DJ Premier Details 50 Cent Snub

DJ Premier recently revealed to New York radio personality Peter Rosenberg that he made a track for 50 Cent that was turned down. chopped it up with the beat making legend to get the inside scoop on what happened with the song and how it would have been the perfect vehicle for Fif to push the reset button on his career.

Apparently Preemo submitted the song for 50’s upcoming album Before I Self Destruct. And as he tells it, this would have been the G-Unit leader’s perfect re-introduction to hip-hop audiences as a hardcore rapper.

“I use[d] his voice from “Guess Who’s Back” – ‘You’re now rocking with 50 Cent. Are you ready? I said are you ready,’ he described to XXL. “You know how he says that, with that like cocky attitude? I used that and scratching in the beginning with like this real mellow beat and the drums are smacking. It’s like setting it up like ‘Yo I’m back on my grizzly shit. I’m about to come rough.’”

Premier, who has worked with most of New York’s most influential artists, including The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Nas, said the track wasn’t one of his greatest but it would have worked in 50’s favor. “It’s not like the illest beat I ever done but the fact that he wants to bring it back to the pure essence, I definitely know how to make sure that we’re on the right track for a street record. “

While he says that Curtis would have sounded amazing over the beat, he’s not upset that the song was turned down. “Bringing that old voice back is almost like if he hit the reset button. So I could totally hear 50 killing that song…I’m not mad though. Fif’s my dude.”

Even though you won’t be hearing the track on 50’s new album, Preemo said the beat didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. He gave it to the NYGz, who are signed to his Year Round imprint, for a song called “Ready?”– Elan Mancini with additional reporting by Anslem Samuel

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    Give a fuck bout being first nigga… yo y he buggin’ if fif don’t want it then he dont want it…

    • joe p

      50 cent is an idiot for turnin it down in my eyes …. premo best producer alive , 50 most over rated rapper alive

      • BlackWallin

        seriously who listens to 50 know fuck fifty ill still bump some get rich or die tryin even the soundtrack but after the massacre it was all over and if dj premier tellin it like it is and why would he bullshit it probably would have been a hot track

  • Dj Just1

    1st Bitches!

  • yung sean

    Fif iz finished

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  • Pierzy

    50′s stupid.

    And don’t forget that Premier has also worked with KRS and Rakim…hip-hop goes back further than ’94


      Hey Peirzy Bitch I’ll leave you hanging by ur nuts on a tree on Grape Street w/ my Purple Crip rag hanging in ur bitch ass mouth nigga if you talk about my Co-Boss 50 again. I dune smoked w/ him and he is Kosher!

      Bacc To Bizness! I was @ our Crip Christmas Party when This Fat Bitch DJ Premier come in in a RED SANTA UNIFORM!!! Me and the 30 Crips there go the fucc off! We beat the skin off his ass! All he could say was, “OMG I’ll let you have my Yankees hat, Please don’t dust me off!” I took my Spider Loc CD and smacced the shit outta him w/it. It broke over his head. It took 4 elves to pull me off. He later sent Gangstar to checc me I said,” Bitch I’m a 2 time Junior Crip of the YEAR!!” I then smacc the shit outta Marlon Wayans for laughing while I was talking. I had my all Purple LA GEARS ON!

      • dronkmunk

        I love you.

      • texasleen

        purple l.a. gears were the ish

      • DV8

        Where the fuck have you been? This site was getting way boring. LMAO!!!!!

      • Mr. 306

        i thought you just pledged to the blood nation.

  • bluntz

    primo should’ve gave that beat to redman

  • steve

    now i know hes lyin.he said he smacked him wit a spider loc cd.

  • teddy

    it does but we really dont care

  • EReal

    Premier is a crybaby.

    Go sit down somewhere, your best days have past you by.

    • D-Block

      and this is why faggots like lil wayne are being considered as “the best rapper alive”

      • FlapJack

        You’re why half of hip-hop is stuck in the ninetys.
        You’re the dude that prefers drumbreaks over music, and think turntables are an instrument.

        Fuck out of here

        • jseres

          Flapjack, your the fagot that disrespects his roots and forgot where the fuck he came from. The 90′s where hip-hop’s glory days, if it where stuck there it would be going somewhere. But at it’s current state it’s regressing.

        • re-yo


        • FlapJack

          “The 90’s where hip-hop’s glory days, if it where stuck there it would be going somewhere.”

          WTF? make sence much?

          It did go somewhere, and it’s still going strong. There’s never been more hip-hop then right now.

          But not a lot of people can keep up..
          You didn’t check out the last LL album did you?

  • Ambition-1

    This just lets me know how much 50 Cent doesn’t give a fuck about hip hop. I hope his next album flops. From the sounds of that new shitty single of his it probably will. And by flop I mean garbage. He’ll get his sales. There’s still a whole bunch of foreign white chicks who thinks he’s hot.


    preemo is cool, but some rappers don’t sound good on his beats. also, 50 is tryin to sale records, having a preemo beat on your cd makes underground niggas like you, but does nothing for your mass appeal (you like how i used that!). I think preemo and nas should make an album together, cuz they have crazy chemestry. but as far as 50, a preemo beat would not make or break him! Preemo makes beats for lyricists…50 is not a lyricist, he’s a rapper (and there’s nothing wrong with that!)

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      ^^ co-sign

      50 likes to Sing and Premo beats are for spittin. You’d have better chances of Plies spitting a half decent rhyme before this shit with 50 & Premo would work

  • DV8

    NY headz cry and complain about NY not being on right now but its a NY cat thats responsible for that. 50 been chopping down NY artist since he came in the game. And now he turns down a beat from the legendary Premo? Are U 4 real? What part of the game is this?

  • murk

    i’m a 50 fan. fuck, that was stupid!

  • Ben

    Yo, I could imagine that shit in my head, “are you ready”. Fif needs that, I don’t get it. Maybe Dre laced him with some ill shit, who knows.

  • TheWestcoastArab

    if anything dre did lace him with some way iller shit. He said he’s going back to em n dre for this album so premo should just get over this shit. It’s not gonna be another GRODT but we’ll see what happens.

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      ^^ GRODT was a shit sandwich

  • metal24

    all u idiots that say fif is dumb for turning the beat down are just ignorant..u assholes never even heard the beat obviously u no shit..and i have heard alot of preemo beats that plain suck…so dont talk about shit u ni nothin about!!!

  • http://xxl ryan

    ightt wit all dat premo is the best producer alive shit. deres 2 many great producers out dere 2 clai he is the best. like heatmakers n 9th wonder n etc. plus all his beats sound almost exactly the same. its gets annoyin after a while. but dnt get me wrong he is still pretty dam good.


    I wonder if Curtis would turn down a Dilla beat.

  • omanxl1

    I agree with Detroit & Hate Hate & More Hate….fif wouldn’t sound right on a Premier beat…

  • $ykotic

    “First of the Month”-Bone Thugs

    One of my faves.

    DETROIT says:

    preemo is cool, but some rappers don’t sound good on his beats.

    U hit the bullseye!!!

  • Amelia Neblett

    Why do your content jogs my memory of another identical engineered so I just read some other place?