Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s Brother Raps, Signs W/ Koch

Actor Omar “Big O” Gooding, younger brother to Academy Award-winning star Cuba Gooding, Jr., has signed a deal with Koch Entertainment as a rapper.

Gooding, known for his role as “Sweetpea” in John Singleton’s Baby Boy as well as his several appearances in such television shows as “Hanging With Mr. Cooper,” “Smart Guy” and “Barbershop,” has released his first single on the label, called “Yessur.”

The as-yet-untitled project will be released in conjunction with West Coast Mafia Records. As of press time no further details have been revealed.

Gooding joins a long list of actors turned rappers. His “Baby Boy” co-star Tyrese Gibson, took up rapping under the alias of Black-Ty on the second half of his 2006 double album Alter Ego, while several members of hit HBO show “The Wire” are also known to rhyme. Other notable thespian rappers include Old School’s Rick Gonzalez and ATL’s Albert Daniels, who goes by the rap name Al Be Back [peep his XXL feature here]. – Jesse Gissen

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  • Lucky

    Wow Really. Rapp is fuckin dying.. Bullshit. he is a actor…. Now he’s acting like a Rapper..

    • Streets Is Watchin

      Wow….. what do you say about some shit like this. He gon call his new shit “Wild & Crazy Actors”?

      Go one yaself..please

  • t.c.

    just realize all the hate ur spewing cuz if he was a rapper being in a movie ya’ll would say ” go ahead do ur thug thizzle” shit maybe he can actually rap who knows quit hatin’!

    • Streets Is Watchin

      No hate involved. This rap shit just aint for everybody. And unless you can actually act, don’t hop in no fuccin movies. Two way street, I’m just sayin homie should sticc to his Smart Guy checcs. Take it from his patna Blak Ty

      • 619

        Your forgettin’ to type your k’s.

        • tony grand$

          ^^there u go, now u turnin into Sweetpea on this mufucka! U crazy nigga! How many homeboys u got like that fool? I’m up to like 6 lol.

        • 619

          Nah, I would compare myself more to Ving Rhames character, at the youngster’s pad, just got done fuckin’ his moms, butt naked in the kitchen makin’ eggs for her and drinkin’ the last of the kool-aid like I own the mafuckin’ place! HAHAHAHA!

  • Hate Hate and more Hate


    the fucked up part is he’s probably more gangsta and a better rapper than most of these wack niggas already in the game like Jezzy and Plies!!!

  • Ambition-1

    Was it just me or did it seem like he was acting a little too hard in that Baby Boy flick. Yea, I’m not convinced about his ability to rap beleivable tales!

  • escobar9300

    HAHA please tell me the motherfucker that used to be on Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper isnt trying to be a rapper! hahaha

  • paisley

    he used to be a happy co-host on a kid’s show called wild and crazy kids
    now he’s a poser

    • Gerod

      Smart guy-hangin with mr cooper-wild and crazy kids ass nigga

  • kashrulz

    It’s all good with me so long as dude can really spit. And if his songs are tight. It don’t matter if you use to a an actor, singer or ex-con…if you got flow and you go hard, i’ll fuck with you.


  • kashrulz

    It’s all good with me so long as dude can really spit. And if his songs are tight. It don’t matter if you use to be an actor, singer or ex-con…if you got flow and you go hard, i’ll fuck with you.


  • tony grand$

    I wonder if homie knows that “big O” is what women call orgasms?! After his acting career, & being the brother of an award winning actor, you’d think the nigga couldve came up with a better moniker than that.

    Any of yall nigs remember Caffeine (“What’s up now, Potna” from Menace II Society)?

    Good luck, Pea.

  • twoholla

    the Big O may can spit…but he’s already fucked up before he really got out the gate…the dude is signed to KOCH RECORDS…we’re talking KOCH…it’s only a good label if you’ve already established a good diehard fanbase from previous releses (from being signed to a major label at one time or just hustling HARD on that independent GRIND)…yeah…KOCH will get his shit distributed in alot of places but the’re not going to put any real money into marketing or promoting dude’s LP…that’s not the kind of label they are…now if dude had got signed to Jive, Universal, or independents like Cash Money, DTP, Grand Hustle…then i would take “Sweatpea” a little more serious as an emcee or rapper…but i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…& i will take a few minutes out of my time & life that i will never be able to get back to actually listen to a song or 2…real talk

    • tony grand$

      I agree, but look @ it from his perspective…….ppl already know who he is, even if just by face alone. So, technically, there’s somewhat of a fan base built of the familiarity of his semi-established career. & the fact that Cuba is his brother is mos defly gonna play in his corner as well, I’m sure his got a lil sumn ridin on his lil brother as well, why not?

      Depending on what type of rap he dabbles in (I seriously doubt gangsta music), he might come out swingin, & then the fact that he’s fuckin with Koch would be a bonus. More creative freedom, won’t really have to answer to too many TI’s, he would basically be extendin his career to a next facet, & that could go both for music to movies, & vice versa.

      I don’t think its a bad move, business wise, bcuz if he don’t eat off rap, dude is still gonna get paper. As long as he aint tryin to knock over the hip hop world with some make believe bravado (such as a “Sweetpea” character), I think this is just another case of a nigga exercisin his options.

  • steven

    i pray to god this guy isnt assuming the same personality seen in baby boy in his raps. its fine for anyone to act as a psuedo-gangster on film, but on a record?? somebody roll “wild n crazy kids!”

  • 619

    HAHAHAHA! “Chunk that chin up lil’ homie” HAHAHAHA! “That’s called the one hitter quitter Baby Boy” “pref’ably in the nose” HAHA!

  • Nate

    I heard dude rapping in like 2002 on the Training Day Soundtrack. That song was very good. There is nothing “sad” about him getting a deal if he is better than a lot of others out there and has been working hard for over 5 years. Buy his album, then listen to it before you say it’s sad or he sucks…

  • dark vanilla

    Wasn’t this the same guy who was on Nickelodeon, Hangin with Mr. Cooper, and Smart Guy? Oh FUCK!