Common Sells Over 81K, EPMD’s Comeback Fails To Chart In The Top 200

Chi-town vet Common just missed the top 10 on his debut week on the Billboard 200, while label boss Kanye is steadily on pace to reach platinum status.

According to the Nielsen SoundScan, Com’s 8th studio album, Universal Mind Control, landed at the number 12 spot, selling around 81,700 copies in its first week. The 16 year vet opted for a more party vibe with this record, working extensively with The Neptunes and OutKast producer Mr DJ. UMC features appearances by G.O.O.D. music leader Kanye West and Cee Lo Green, among others.

With his third week on the charts, the Louis Vuitton Don’s latest release, 808’s & Heartbreak is inching its way to platinum status. After officially going gold last week, Ye now sits on 719,900 albums sold. Standing 6 seats up from his associate Common, the super producer/rapper sold 126,800 discs this week.

On his second week on the charts, hip-hop hookman extraordinaire Akon drops from the number 7 position to number 18, selling 63,000 copies of his new album, Freedom. The Senegalese-born singer has sold a total of 173,900 CDs so far.

Failing to make it on the top 200 this week is We Mean Business, the comeback disc by hip-hop legends EPMD. Bay Area heavyweights Keak Da Sneak and San Quinn’s collabo CD, Welcome To Scokland, also failed to make the charts.

Next week look for new releases by Soulja Boy and Plies to debut in the top 10. – Elan Mancini

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  • Matt Herbz

    Fuck Soulja Boy. Don’t buy that lil nigga’z shit. If you were thinking about copping it: Don’t, I’ll kill you, muthafucka. End that lil nigga’z career and think twice about ya life before you buy that shit.

    –Matt Herbz–

    • Simple like ABC, 123


      Soulja Boy, “Eat a Di6k”

  • Vicious Seiger

    EPMD not selling is no surprise. I bearly heard a peep about this album until a couple of weeks ago with a listening party on myspace. [XXL sure didn't give any one a headz up!] Common sales are around where I expect them to be without the draw of a major radio single. To tell the truth Ghostface dropped a CD this week [Don't get too excited it's Greatest Hits-ish Mix of Songs] and once again I heard NADA about it until I walked into Target and said WTF? As for Plies and Soulja Boy I wouldn’t expect much from SB since his newest single hasn’t made even a ripple amongst radio-heads and the kiddies. And last but not least how in the world is this Plies Guy pumping out so many albums?

    • tony grand$

      Co-sign Vicious, I knew Erick & Parrish weren’t gonna do any real numbers. There aint even any joints leaked out yet, & I been lookin. Its just a sign, that era of hip hop is basically, for lack of a betta term, dead. All the heads that would check for them are grown, livin adult lives, these kids nowadays know nutn bout them. But hey, tour money never dies. & if ts one thing pioneers know how to do, its hit the road. But, them cats know what’s up.

      Common is gonna go gold, altho it’ll take a few months. He’s weirded out, no dig, but the album aint bad, granted if ur a fan already. I would say its a ‘Be/Can I Borrow’ hybrid, sorta. I’ll bet the same niggas that go buy EPMD will prolly grab that Com too. Might as well, grown folk hip hop.

      Plies & Soulja Boy, no words @ all for either.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    EPMD had an album out? These niggas is still alive?


    These 2 old asses remind me of the 2 old men that used to talk shit on the muppet show.

    lol @ that Krump dancing fag Kneak da Sneak. Does anybody know what the fuck he be saying. I can’t even diss is wack ass because I can’t understand a word this nigga says. It doesn’t matter because he was jsut a flop waiting to happen.

    I’ve been done with Common ever since this confused nigga started rocking sleeveless turtle necks

    • opm509

      why even get on the blogs if all u do is talk shit?at least g-unots funny

      • tony grand$

        ^thats a good question. Don’t hold ur breath waitin for a logical, coherent answer tho.

      • Hate Hate and more Hate

        @ opm

        Sorry I’m not hear to entertain you and I’m not hear to dick ride these corny niggas like you do. I’m here because I can be. Because I have a right to voice my opinion, just like the next nigga. Now fuck off – you and your co-signing fag Phony Bland.

        • tony grand$

          Check this out lil guy, u steady refer to other men as fags, but ur on this site everyday commenting on the appearance of other men. How many times can u say “sleeveless turtleneck” before u realize that a) its not as funny as u thought & b) u make urself look like an immature, pathetic waste of a pregnancy. Dude, are u seriously blogger under a screen name that basically says “I’m mad bcuz my life is a pile of shit & piss, so I’m gonna complain & whine like a 13 year old girl whose getn her period for the first time”?

          First off, only bitches have sumn bad to say about evrybody. Mad niggas hit this site, & don’t even post nutn, oh, but ur prolly mad from the jump bcuz ur illiteracy prevents u from actually enjoyin the intended journalistic nature of this periodical. I’m sorry that u don’t have any friends to complain about life to, but, guy, were not ur friends. U mustve mistaken these rooms for myspace.

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          Yours truly,
          The guy who might’ve been ur dad, but didn’t feel like waiting in line………….tony grand$

  • B

    Hate, you half a fag ass loser… Keak has made over 10 albums… yeah, his last few singles really aren’t that great.. check out Stackin Chips, Immortalized and Hi-Tek…

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      @ B

      Fuck you, Keak da Kneak, and anybody else that thinks Keak da Kneak is a good rapper. No I’m not listening to them shitty ass songs you listed. If Keak wanted to impress me or anybody else he would have went hard on the bullshit I heard, instead he made my ears bleed. Ain’t nobody checking for that krump dancing Hyphy shit anyways, so fuck you and have a bad life!!!

      • re-yo

        You just shitted on EPMD. Your opinion holds NO WEIGHT.

      • tony grand$

        ^”Phony Bland”?
        For real, my hermaphrodite compadre, that’s the best u got? What, did they take about 24 seconds to come up with (no Kiefer Sutherland)? Hahahahahaha @ preadolescent morons w/ cell phones in homeroom!!! Hahahaha! I can’t believe ur risking detention for this! Idiot.

      • tony grand$

        Now that I think about it, I’ve never read any type of intellectual opinions from u. On the stories that actually involve a certain amout of intelligence, ur nowhere to be found. I’ve been bloggin on here for awhile, and all u do is reiterate the same benign rhetoric, “I don’t like him bcuz I can’t do what he’s doin”.

        That’s so lame. The only opinion u can conjure up is one born outta pure jealousy, & I’ve seen ur type before. Ur well aware that u have no proficiency in having an opinion that’s substantiated by anything, so u attepmt to blaspheme everything, and think that a chuckle or two is goin to overshadow ur inadequecy @ thinkin. No dice, imbecile.

        Like u said, post ur entitled opinion, and leave it @ that. Don’t try to out think me, u’ll only hurt urself son.

  • god

    tony be easy ,right now you look and sound like a “her” i dont know whats more lame mr. hate or the fact that you took the time to post like 5 times . grow up girl nigga

    • tony grand$

      “Grow up girl nigga”.
      I stand corrected, he does have a friend. I think that’s the lamest of all.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Fu6k “Hate Hate and more Hate”, fu6k “tony grand$”, fu6k Souja Boy and fu6k the motherfu6ker Plies. All are the same shit, a F.O.A.T. (Fakest Of All Time)

    • tony grand$

      Uh, fake what? Nobody said we were anything. Wow, that was simple like abc. Good one!

      • Simple like ABC, 123

        “Hate Hate and more Hate” – you are not a hater, you su6k EPMD and Keak da Kneak di6k.

        “tony grand$” – your name say it all, “tony cents”

        “Soulja Boy” – he can’t dance, he just a clown.

        “Plies” – wannabe thug, like Officer Ross

        • tony grand$


        • tony grand$

          @ simple, dude, step ur insult game up. “Tony cents”, yikes!
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        • Simple like ABC, 123

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        • tony grand$

          @ simple (minded),
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          Sorry I couldn’t type it in braille or closed caption.

        • Simple like ABC, 123

          ??? that’s a bitch move, hahaha

        • Simple like ABC, 123

          ??? that’s a bitch move,hahaha


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    Making up names is fun! Out of all the blogs of niggas dissin each other, this had to be the most hiliarous. Especially our resident hater getting Tony all riled up and in turn getting ethered by him. LOL.

    I almost caught probation at my job cause of ya’ll, but it was worth the laugh.

    • tony grand$

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      • NAWLEDGE

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  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Hate Hate and more Hare – 1
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    • tony grand$

      I ran that “tonya food stamps” by my 10 year old cuzn, & she said it was kinda cool, but she also suggested that u don’t audition for “Yo Mamma” anytime in the near future.

      • Hate Hate and more Hate

        @ Sweaty Glands

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        • tony grand$

          Normally, I’m sypathetic towards the mentally retarded, but in ur special education of a case, ill make an exception.

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          No disrespect junior. All in good fun, just rub some wintergreen alcohol on ur ego, it should stop hurtin by tommorow.

  • Anti-Mainstream

    All I know is Hip Hop is on it’s last leg when EPMD’s new album doesn’t chart, E-40′s new album doesn’t chart, and WACKass plies will probably do over 100,000. Sadly Soulja Boy’s album will probably move a lot of units too. Garbage and no talent reigns supreme!


    This dude HH&MH is getting to be a bit much.

  • EReal

    Leave the trolls be.

    Its annoying all these “well you KNOW hiphop is dead when….”
    Yall mo fuckas didnt buy no EPMD album, and you’re not goin to. So quit crying like bitches.

    I would like to say,
    The Documentary 587,000 first week

    L.A.X. Total Sales after 4 months 600,000


  • Anti-Mainstream

    Truth is truth homie! It’s even more annoying when people see nothing wrong with how Hip Hop has become nothing more then a giant circus full of clowns. Shitty rhymes, Autotune and corny dances is what Hip Hop is today! Again truth is truth!

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