Akon Court Date Postponed

Akon’s day in court will just have to wait. The crooner’s court hearing, which was initially slated to begin in Fishkill Town Justice Court today, has reportedly been pushed back to December 17.

The trial stems from an incident in which Kon threw a teenager into the crowd during a performance at the KFest at Fishkill, NY’s Dutchess Stadium last year. Kon plead not guilty to endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment. The hearing will decide whether or not the incident can be solved out without going to trial.

In related news, Kon recently shared the problems he’s encountered traveling overseas. “What I hated this year…Of course when you travel, the traveling ain’t as comfortable as it used to because the politics played such a big role,” Kon told XXLMag.com. “The United States ain’t as loved as they used to be. In certain territories we got treated a little harsh because we had U.S. passports, but thanks to Obama we gon be able to fix that. -Marvin Brandon

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  • Mutada al sader the king

    “So black he’s purple”

    Is going to have to pay up for this, If I was that kids parents I would be trying to get this nigga for a cool million

    By the way, thus site is starting to fucking suck. Who gives a fuck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • iLL_wiLL

      obviously u nigga!! wit all them damn exclamation points lmaooo like the first ten werent enuff to convey ur thoughts, so u had another 40 lmaooo clown tell em why u mad!

  • http://www.rapaveli.com Ambition-1

    I have to say that I for one could give a shit less about Akon. I mean he’s cool on some levels but all around I’m really not on that shit. I happen to like this site also, I just happen to like mines better!

    PS Whatever came of Akon dry humping the shit out of that little girl on stage last year also?


  • Mutada al sader the king

    @Ill Will

    Ill Will aint you dead nigga ? Go be a shot out in a NAS song instead of worring about me.

  • Chris Mac

    If this case is the one about the video of him pushin girlie off stage, lol, that shit was funny but wrong. Good reminder for fans not to get to close.

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