy has this marketing shit down. Get the fuck outta here. His shit was lightning in a bottle aka lucky as fuck. He put his song out on myspace and it just struck a chord and got huge.

    And man, why do hip-hop fans give a fuck if artists are making money or not? When people are like, don’t knock the hustle and shit like that? Why the fuck do you care if someone else is making money? Man, if the music sucks, it sucks. The main problem with rap now adays is that.

    And Charles Hamilton is okay…real inconsistent on his songs though. Some are great and some are awful.

    • BIGNAT

      thanks you made the most major point

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    December 9th, 2008, Charles Hamilton,
    aka Sonic the Hedgehog, committed suicide. R.I.P.

    “Fu6k Soulja Boy, eat a Di6k!,
    and now Mother-F, you are eighteen.”

  • Cinsere

    If I’ve realized one thing in the past 15 years of hip hop, it’s that everything happens in cycles. The “Soulja Boy” cycle sucks, yes, but it won’t be around forever, and in fact, I’d say it’s almost over. I mean, seriously, what has Soulja Boy done lately that’s had any impact whatsoever. Meanwhile, you got Kanye becoming more and more “hipster”, which means that if it weren’t for his rise in popularity, all these “hipster” rappers wouldn’t even have a blog to bitch on. I mean, they would, but nobody would care, and XXL certainly wouldn’t be covering this shit. Dog Hog, 5 years ago niggaz would be laughing you back into your Urban Outfitters sanctuary. But now you have a lane because it was created for you. So don’t get mad that you have to grind so hard, when you have more opportunities and platforms now than you did 5 years ago. Lame-ass.

  • truth101

    yo S.B is funny as hell!!!!!! C.H just killed himself with that sonic shit. make your own up not no Sega Master System Shit. This is the east that why your look like a joke. Cory Gunz is One hit away for being that dude. This Video was Classic

  • Mutada al sader the king

    I agree with everyone that S/B won.. But why the fuck is anyone saying that HAM is a “dope MC”???? Did I miss something ? He’s probably a XXL staff writers cousin and like Enlightened said this is the only outlet I see him on. And the 4-5 songs that I’ve suffered through have been trash. He aint no better than the average myspace rapper, wanting respect and praise because he aint selling dope and piling up the bodies in every song. Its like…”Hey since I wear tight jeans, make 90′s video game references and don’t sell dope in my rymes”.,”You should all respect me and love my music”… No fuckers HAM is just as ass as S/B

  • El Tico Loco

    I don’t get why he tryin to big up Sonic like that anyway, if he catches that break he desperately needs, Sega gonna sue his ass and he’ll be back on square one. And SBT ain’t going nowhere, not because his new single is hot, or because we just anticipating his new LP, but because his name is everybody’s mouth. Believe me if you ignore it will go away.

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  • kenny

    i cawl it swagger museeek . dude cant speak english . CH sounds like a bitch tho . why does he still talk about sonic ? fuck pathetic


    i just wanted to point out he starts the video it’s your boy Soulja Boy tell em is that his whole rap name.

  • bucsormore

    Fuck Soija boy he ass as fuck fuck that its new he makes party music or he dont make music for me thas cause that shit garb u mean to tell me he can get heard but my nig gunz cant get no play i can respect he business mind but fuck his career for real i cant believe niggas like khalid and them i cant be caught with dude in my video or nothing rappers gay as fuck these days y everybody so in love thats y i like 50 still fuck that nigga album its not mine certain niggas shouldnt even like each other