Whoo Kid is preparing to launch his own website on Christmas Day. XXLmag.com caught up with the official G-Unit DJ to talk about his new venture, RadioPlanet.tv, how it differs from crew leader 50 Cent’s site and how the project came into play.

Whoo Kid said his inspiration behind the project was sparked by the relationships he forged with celebrities through his Sirius Satelite radio show on Shade 45.

“My radio show on Sirius, a lot of Hollywood stars request my show, rather then me getting booked,” he said. “So as I get requests I get more personal with them. I do their parties. I travel. So I told myself let me bring my ideas to the table and use them as a good resource to show them what they know about hip-hop. There’s a lot of people out there, you’d be surprised, Nicole Kidman, she likes hip-hop. People don’t know that, they think she listens to techno. But no they like hip-hop and they have their own different views and you can watch them on video wildin’ out.”

As for how his site differs from ThisIs50.com, Whoo Kid says his site focuses more on comedy and Hollywood. “I’m in my own world,” he explained. “I created just an entertainment site where it’s just ridiculously famous people, hilarious comedy [and] everyone is getting dissed - that’s probably the only equal thing.”

While Whoo Kid will be featuring 50, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks on RadioPlanet, he wants readers to know there will be almost no restrictions on who else will be included. “I’m calling out my G-Unit crew on there but everyone thinks I’m just G-Unit,” he said. “I’m more of a neutral guy. Like I’m not gonna have Ja Rule or Fat Joe up there but everyone else is cool.”

RadioPlanet.tv is being backed by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and a famous sports figure that prefers to remain nameless.

In related news fellow G-Unit member Tony Yayo will also be offering fans something for the holidays, by releasing his new mixtape “Bloody Xmas.” Members of ThisIs50 can download the disc for free on the site starting today. The CD, which includes twelve new songs, features Yayo holding a chainsaw and the decapitated heads of G-Unit rivals Fat Joe, Irv Gotti and Young Buck on the cover –Elan Mancini with additional reporting by Carl Chery