Beanie Sigel Enlists Jadakiss For “Brotherly Love Concert”

Beanie Sigel has revealed plans to bring out former rival Jadakiss as a surprise guest at his free “Brotherly Love Concert”in Philly tonight (12/11).

Sigel linked with popular footwear company Nike ACG for the event, in an effort to promote unity in his hometown – known as the city of brotherly love – and the music industry.

And his new surprise guest could not have been more fitting.The Broad Street’s Bully has a long history of beef with Jada, with both rappers exchanging verses about one another on wax. Yet despite their past, Beans seems to have let go of any harsh feelings. In a prior interview with the LAist Sigel admitted his joy with the news that Kiss was joining the Roc team.

“It’s great for hip hop,” he said. “It’s a great look. This is going bring back that energy hip-hop is lacking right now. We’ll definitely be working together in the future.”

While Gillie Da Kid, another hometown rapper that was originally scheduled to perform tonight will not be able to make due to a scheduling conflict, the show will include a long list of talent including, Freeway and E-Ness. Local artists Reed Dollas, Joey Jahad and Voka are also on the bill.

The “Brotherly Love Conert” goes down tonight in at 6 p.m. at the TLA and admission is free. – Jesse Gissen

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