Doug E. Fresh Facing Foreclosure, Owes Over $3.5 Mil

Doug E. Fresh, the self proclaimed “world’s greatest entertainer,” is the latest rapper to make headlines for his financial woes.

The New York Post reports that because of unpaid mortgages that total close to $3.5 million, the “human beat box” has been hit with foreclosure actions on all three of his Harlem homes. According to a foreclosure suit filed in New York City in August, Fresh fell behind in payments upwards of $1.73 million.

Yet his financial problems don’t end there. The rapper turned celebrity event host, owes over $40,000 in state taxes, which has lead the IRS to tack on an additional $367,000 tax lien onto the bill. The father of five, also has an American Express credit card debt of nearly $60,000.

Fresh isn’t the only hip-hop personality that has been in the news for his economic problems. Ex Roc-A-Fella big, Dame Dash, has been in and out of the papers over the last year, most recently for falling behind on mortgage payments on two of his Manhattan homes. Super producer Scott Storch has also famously made headlines for his debts. The one time go-to musician for stars ranging from Beyonce to Dr. Dre owes over half-a-million dollars in back property tax and is facing child support and paternity suits in Florida. – Jesse Gissen

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  • Mojo

    Jay should bail him out. Ain’t that much for him, he’d be payin’ back to the foundation and quietly stickin’ it to Dame.

  • T.O. REP

    Maybe he should stop giving his money to that cult he’s involved in.

  • ri067953

    It’s called living beyond your means people. If your average income cannot support your lifestyle and your going $60,000 into credit card debit, you have no one to blame but yourself.

  • Curtis75Black

    And ya’ll wonder why emcee’s do movies, television, commercials and what not. It’s to keep dough in their pocket. A emcee who owns their catalog can have their music played for a commercial and get paid everytime it’s aired. Movies if sucessful keep money in their pocket if their music stalls. We ain’t trying to stay or go back the the slums especially if you know how it feels to be out. I hope everything works out for the legend.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    LMAO @ dumb ass rappers. It’s bad enough you can barely rap, but the fact that you can’t balance a fucking check book makes you as usless as bitch that doesn’t suck dick.

    I don’t feel sorry for this nigga. Fuck him and his 5 niglets!!!

    He better get to juckin & jivin on a McDonalds commercial. Than again there’s always UPS

    • that nigga


  • 239allday

    He’s not alone regarding those foreclosures. T-boz’s house is up next

  • Mark_Man

    All that ballin aint good lol, live safe not flashy cus the recession has no favorites lol, everybody’s a victim

  • FrankWhite

    Hip Hop is a culture and the rich should help the poor.
    There is no telling what could come from lending a helping parachute. Those who are rich today might possible have foreclosure issues in the future.
    Doug E, Storch, Dame could on top the money stacks by then and give back.

    The world works in mysteries ways -
    As we all know
    BUT get caught up in the fast lane and forget to speak to those who pass by us.


    hey doug file chapter 13 just like trump did in the 80s and take a time out. then sell one of the homes………..