Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige Accused Of Jacking For Beats

Two New Jersey men have sued Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige and super producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins for allegedly stealing their music.

According to TMZ, Jermaine Jumpp and Michael C. Adams believe that Jerkins’ beat for Blige’s single “Enough Cryin’” off her 2005 album The Breakthrough, sounds too similar to their song “On My Grind.” The duo claim they submitted a CD with a copy of their song to Jerkins’ office years ago.

As of press time it is unclear what Jay-Z’s role is in the lawsuit. Most recently he teamed with Blige for the hugely successful “Heart Of The City Tour,” which ended in April.- Elan Mancini

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  • that nigga

    Wow, Jay Z name and “Jackin” once again In the same sentence again.

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      ^^^ Co-sign, I wonder if Joe the Camel ever got his check.

      But this is not MJB and Gay Z’s fault. I blame the 2 no name niggas from New Jersey (aka New York’s toilet) for trusting a nigga who’s last name is Jerkins. His name is fucked up on so many levels that it isn’t funny. (kind of like the name Dick Butkus)

      Just look at Rodney’s last name, since he’s not known for jerking his dick, my guess would be he known for jerkin something else. And he’s also in the music industry, so you already know the deal. Good luck on the law suit tho . . .

    • http://xxlmag j da b stuy reppa

      Do dudes like u come on this web site just to hate on Jay? The main culprits are Rodney Jerkins and Mary J who probably didn’t even kno Jerkins stole the track. This shit happens everyday so I believe it. Copyright ya shit!!!! Jay’s name was obviously thrown in to get more publicity for the lawsuit. It not even his song.

      • A

        You can’t copywrite a beat..

        • http://xxlmag j da b stuy reppa

          Says who? Enlighten me. If you use someone beat without permission they could sue you. Ask Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz.

  • http://www.rapaveli.com Ambition-1

    Jermaine Jumpp and Michael C. Adams, I don’t beleive you. And so what if they did. They took something that you made and made it worth money. Get over it. I wonder if they had that shit registered and all!


  • sb

    jay z wrote the rap for mary

  • Arcey

    Those dudes are SDN’s – seriously how you gon, produce a track “years ago” prior to 2005, then sue in 2008
    It’s not even like this was no. 1 single or anything, they shoulda took the lost, have their attorneys talk with Darkchild’s people (that is if they have solid proof of their claim)
    and avoid being, possibly, blackballed in the industry

  • g-unit killa

    them niggas probrably booty anyway and ain’t gonna make it…..BOO

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Yo, u J. Jerkin’ niggas??!! What’s up? U see the chain down to the kicks nigga. Jerkin you nigga. I’ll rape your publishin, anybody u sign I’ma rape them too……………..Courtesy of LOX

  • http://twitter jackie