Man Involved In B.I.G. Murder Case Denied New Trial

Waymond “Suave” Anderson, the man known for his shady claims surrounding the death of The Notorious B.I.G., is back in the news again after an L.A. judge denied his bid to overturn his own separate murder case.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Anderson tried to have his verdict reversed yesterday (12/10), in order to obtain a new trial in a 1993 arson murder that he is currently serving life in prison for. The inmate claimed he couldn’t have been responsible for the crime because he was in Mississippi at the time. The judge on the other hand called his alibi “entirely unbeilievable.”

“This court finds it totally incredible that the defendant would not be able to state that he was in Mississippi . . . when he was interviewed by the police after being arrested,” the judge wrote. “Besides his obvious bias and motive to lie now, he is an admitted perjurer.”

Anderson, who was an admitted drug dealer and user, was convicted in 1997 for killing a man after he didn’t pay a drug debt by setting a known crackhouse on fire.

Despite his career in the 80s as an R&B singer, Anderson is more known in the hip-hop community for his involvement in murder case of slain rapper Biggie Smalls.

In 2007 Anderson went on the record saying that LAPD officer David Mack was responsible for the death of the rapper. But during a deposition in a case that Biggie’s family had against the city of L.A. he withdrew the claim. Then over the summer he implicated Mack once again for B.I.G.’s murder along with former LAPD officer Rafael Perez, saying that the reason he recanted his claim last year was because former Death Row mogul Suge Knight was sending him death threats. – Jesse Gissen

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