Former “(White) Rapper Show” MC Facing Jail Time

“(White) Rapper Show” contestant Persia has been convicted on a gun possession charge in New York and has taken to her MySpace page to ask her fans to plead in her defense.

Persia, known for her stint as the aggressive female MC on VH1’s “ego trip’s (White Rapper) show,” wants her fans to write to the District Attorney before she gets sentenced tomorrow (12/12).

“I am appealing to my fans and asking everyone to write letters to the D.A. in hopes that he will reconsider the 3 1/2 yr sentence,” she wrote in a December 5th post. “I am due in for sentencing on Dec 12th and every letter will help.”

As Persia, born Rachel Mucerino, explains it on her blog, she was involved in an abusive relationship, and her mother bought her a firearm for protection.

“I was stalked and threatened for months, as was my family,
my mom had a heart attack due to this man,” Persia wrote. “I went into hiding but honestly who can live like that?
My mom bought a gun so that i could get from my front door to my car with being attacked or even killed.”

Authorities caught the Queens, NY native with the gun when they pulled her over 2 years ago.

Persia, who has a 6-month old daughter, says she is currently in the process of inking her first record deal.

For all those interested in getting involved you can call D.
Holley Carnright, District Attorney of Ulster County at 845-340-3280
 or fax letters to 845-340-3185. – Jesse Gissen

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  • Hate Hate and More Hate

    From TI to Prodigy to Remy Man, these fake ass wannabe thug ass rappers crack me the fuck up. In the booth your this super gangsta but when they live out there rhymes and get prision time they turn pussy!! I hope they throw the book at her. At least that will be one less fat ass pasty white bitch that I’ll have to look at. And one less wack ass rapper we will have running loose.

    If the number of fan letters the District Attorney receives will dictate her prision sentence, then her fat ass will be locked up for life, because she has no fans!!!

  • Peru (Chicago)

    Haha, got another one GNK. Its so funny how people still think he is being serious after all this time. If hate is the new love then Fuck You GNK, you are hilarious, although this one wasnt all that funny.

    • DV8

      thats what im yellin. these e-thugs think he be serious and dont realize hes just clownin.

      G-Unot Killa’s statements are just entertainment. All Fiction. Grow a sense of humor or die.

      • tony grand$

        @ DV8,
        Dude, I feel u, but I hope u don’t think anyone is readin that COMMON SENSE u just typed. I just get kinda ticked bcuz I kno now when I see G-UNOT KILLA that half of the fuckin posts r gonna be either his anti-fans, or some queers tellin him how he’s not real, & what they r gonna do to him when they see him. I give up. He leaves his email add, wish they’d use it & save space for real bloggin.

  • t.c.

    Actually prodigy took his charge like a man. he didn’t bitch or complain. but honestly how hard is it for that bitch to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon? she didn’t have any felony charges, or is new york one of the few states where they don’t even have permits to carry?

    • tony grand$

      Damn, first niggas turn myspace into the ultimate marketing tool, now we got mufuckas usin that shit to help their legal situations. Tf? I’ve never heard of this broad, but fa real, are letters from a bunch of computer geeks that don’t even know her personally gonna make that much of a diff? Seriously doubt it. @ least in a couple yrs, she’ll really have some shit to write about.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    @ bitch ass TC

    Prodigy took his punishment like a little bitch. Everytime he was supposed to turn himself in he had a fucking doctors note

    • niggafrommemphis

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