Jim Jones Denied Entrance At Roots Show

The hip-hop police apparently still keeps tabs on Jim Jones. Dipset’s capo was slated to make an appearance at the Roots’ “Okayplayer Holiday Jammy” at New York City’s B.B. Kings Blues Club last night (12/18), but was denied entrance by the venue’s security.

A recent YouTube clip pictures an agitated Jones and his entourage surrounded by B.B. Kings security and several police officers. The clip shows Jones yelling at security while being removed from the premises.

“You made it worse, you dick head,” Jones shouted at one security guard before pulling out his camera phone. “I got you on my radar. Let me get a picture of this fat bastard. Let me make you safe. Don’t touch me.  Don’t touch me, you pussy!”

Jones was likely on hand to reciprocate the love he received from the Roots’ Questlove. The funky drummer recently predicted that Jones will be 2009′s biggest star in a DJ Semtex interview. -Marvin Brandon

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    like damn was jim invited….did he pay fa tickets….was…say his enemies there….

    • joe p

      goood im glad he didnt get it … hes an idiot .. dirty fuckin basterd … how his music get plays is beyond me … not even a rapper in my book … hip-hop/fashion artist …. all the money he has and still looks like he lives on the fuckin corner of the street

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Wow Jim Jones is not as big a star he thinks he is.

    If Jay Z came thru he would have the red carpet rolled out. If 50 Cent showed up…red carpet. If Slick Rick came thru…red carpet. If Brad Pitt came to the show…red carpet.

    Jim Jones comes up with a broke Dame Dash and he get’s the boot. Bye fly high chump.

    Having a hit record don’t make you N.Y. royalty. What makes it worse is he was invited. lol for real.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Jim is a dirty , street pan handler ass nigga.


    The ONLY NY RAP that gets any play on the radio in Cali right now is that horrid song “Pop Champaign” with Ron Browns.

    So since you father Jay-z cant get it popping after releasing new joints.

    50-Cent aint getting no play out here, unless its a throw back and they play “In da club”

    Fabulous fell the fuck off

    And absolutely none of the so called “mix tape rappers from NY” That are proclaiming they’ll “bring NY back” are doing shit.

    You fuckers need to pay some respect to you new father Jim Jones. He’s the only one doing ANYTHING from NY right now which is sad !

    • CHEAA

      I’m started to get pissed with your constant hate on everything!

      Get a life man.

      Make a good comment or don’t make one at all. It’s not cool to hate!

      The articles about Jim Jones but you had to thow in Jay-Z, 50, and Fab jus cuz you love to hate!!!

  • sealsaa

    He was probably wearing those nut-hugger jeans, and they figured that if his thighs scrapped together, he’d start a fire. Or maybe it was a “no shower, no service” policy that he violated.

  • mdb

    is this dude ever not blunted? fix your damn cornrows jim they look messy as shit

  • tony grand$

    ?uestlove predicted JimJam Jonesy to be the biggest star of 2009? Tf? Is he planning on assasinatin Obama, or becoming the worlds second “pregnant” man?

    Without a publicity stunt of epic proporions (this incident is nowhere near what it’ll take), I don’t see this dude makin too much more noise, ever. & imo, he should be grateful that anyone listened to his ignant ass this year.

    Wow, I’m listeneng to the wrong music.

    Look close @ the footage, there’s a sign on the wall that reads: “NO SKILLS, NO SERVICE”


    hahahaa they told him he was to dirty to come in

  • EReal

    LOL! “Ugh Ni99a, you smell!!”

    What did he mean by “you made it worse?” lol.

    This is hilariuos.

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Holy crap I hate Jim Joke.

  • escobar9300

    Man I like Jim Jones for all the wrong reasons lol This dude is hilarious because he is such a fool. Every time I see Jimmy I laugh, “Birdgang baby bawwwwlin!!” lmfao get the fuck outta here jones

  • http://xxlmag.com yung gee

    who da fuck wants a tight jean, swagga jackin, bitch ass nigga at they show. the roots, black thought n malib b shouldn’t even fuck wit dat hip pop head. dats why cam don’t even fuck wit em.

  • http://xxlmag.com Philly215

    jim jones needs to be denied from hiphop tht niggas sorry

  • http://www.diamondsport.ning.com FrankWhite

    Jim might not be a super star celebrity but Joesph Jones has that mighty green Paper!!!
    Jimmy says he owns Max B. Bought his publishing for 90,000 and bailed Max outta jail!!

    fuk that shawty sold his sole.

  • jbird

    jimmy done fell off
    without max and stacks he wouldn’t be well off
    don’t forget my man cam
    jenny his fan
    more like what i call a stan
    jimmy “don’t fuck wit my stereo” jones
    dont stack up then get broke down like styrophome

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    I wonder what Cam has to say about all this.

  • balaramesh

    @Mutada al sader the king , you are back to being a dumbass. they barely play cali music in cali. of course they would not play any ny music.