50 Cent and his G-Unit crew are going to the Middle East – digitally- for the hip-hop mogul’s latest venture, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

Following up with 2005’s hugely successful 50 Cent: Bulletproof, Fif's latest video game finds G-Unit traveling the world in search of money they were supposed to collect after playing a concert in a fictional middle eastern country.

Scheduled to come out on February 24, 2009 for both the Playsation 3 and Xbox 360 systems, the game will cost around $60, and star all your favorite G-Unit characters including 50, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and DJ Whoo Kid.

50 says the game is like starring in your own movie. "It's like being in an action film that you can actually control,” he told USA today. "When it switches over to show you the combat moves up close, it's really like the shots they would change to show you the intensity in films.”

The Queens-bred rapper said the came up with the idea to venture into the video game business while he was on tour. “Video games became more important as touring came, because there was the tour bus and you have several people there at the same time — and the option of reading a book, because you are on airplanes for a long time,” he said. “So those two things became exciting at the same time. That's why I established G-Unit Books and I went into games.”

Now he enjoys playing with his son Marquise, even though he says his son always wins. “He's better than me,” Fif revealed. “I don't know how this is happening. He just whips me repeatedly. I'd rather play (the game myself) before I even let him see it. Then, for a little while, it will be exciting because I will be beating him. We talk while we play. He says things like I would say and I'm, 'You're not supposed to say that, I'm supposed to say that.'"

In related news it was recently revealed that 50’s Interscope label mate, Soulja Boy, is also branching out into the videogame business. The teen sensation has a game in the works with Xbox 360, set for release sometime next year. – Jesse Gissen