Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Slammed W/ $280K Suit For Snubbing B-Ball Event

Cleveland, OH rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony were hit with a $280,000 lawsuit after failing to show up for a performance last year.

According to a court documents recently filed in Washington and obtained by TMZ, the “Crossroads” rappers had an agreement with minor league basketball team, the Jazz of Tacoma, to play at an event, but reneged on the deal.

The suit, which was filed by the team against both Bone Thugs and the promoter, Adler Booking Agency, claims that all parties signed a written contract and that while the Jazz fulfilled their end of the deal by paying in advance, the group never returned the money, nor called to cancel the appearance.

In addition to $280,000 in compensatory damages the plaintiff is also asking for the defendants to pay for their attorney fees. -Jesse Gissen

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    BULLSHIT!, fucc that ball team

  • g-unit killa

    man I told them hard headed niggas to have 280000 dollas in extortion money so I can but Nutty BlocK Property where G-unot live and I knew they ain’t have no money but I did it off principle plus they owed prince money like 100,000 they ain’t pay when he extorted them last year….that got the money late and I told the Jazz of Tacoma that they will have the money by this friday or I will beat the livving daylights outta them…then they gave me season tickets to see mugsy bogues play on a one day contract

  • twoholla

    DAMN…i hate when ni$#@^ do dumb sh&^…you got that much money to just show up & do at the most an hour of songs…and you just don’t show up…WHAT GIVES??? That’s total utter disrespect to your FANS…it’s kinda ironic because Bizzy Bone was kicked out of the group some years ago for the same reason of not SHOWING UP TO DO SHOWS…(i am happy Bizzy is back in the group, along with Flesh for that new UNI-5 LP that will be dropping next year)

    • tony grand$

      Wow, good luck on trying to get blood from that stone. How much more embarassing for them could that article be? Them dudes pulled a major douche nozzle move, took the $ & never came back. I wouldn’t even expect DMX to pull a boner like that. Lmao! How the fuck did a team nobody heard about outside of Tacoma even come up with that kinda scratch? Niggas couldve hired waaaaaay better talent for waaaaaay less cheese. Eazy’s prolly rollin in his grave…….


    Bone Thugs are an amazing group… Lets just hope that the advance money was not the entire $280,000…. it doesnt make sense to put all that money up. It’s usually half and half..

    but anyway, GO GOP THE NEW UNI5 ALBUM JUNE 30, 2009!


    Why is XXL always quoting reports obtained from TMZ? fuck that