Damon Dash ruffled a few feathers recently with comments during an interview with Complex Magazine. The entrepreneur made some revealing statements about the relationship between Jay-Z and Kanye West, alleging that 'Ye had some love lost for his "Big Brother" since Hov chose not to give him his chain during a 2003 concert in Chicago. But with his comments now widespread, Dash seems to be singing a slightly different tune.

"It ain't even that big of a deal. At this point, it's just gossip," Dash told XXLMag.com when asked to clarify his remarks. To some, though, it did seem to be a big deal, as people in West's camp wasted little time in releasing a response denying his negative feelings towards Jay.

"I could really care less, [but] I'm sure at this level in their careers, they don't wanna be dealing with bullshit like that," Dash continued. "Sometimes, I gotta watch the shit I say, because it's more impactful to other people than it is to me. I just say something because I'm thinking it—it ain't because I'm trying to make a statement or anything. I'm just callin' it how I see it."

Backtracking a bit from his original statements of "Kanye hated Jay-Z," Dash admitted that, "if that was the case back then—they were different people back then—I'm quite sure that's not the feeling now." -Adam Fleischer