Kanye West Tops Billboard, Ludacris Comes In 5th

Hip-hop is back atop of the Billboard charts where it belongs this week.

Despite facing stiff competition from Taylor Swift and Guns N’ Roses, Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak debuts at No. 1- selling 451,395 units according to Nielsen’s Soundscan. The CD marks West’s third consecutive No.1 album.

Meanwhile, Ludacris is looking for another platinum plaque with the release of Theater Of The Mind. Coming in at No. 5, Luda sells 214, 126 in his first week.

With “Live Your Life” and “Whatever You Like” still sitting charting well, T.I.’s continues to put up solid numbers. In its 9th week, The Paper Trail scans 74, 792 CDs- bringing its grand total to 1, 303, 834 units sold.

Fresh off being crowned the Hook Man G.O.A.T by Akon, T-Pain is slowly moving towards a third consecutive gold plaque. This week, the Nappy Boy moves 48, 679 copies. Thr33 Ringz has sold 278, 318 CDs to date. -Marvin Brandon

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  • sacky

    i guess kanye flopped then! if 50 sells 700k 1st week for curtis n flops, kanye just flopped even harder!

    • EReal

      CO SIGN!!!!!!!!

      These hypocrites are shameless haters.

      They’ll make all kindsa pussy excuses for this pussy ass lame flopping. Its even christmas time!

      and I dont wanna hear no bullshit sbout “Sales Climate”

      Wayne did a mil first week.

      808s a weedplate.

    • MC

      Yall are fools.
      Almost going GOLD first week is not considered a flop

      • http://bones_42@hotmail.com Doobie42

        Shit… going gold period is not considered a flop

      • drox

        nobody’s sayin goin gold is a flop but goin gold wit ye standards is a FLOP… no matter what excuses u got it’s still a flop same wit curtis (700k first week). That’s what people expect and set the standards. But what really hit me is how the fuck luda dont got decent numbers?? I def think he’s album is good but damn

    • ATL = All Trannies Live

      No idiots.

      TOS was a flop!!!!! Not Curtis.

    • http://xxlmag.com ya boy

      yo son 50 never flop, what you fall to realize is that 50 did almost 700k the first week, but two second week he did anthoer 400k. The total for the curtis album is 4.5 mill. so how in the hell he flop. kanye only sold 2.5mill. if you don’t believe me google it. so people need to stop thinking 50 fall off. he bigger then any rapper in the states.

    • Mr. Fly as a Pelican

      Uhhh. Why the fuck did this fucker say hip hop is back on top where it belongs? Has he listened to the album? It is on some synth bullshit, Ye barely even rhymes. This is in no form hip hop. It is a decent album if you can stomach (no homo) all the synth. It is a different direction for Kanye, but in no way should be labeled hip hop.

  • Hate Hate and More Hate

    lol @ Kangay’s Flop. Damn homie last you came out you sold double. And don’t blame it on the recession. Next time you spend more time crying at award shows instead of on your wack ass CD. Nobody wants to hear songs about your mothers killer titts

    And wack ass Ludacris must feel like shit being out sold by a flaming homo and getting less promo too. It’s over for you too my nigga. You better stick to doing movies like Will Smith

    • http://xxlmag j da b stuy reppa

      I’m not crazy about the album from kanye either but how is this a flop? He outsold Guns and Roses! U not gonna do 800,000 out the gate on every album and considering the climate and what people knew he was gonna do this album those are some good numbers. I don’t know who buys T-Pain’s record but whatever. lol.


      LOL if KanGay rapped he’d sold 900k or a mil again. Dumb nigga he pussy anyway that’s why I’d let the streets divide him if he ever come on Southside Compton nutty blocc. Ask Game about me G-UNOT KILLA!!!



    • eazt

      dude… ur life is one miserable pile of ish, straight up. how do u consider this a flop when he’s #1 over GNR and how u gonna make funna his dead mom ???







    • http://ig400@gmail.com IG

      u a suckaduck ass nigga nigga mama gone sucka nigga nigga.

  • yungmo25

    his album aint a flop..what other hip-hop artist pushed 450K+ this year..or last year besides 50 and Kanye and Lil Wayne??

    i told myself i wasn’t gonna buy dis bullshit but i did..and da album is growing on me

    da shit is iight..its different..dats y ppl still buyin his shit..and keep in mind who da majority of da ppl who buyin his albums are…it aint us..especially this time

    • Laron

      T.I. pushed 568K in his first week

    • http://www.geocities.com Nate


    • knowledgable

      Jay-Z pushed 600k+ with American Gangster last year, that’s who

      this album is a flop… with Kanye’s standards he should at least pushed 600k.. had he rapped, he probably would’ve pushed 900k+ again

      • MC

        ignorant ^^^^

  • Rockcity

    That shit about Ye’s mom wasn’t funny bitch!

    I did not get the album but I do respect Ye for doing what he wanted to do as oppose to what others think, he just need to stop acting like a spoiled bitch and grow the fuck up. I will get the luda album tho. . . one day lol.

  • ee-city

    The album is different but it is growing on me, you leave that joint on while you doing whatever you do around ur crib and i guarantee you will find urself singing along to some of them tracks.
    He still gon go plat off of this album.

    Get that Scarface album, real talk between that cd cover.

    Ludacris’ joint is just alright to me, nothing crazy, nothing that i rewinded like 5 times like when i normally like an album.

  • jvdagrandest

    how da fuck did he flop yall muthafuckas fail to realize only reason him and 50 sold so much the 1st week last yr is becuz of dat publicity stunt of them puttin they albums out on the same day da man went a lil under gold the 1st week and takin note on how he switched his style up with da autotune shit i didnt expect him to sell dat much 1st week but no doubt he will go platinum

  • Vicious Seiger

    Who is really shocked that Kanye outsold Guns N Roses? First, everybody knows this is not the original GNR Line Up [There's No GNR without Slash] Second the albums is 17 years too late for anyone to really give a damn. Third, it’s Kanye… amerikas favorite whiny, temper tantrum throwing MC, this man could make an album of himself blowing his nose over hot beats and his drones will buy it and many who will probably still don’t know he not RAPPING on this album. I’m just stumped how much less Luda sold? Maybe it’s the lack of a dynamite single or that Luda’s fans & Chris Brown’s Fans are not always one and the same [Was anyone not annoyed by that collabo?]


    The article is about Hip Hop topping the charts and winning the number 1 spot but you niggas is hatin cuz he aint do double the numbers from his last drop. WOW !! I hope you dudes realize that your all a period stain on a fat dic bitch boxers. Fuck outta here with that …..JUNGLES !!


      Jungles huh?? Put up some contact info u slob ass bitch! 3557 Grape St PLEASE GOOGLE THIS ECG-UNIT CRIPPIN GANGSTA!

  • Yay Area

    You kidding me? E-40′s new album didn’t move any?

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Vicious Seiger

    Got it right, ALL OF GnR’s album leaked YEARS before last Tuesday, Axel Rose is ass without Slash and the album is TRASH. Of course Kan-gay is going to do his numbers.

    I tried, to like the album. I REALLY tried to like it .But with the exception of “Say you Will” “Heartless”, “Coldest Winter” and…and NOTHING the KAN-GAY album is super trash.

    I’m glad it sold, at least all the REAL writters and REAL ghost producers who actually put this monstrosity together can get a few checks.

    Luda flopped for 2 reasons. No “Beak out” single and too little promotion. He still did OK.

  • Peru (Chicago)

    Ok niggas I’m from Chicago and Im willing to support any artist out the Chi that has any kind of reasonable talent. Yes, even Kanye, but I just wanna point out how hypocritical niggas are. He sold 450,000 in his first week…THATS A FUCKIN FLOP!!! He out sold GNR cuz them crackas aint made an album in 20 fuckin years!!! For those that keep sayin he is doin something different…WHAT THE FUCK IS DIFFERENT??? He is using autotune, the same shit EVERYBODY else is doing!!! He is singing bout some bitch that left him and his momma, the same thing EVERY R&B nigga does!!! Stop sugar coating shit cuz thats why the industry is diabetic now!!! Its a fuckin flop like every other album put out in the last two years. Dare I say even Wayne didnt do the numbers he should have with as much promo and features the nigga had he should be diamond by now…BE REAL NIGGAS!!! I even bought the Album…its fuckin weak. Even the production on it is subpar as shit!!!

    • Tom

      @ Peru from Chicago! Im tired of ppl using the term “CRACKER”, thats a racist term @ Caucasians, which is what I am..Soo f*ck off u Nigger, Spic,Chink or w.e u are! Best believe if a person calls me a cracker then Im goin 2 call them a racist term what makes it ok for some Black ppl 2 do this but then get pissed when “NIGGER” is used, its called “HYPOCRACY” dumbasses nd best believe Im from BK,NY Im Italian but I dnt play dat shyt, they think cuz some whites are puss they can get away wit it but Ill straight knock u da f out nd stomp out ur face cuz there are plenty of whites dat are wayy tougher than blacks real tlk..Wats good 4 da goose is good 4 da gander nd if its not then we can fight Im jus sick of this crap, dnt think u can use fear as an effective tactic 2 get away with callin a white dude a term but then say we “RACISTS”! HA if so then so are u…HOLLA HATERZ

    • YouRconsciencE

      Lil Wayne should be diamond now………..RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. Confessions just went diamond!!!


      Well said Peru, whats so innovative and different bout being trendy and doing what everyone else does. Just cuz that mothafucker dont know how to match his clothes dont make him a fashion mogul…He still aint the best talent out the Chi!!!

  • house

    TI sold over 550,000. Kanye flopped and his album is trash.

  • KillaCam


    Ye knows what he’s doing.

  • El Tico Loco

    If Kanye doesn’t feel he flopped he lowered his standards. And Luda album was cool but I lost respect for 9th Wonder on the last track the one with Spike Lee and Common, because he took and MF Doom track off ‘Special Herbs vol 9′ to be exact for Ludacris’ album, didn’t add anything to it or anything but no credit to Doom, the only thing he probably did different was pay for the sample.

  • blank

    450,00 is a flop damn so whut ur life lookin like i bet u cant even put anything out and sell 100 copy dont hate the man hes doin his thing making bread and we hating cus we aint gettin a slice

  • Dave Street

    LOL! Ludacris posted Plies numbers. Who Da Realist? LOL! 451k on a holiday week it good shit. Last thing anyone goes shopping for on Black Friday is CD’s. You can see dees nuts if you get me an album for Christmas, real talk.

  • youngkidd

    he sold more than jim jones and his m.o.b 17,000

  • JDizzel3000

    LMAO how do you go gold your first week have the number 1 record in the counrty and get called a flop?? wow only on xxlmag.com baby

    • MC

      Cosign ^^^^^

      XXL has more haters than any website.

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    Haven’t heard Kanye’s album, but I bought Luda’s album. It’s was worth the money, real hip hop, street music, radio hits,etc. He did his thang with this album.

  • Anti-Mainstream

    Where’s E-40′s Ball Street journal album? That shit’s hot!

  • Platinum Gillion

    If this album was a rap album it would have sound like 650,000 units or more first week, but he did something no other artist had the Balls to do that is be creative. The sales were down because people were skeptic about buying something like this. He still the best rapper behind Jay and Em. Nas like two chain links a head of him. PS WTF happened to Weezy he is falling out and he’s getting a pass Dedication 3 is the biggest musical disappointment in the last year

  • 808′s&ShitBreaks

    how can ya’ll consider this shit a flop? almost 500K in the 1st week.. Wayne did “a milli” in the 1st week off of hype.. Kanye ain’t even really hype his shit like that n’ still got it. And Luda didn’t flop either, cuz sales trends would show that the #2 on the charts on down to 10 haven’t been that good this year. Luda doin 240+ is nice as hell for hip hop and the music industry in general.

  • Intelekt

    Kanye’s album was tight. Ludacris’ was tight. Nuff said. As for 50, we’ll see how much he sells first week, whenever his album comes out. Let’s see how many pushbacks and singles it takes this time lol

    And don’t y’all fools forget, Nas’ Illmatic took YEARS to even go platinum, and that shit is classic. But hey, talk numbers all you want. Of course I hope good music sells well cause it deserves to and the artists should be able to make a decent living doing what they do, but I’m most concerned about quality.

  • http://www.myspace.com/ndotc N DOT C

    There’s more comments for Sales Week News Stories than actual songs, and album reviews. WTF does it matter to people if an artist sells or not? How much money is going to the fans pockets? Bottom line do you like the music or not? Or do you need sales numbers to help you out with your decision.

    N DOT C


  • Trickdd

    HipHopDX.com has the new Emenem song go listen

  • REAL TALK 08

    man..’Ye “808z and Heartbreaks” is goingh to bang wel in2 2009!…dat “See U in My Nightmares” joint wit Weezy iz sick….i dig most of the whole album!….Luda is good,but he peeked wit “Chicken N Beer”….the thing dat fucked Luda up was when he signed Chingy…neeed i say more…Ching A Ling was a jinx…Luda carrer been on the down swing ever since!…”Ye deserved to be #1 by far..its my fave album 0f 2009 until “LupEND” drops…