DJ Scratch On EPMD Flop, “EPMD Stands For Erick & Parrish Making Diddly Squat”

[Update: DJ Scratch Denies Dissing EPMD, Clarifies SoundScan Slight]

As reported earlier this week, EPMD failed to make it into the Billboard 200 with their comeback album, We Mean Business. Former member DJ Scratch has his own theory about how the group’s disappointing numbers.

In a response posted on hip-hop personality Miss Info’s website, Scratch puts his feelings about the Long Island duo out in the open. “As the world knows, EPMD decided to record a new album without DJ Scratch and they also toured all summer without him,” he told Info. “This desperate but tragic decision by EPMD totally disgusted loyal fans, radio, club and battle DJs around the world. Fans from around the world are outraged shouting.. ‘EPMD without DJ Scratch is like RUN-D.M.C. without Jam Master Jay.’”

The DJ/producer, known for manning the decks for Jay-Z and Diddy as well as crafting hits for Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J and DMX, pulled no punches. “EPMD’s 7th album We Mean Business hit the stores December 9th 2008,” Scratch said. “Their sales in the first week was a tragic 2,726 copies according to Soundscan. So now EPMD stands for Erick and Parrish Making Diddly Squat.”

“Rappers remember,” he continued. “DJ’s run this shit.
You make it and we break it!
 If you shit on one of the Greatest Hip Hop DJs of All Time what do you think will happen?”

Scratch just wrapped up the 2K Sports Bounce tour with Q-Tip and The Cool Kids. – Elan Mancini

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  • “The Party Killa”

    “Rappers remember,” he continued. “DJ’s run this shit.
You make it and we break it!
If you shit on one of the Greatest Hip Hop DJ’s Of All Time what do you think will happen?”

    ^^^Lil Wayne didnt get that memo!!

  • Phil

    Damn. And I’m a fan of both—DJ Scratch is one of my top producers and EPMD was my blueprint for getting business-minded about music—but cats kept telling me that “something was missing” with the new EPMD material. That’s all I kept hearing: “it’s cool, but something’s not there.” Yeah, DJ Scratch’s production or co-production on the album. I’ll still peep the record out of my loyalty to the EPMD brand and catalog, but I won’t expect a whole lot…even though I had to admit that Parrish was ripping down a lot of the songs I heard. Sad situation for those two, though, but nuff respect to Scratch regardless!

  • Ivan

    Anyone who was expecting big SoundScan numbers is either delusional or retarded.

    EPMD’s new album is a solid 3.5/4 star effort. Scratch needs to chill with the hate.

  • Curtis75Black

    Rampage – Remember that Beat ? Dj Scratch produced that Funky shit and EPMD as well as Uncle L Blazed that shit. But that beat along with the scratches was Beautifully done !! I always give props to real DJs. Premo, Scratch, Bobcat, Grand Master Flash, Biz Markie, Jazzy Jeff, Kid Kapri, Cut Creator and of course Jam Master Jay. No love loss between the 3, hopefully they can squash the BS.

  • El Tico Loco

    I didn’t know Scratch wasn’t on it damn. Scratch been doin it lately why shit on the Ace up your sleeve?

    BTW EPMD is from Long Island not Queens get your facts right.

  • UARK

    Their album wasn’t listed on iTunes the first week…I know because I looked for it. It was on this week though.

  • El Tico Loco

    Don’t front you just corrected it

  • Ambition-1

    I don’t know too much about the entire history of EPMD but I’m here to tell you that DJ Scratch had nothing to do with the album’s lack of sales. In a year when the top selling album has only sold 2.7 million it’s obviously something going on outside of the artists control. Think about it this way. Everyone I know has Tha Carter 3 but nobody I know actually bought it.

  • Sozzay

    Maybe the album flopped because it isn’t in every store. I was in two different Best Buys and the joint wasn’t in either. How can they expect EPMD fans to buy the disc if it isn’t in the stores?

  • TheRefriedMexican



    • 619

      The joint with Skyzoo, ‘Left 4 Dead’ is fire.

  • miles archer

    I love Scratch, but to think that the album isn’t selling is some sort of boycott for him not being involved with it is LOL ridiculous.

    I didn’t even know the fucking thing came out until a couple days ago.

    Not that I was expecting any radio play… that would be difficult to achieve without Khaled’s dumb ass shouting on ya record…

    but damn, who the fuck is in charge of marketing at whatever label these brothers are signed to?????
    I heard a few joints from the album and it sounds like EPMD, just like it’s sposed to.

    I’m starting to question if I even give a shit anymore. This games rigged, man.

  • tony grand$

    I’m a Erick & Parrish fan from the jump (“Stricly Business”). These cats started the trend of a single theme in all ur album titles. Now with that said, this is the only album I didn’t run out to buy. I’m even talkin bout “Out of Business”, their supposed finale.

    The basic reason for the lackluster sells is that rap fans & hip hop heads r two totally diff machines. Rap fans enjoy whatevers hot right now. Period. & “right now”, in todays music arena-rap wise,isnt very long. There’s always new fish floppin around MTV/BET/any radio playlist countrywide. Hip hop heads r die hard loyalists, like rock n roll heads. They breathe that shit. Those r the mufucks that make the pioneers & theegends who/what they r.

    EPMD r mos defly pioneers on several levels, & deserve every part of that title. But, on a more realistic note, without marketing & heavily rotated singles or even guerilla-style grassroots campaigning today, ur dead in the water. This was a young mans sport, shifted to the older crowd awhile back, now its back to the kiddies. Parents of todays youth were bumpin EPMD when they were their kids’ age. Sad fact. I don’t doubt the quality, but look @ it like this, Nature Boy Ric Flair retired from wrestling. U do the math.

    & as a true fan of their entire catalogue, I can strongly say I’ve never once referred to the group as “EPMD and DJ Scratch”. Guy (aint the niggas name George Spivey?), find some records to scratch on, & get over urself, douche nozzle. You sir, while very good @ ur job, r by far NOT comparable to Jam Master Jay.

  • Pierzy

    So, Scratch thinks that if he were a part of the project EPMD would’ve gone gold first week? It’s not 1989. The album is hott but it’s a different world, both musically and in general…

  • dolo

    Scratch smokin some dumb shyt for real.. he wasnt even on the first album . i like scratch but i dont think him not being there is the reason for the sales being bad .. its 2008 and these kids dont even know who EPMD is ..

  • oskamadison

    As much as I respect Scratch as a real live DJ and what he has contributed to EPMD, I think he’s exaggerating the effect of his absence on this album just a little. They’re on an independent label now, Fontana Entertainment or some shit. Think about this: Redman, Ghostface and The Roots are all Def Jam artists with gold fan bases. Red Gone Wild, The Big Doe Rehab and Rising Down, respectively, all bricked. The most surprising of the three is Red, who was the most consistent seller. My point: even if EPMD were still on Def Jam, in this market, the results would have been either the same or only slightly better. Finally, again, as much as I respect Scratch, when I heard the album on YouTube, I wasn’t even thinking about Scratch not being on it. Truth be told, I forgot all about Scratch not being in the group anymore until I saw this article. The only thing I was thinking as I was listening was “this is what the fuck I need right now”.

  • balaramesh

    @tony grand$, you nailed it. i never thought i would agree with you.

    dude is feeling himself too hard. even if they fell out dude didnt have to do it like that.

    • tony grand$

      @ balaramesh,
      Wow, I didn’t know I was so hard to agree with…

  • problems

    I been a fan of EPMD since they was on sleeping bag records and scratch an ill turtabilist(his friday the 13th routine is legendary) and to see that it’s come to this is bullsh*t.they all have more fame,respect and money than most can imagine and they fighting over what?Scratch needs to check himself comparing himself to JMJ.YOU WAY OUTTA LINE HOMIE. No one can compare to that dude and you are a celebrated DJ and producer and that should be enough! EPMD are legends and i’ma support regardless but Hip Hop is the only genre that has petty WWE beefs that make the whole genre look bad…….1

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