Lil Wayne Scores 8 Grammy Nominations

Time for Lil Wayne to add a few trophies to his resume. The New Orleans rapper leads this year’s Grammy pack with eight nominations.

Weezy was nominated for Song of the Year, Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Solo Performance, Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group and Album of the Year where he’ll be competing against Ne-Yo, Coldplay, Radiohead and Robert Plant and Alisson Kraus. The Best Rap Album field will pit Tha Carter III against T.I.’s The Paper Trail, Jay-Z’s American Gangster, Nas’ Untitled and Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool.

Ohter multiple nominees included Kanye West and Jay-Z  with six nods apiece, Lupe Fiasco with four nominations and T.I., Andre 3000 and Nas with two nods each. Flo Rida, Big Boi and Snoop Dogg were also nominated. -Bruce Moses

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  • Mutada al sader the king

    Good for him, he worked his ass off the last 2-3 years. Grammys really dont have to do with how good the music is its more about how popular now a days. In that sense I hope the boy wins them all.


      It’s on as soon as this bitch sets foot out or LAX! He is a beating walking! Thats on the Set Cuz. Did you see what happened when my Hoover niggaz got a hold of his entourage?! its on tape and 40 Glocc & Spider Loc were the commanders of this shit. I kicced the tire then Baby stucc his tounge out @ me I went the fucc off! I was the one who pressed play when 50 recorded the Buck conversation! My finger was ready to press that button on that hoe nigga, I wanna take his gold teeth and by me 143 more Blue Rags for my Blocc I’d give them out @ Kelly park! Just in case you didn’t know I get paid Big Paper 20k to blog for the Spooktown, Kelly Park, Duce 9 Allies, Fronthood, ECG-UNIT, Grape St Crips! I’m also the spray paint holder whenever the OG’z want to use it for wall purposes. I’m also Taxi for Jail Homecoming Crips!

  • datboyfrank

    Props to everybody that got nominated. Hop hop is takin over. North Miami in this bitch once again! Shout out to the whole south Florida.

  • SofaKing

    Damn did i miss something? Was C3 that good? it was kidna weak to me. but he is winning a lot.

  • john

    Lil wayne is the most overrated rapper in game who doesn’t deserve these awards. There are more talented artist to chose from.

  • Drama

    how did carter 3 get nominated but Carter 2 didnt? C2 was so much better…its prolly jus cuz he sold more, which is dumb. i hope lupe win best rap album tho, he deserve dat shit, The Cool was classic

    • YouRconsciencE

      Food & Liquor >>>>> The Cool

      • NAWLEDGE

        You right. Food & Liquor was slightly better than The Cool.

        But The Cool >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Carter III

  • $hawty Reg

    Score one for the whole 5-0-4……Good look for New Orleans!!

    The Real CIRCLE Entertainment…….Google Us!

  • Mutada al sader the king

    I just said it dummy’s, the grammy’s DO NOT REWARD how good music is MOST of the time. Its how POPULAR and omnipresent the artist and thier project was in a given year. In the past.. The 80′s and 70′s it was more about how good the music was. Now they give them away like candy. I mean Beyonce has 10…does she REALLY deserve 10 grammys ? That for some to decide because wether music is “good” is subjective.

    Give the boy props.

  • DV8

    It just goes to show the Grammy’s dont listen to hiphop and actually take in the material. The HipHop nominations in the Grammy’s is just a popularity contest. The Roots, Tech9ine, and Nas albums where all great albums and there are a few others but I cant think of names right now.

  • Hate Hate and More Hate

    Lil Wayne is a shoe in to win the Grammy for the most gayest rapper

    • Speak Correctly

      If u gunna hate, at least be correct…u cant be the most gayest, u dumb ass.

  • Ambition-1

    I think that Nas had a great album but grammy’s are all about how the audience feels and theres no denying that Wayne put in more work and made more fans than anybody since 2004. No I’m not a big Wayne fan, I can just really appreciate his marketing strategy.

  • phil

    wayne win….and they lose…

  • ito

    ya weezy haters funny.. cuz ya claim he aint that nice… that he aint that talented… that there are many other betta rappers… but where they at? where they been at past couple years?? aint no body makin noise.. niggas is wak.. weezy dat nigga.. even if he fell off a bit wit dedication 3 and drought 6… he deserve all those nominations.. and he should win most of em..

    • D-Block

      hahaha look at this faggot, turn off the radio, thats where they at. only people that like weezy now where im from is 12 year old girls lmao u faggot

  • REAL TALK 08

    Weezy truly did prove Rap could sell and go very POP and mainstream..wit dat siad he probably should get Album Of the Year;however, I like seeing Lupe Fiasco getting his just due…Best Rap Album of 2008 is “Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool”..incredibly creative just what Hip hop needed in the ’08!…”The Carter 3″ was Wayne’s best crossover album…I hope Kanye and Jeezy gets best Rap colabo for “Put On”…2008 was a great year in Hip Hop My Fave Five were…

    2.Kanye West
    5.Lil’ Wayne…..

    • REAL TALK 08

      also..Lil Wayne will win about 4..esp. Best Rap Song…I know “Lollipop” should get sumthin’..dat and “A Milli” were Monster hits for him!……

  • Stoh

    Album of the year? Are u fucking kidding? Lupe Or T.I. better win.

  • jiggauk

    G unot killa fo life straight up south coast uk bra much love!!! South coast bethlehem crips

  • Trickdd has the new Emenem song go listen

  • NessA

    Oh My God..!!! How did Carter 3 get 8 noms.???
    Someone answer the question..
    First off.C3 wasnt even that good
    T.I. should have 8 Noms.
    Paper Trail wayyyyyy Better Than C3 anyday.

  • Ace the Asshole

    I’m fucking pissed. I’m well aware how Wayne got the nominations, I mean the shit aint the fucking XXL awards, or The hip hop listeners choice awards, so his popularity was really his ticket in. Understanble, but man, fuck that. I didn’t think C3 was that great. I gave it a few spins, then I went back to C2 and the first Drought. I’m not (intentionally) hating, in fact, somebody pat this jerk on the back, he deserves it, he’s done good for himself, but I just don’t get it. Does he even know how to play the guitar? How a dude openly gangbang (………), then pretend to play stix in Kid Rock’s band at the country music awards? Tf? “Misunderstood” is right. How can you be the best rapper alive with a guitar over ya shoulder trying to convince people you are from outer space while attempting to fuck a lady cop after calling another grown man “Daddy”? Maybe if I were a 13 year old bicurious hermaphrodite with partial hearing loss, I could transcend with him into this odd rocknrap fusion. Good luck to him, but I think this is where I get off (no Enrique Iglasias).





      I’ve been saying this SAME shit for the past 8 months now.


    Paper trail my dick, it had a few hot songs, it aint a classic listen all the way through over and over album like C3, can TI make the grammys he might have to testify again

  • A-Beatz of WTNRRADIO.COM

    Well, ya gotta admit it. Wayne has really come up. I mean regardless of wether you love’em or hate’em (and people have definite feelings about him) you got to give him that much. He is talented…in some ways. I think his turning point was definitely the verse in “We Takin Over” I remember freezing dead in my tracks and sayin “WOW! That is powerful!” He just took off after that.

    Listen to my interview with TALIB KWELI on JUST CLICK ON THE TURNTABLE ICON AND SELECT “The Dig’em Show”. NOW PLAYING!


  • Mo

    I think its cool Wayne got so many noms, I agree with any coments above this one but heres how I see it, its hiphop karma. Lil wayne was very underrated at one time while he was utting in work and more time into his craft thatn anyone else out there so it was only a matter of time that he makes an album tat might not be the hootest thing has ever donebut he deserves these nominations on the favt he wwas overlooked b4 thats just how it goes the same thing happens in sports awards and movie awards. Most times the artist arent judged on the material they are suppose to be judged on but its the way it is and Im a huge wayne fan but c3 had some weak points but then again i love banging some of those trax. and just to throw this in papertrails was a horrible album i could barely make it through listeningto a bootleg copy that a friend had

  • REAL TALK 08

    Since i ruffle sum feathers let me be more clear…”Album Of The Year”id not have any other Rap artist nominated..dats why i said “The Carter 3″ should win in dat catagory…,but in the “Best Rap Album” catagory….”Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool” is my pick…it should’ve been nominated in the “Album Of The Year” catagory instead of dat big lip sissy Ne-Yo’s “The Year Of The Gentlemen”…but dats the grammys for ya….Lupe hands down is my fave..but Weezy did sale A Milli in one week…so,he should get dat album of the year shyt,hopefully not NE-Yo..LOL

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